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This Is Why You Face Obstacles In Healing Crystals To Boost Energy

This Is Why You Face Obstacles In Healing Crystals To Boost Energy

From health to happiness and well being, there are many things gemstones can realize for you. Healing crystals can be used to interfere with your own aura or chakra powers to imbibe energies of a higher power. To make the most use out of healing crystals to boost energy, you must know how to use it and what you expect to reap out of it.

Rest assured; none of this is rocket science and will just take 5 minutes and a gemstone to manifest your goals!

Reasons your energy is getting drained out FAST

Healing crystals to boost energy

Energy drain-out or fatigue is a direct effect of using the gemstones wrong. It can also be because your aura is drained of positive chakras. To correct all the chakra deficiencies that are adding to your physical discomforts, you need to erase the toxins from your physical, mental and spiritual body.

Chakra Imbalance

Using gemstones to correct chakra problems can help you gain more energy, enthusiasm and alertness throughout the day. As gemstones can help to absorb strong negativity such as a curse or evil eye aimed at you, it is a guardian armor too!

Wrong Gemstone

If you’re wearing the wrong gemstone that has a history of clashing with your birthstone chakras, it is best that you use a chakra pendulum to verify it. Bearing the wrong gemstone also comes with many unnamed and unexpected warnings so make sure you check our healing crystal handbook before proceeding.

Overpowering Negativity

Like aforementioned, if you negativity is heaped out without a portal to exit, you will soon feel overwhelmed by the energy discharges. The best way to eradicate the overpowering negativity is by using a purification crystal such as the crystal quartz.

Ways to use gemstones for boosting energy

Healing crystals to boost energy

Healing crystals are multifaceted and can be used in a million ways to penetrate into your physical and spiritual auras. The trick is to find the right gemstone that best matches with your ruling energies. We will show you just how to use gemstones to boost your energy.

Gem Elixir

The most exotic version of gem powers, a gem elixir is created by infusing the powers of the sun or via the process of solarization. All you need to do is, take a Tibetan Singing Bowl, fill it with water and top it off with the crystal. If your healing crystal is prone to fading under the sunlight, it is best to use the energy of the full moonlight to empower the water or gem elixir.

Once prepared, gem elixirs can be consumed or used cosmetically for better penetration into the body.

Crystal Jewelry

By wearing powerful jewelry made with healing crystals, you can boost your overall energy by keeping it to the right chakra energy. Always remember to purify your crystal jewelry by the end of the day to keep it from toxicizing.

Grid and Programming

To create a crystal grid, you need to have a deep understanding of gemstones. Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about making or buying a crystal grid.

Gemstone Patches

When healing crystals are tied to an affected area, it creates an effective way of penetrating into the skin cells.

Healing crystals to boost energy

Healing crystals to boost energy

What can you do with gemstones to boost energy if you don’t know the right stones? For using healing crystals to boost energy, all you need is the five healing crystals below. Put it to the maximum use to manifest your goals right away!

1.      Bloodstone

Healing crystals to boost energy

The unique stone called heliotrope or bloodstone is excellent to restore energy as it is a Base chakra gemstone. Wear it underneath your clothes on your hips to maximize its energy boosting effects.  

2.      Turquoise

Healing crystals to boost energy

One of the healing stones used by ancient doctors, turquoise is a throat chakra stone. When worn as a necklace or choker, it can empower your oral communication skills dramatically.

3.      Ruby

Healing crystals to boost energy

Another powerful gemstone of change and passion, ruby can help you dispel the blocks in your emotional area. The Heart chakra gemstone must be worn as a pendant to manifest your desires.  

4.      Celestite

Healing crystals to boost energy

A powerful healing crystal that bosots the powers of the Third Eye chakra, celestite is one of a kind. It boosts your willpower and foresight to decreasing anxiety.  

5.      Green Tourmaline

Healing crystals to boost energy

Another powerful Heart chakra gemstone, green tourmaline is one of the best healing crystals to boost energy, be it mental, emotional or physical. It is a powerhouse of positive energies when worn as a pendant. 

In a Nutshell

Healing crystals to boost energy

As a bonus, use the throat chakra stone called Larimar in your crystal grid or home to keep yourself energetic throughout the day. We haven’t told anyone, but these gemstones have a solid history of being effective. Check our testimonials if you don’t believe us!

Did you energy spike when you saw the gemstones below? You’re destined to get it. Grab it right away!

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Tell us how you use healing crystals to boost energy in the comments below.

Stay powerful~


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