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This Unusual Story From An Underground Amethyst User Shocked Me

This Unusual Story From An Underground Amethyst User Shocked Me

Story of an Amethyst User

Hi, My name is Bria Johnson, 32 year old from Dallas, United States. As my crystal taught me to be honest, I will tell my story in full honesty, hiding nothing from you. My only request is the publish this in its full form, if you will at all.

I wrote this letter the day my life changed. Since then, many things happened so I will be splitting my story into three parts- The Past, The Present and The Future. Out of which, the Future of course is a recent update while the present has intermingled into the past. I have added the dates so that you can understand what really happened.

Part I- The Past

Born and brought up in Frisco, I had a terrible childhood. My parents were never actually there and I never knew why. I grew up on my Aunt’s farm in the outskirts of the city. Although my aunt was soft-spoken, my life there was nothing soft. I couldn’t go to school because my Aunt was dirt-poor. At least, that’s what it felt to me. She made me get up at 3:00 AM and help her around the farm. She never made me milk the cows or toil the farm, but had a million errands for me until the break of dawn. I ate exactly 5 slices of bed, 2 in the morning, 2 for lunch and one for supper because my Aunt told me fat girls didn’t get married. She also ate 5 breads with me. I never got time enough to de-tangle my golden colored hair too!

All I had was Lily, my neighbor’s niece who used to visit our farm to give the ‘Hola’ my aunt whenever she needed. That was sparse, but meeting her and spending the afternoon chatting with her was my life’s education. She was the one who told me my aunt and I were living like Cavemen and that my aunt was dirt-poor. She also told me the story of Cinderella and Fairy Godmother that I loved so much.  

We had a fight one day when my aunt had gone to the farmer’s market.

I was heartbroken and wanted to kill myself because Lily called me a savage for eating the apple that had fallen on the ground. But, I didn’t know how to tell her, my aunt served on the floor and it was not new for me to pick things and eat from the ground.

Heck, no one had ever told me not to eat from the ground. But when she called me a dirty hillbilly savage that smelt like a skunk, I ran into the orchard. I sat down under my favorite Apple tree and cried for what seemed like hours. Once I couldn’t heave or cry anymore, I started stabbing the soil with my tiny shovel. And after a few minutes, I heard a loud clang. Rubbing off my tears, I dug the earth out to find the source of the clang.

After digging for an hour, I unearthed a bright blue-purple stone that looked very polished. It was in the shape of a heart so I beamed up. I kept it next to my heart and ‘thanked Fairy God mother’. I knew no one else could gift that rock to me and it had to be the Fairy Godmother. I thought, perhaps I was Cinderella after all!

Part II- The Present

After thanking the stone, I started to carry the heart shaped purple rock everywhere I went. My pocket was always sagging but I managed to hide it from my Aunt.  

One day I was so hungry and asked fairy godmother for a biiiiig meal and as if from heaven, a delivery boy came and gave me a parcel of the Big Mac. There was no McD around our farm, and I don’t know where it came from or who it came from.

Then one day when my Aunt thrashed me for giving the bread to birds, I ran again into the orchards and clutched the stone. To my surprise, a strong wind blew and my tears disappeared as though I never had cried. I felt an instant warmth that felt like a hug.

I thanked the fairy godmother and asked her, “Please get me out of here. Take me to a nice place”.

You won’t believe me, but perhaps it was my tears that I suddenly noticed a car on the end of the fence. I ran to the car and a woman named “Linda” asked if I lived around. To this day, I don’t know why, but I said, “No”. She asked me where I was from and I remembered where Lily’s home was and replied “New York”. Like a parrot with visions, I then told her I was a lost because that’s what the stone showed me.

To my luck, Linda was a childline officer from New York. She took me to the city and put me in school with many little girls like me. I learned to write, read and graduated second in class 14 years back. But, it wasn’t easy. Girls always called me dum-dum and whenever I felt sad, I clutched my purple rock and asked for things.

When I asked for a mum and dad, within a week Linda found me foster parents.
When I asked for a cycle, my foster dad got me a cycle the very evening.
When I asked for a dress, my foster mum bought me a $410 prom dress with diamond necklace and earrings.

That’s when I learned about rocks in my school. I joined reddit and found myself asking so many questions and sharing things with people like me. That’s how I learned what I had was an amethyst. Then, I asked for a life partner when I graduated. Unfortunately, I never had one date in my life.

Part III- The Future  

I never let go of the amethyst even though it faded in color. I bought myself a lot of crystals and keep gifting stones to people whom I love and wanna thank. Every friend of mine has gotten an amethyst at least once from me. And, I have 800+ friends, guys.

I kept asking for a life partner and placed the stone inside a glass case to prevent it from getting ruined. To my surprise, after a documentary on gemstones that I attended in uni, when I was coming back, I stumbled on the handsomest man with an amethyst tasbihs around his neck.

I knew my wish was granted. He asked me out. We dated for 5 days and then he knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him. He made a ring from my amethyst and to date, I wear it like my soul on the sleeves.  

I just wanted to share this story to say that our destiny is written. I had the worst of lives and never even dreamt of the life I have now. Everything changed when I stumbled on the amethyst in the orchard. Things keep changing even now.

I know it’s not a fireworks-story, but it’s my story. I am not embarrassed to thank my amethyst. The coincidences worked because angels tell me the amethyst I found was left by my mum in the orchard. It was destined to be mine, so as my sweetheart.

I believed things would change and universe presented me with the most powerful stone to do that. I am so thankful for my semi-evil aunt, because without her I wouldn’t have found the stone. I pray for everyone today and hope that your readers will also get at least one amethyst if not any other crystal. It’s a power beyond means, use it wisely.

It always worked for me, so why shouldn’t it work for you. To tell you the truth, I don’t use it to ask any thing anymore. It’s given me everything and more than I can thank. What more could I ask my amethyst love anyway!

Wishing you all the blessings.


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Peace, Love and Light~

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