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The Miracle Of Crystals For Gratitude

The Miracle Of Crystals For Gratitude

A virtue revered throughout history for preventing a man from becoming raw or animal again, gratitude is an earned trait. Crystals can help you filter your thoughts and recognize the gratitude you feel from deep within and even work the cosmos towards you!

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

Crystals can help you filter your thoughts and recognize the gratitude you feel from deep within and even work the cosmos towards you!

Power of Gratitude

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

In any case, crystal rituals can help you recognize your subconscious thoughts and unravel what you feel guilty or dissatisfied about. From giving thanks to offering gifts on Christmas, gratitude crystals emanate nurturing energies that emancipate your heart chakra with the higher chakras.

Counting your blessings and feeling obligated to someone or something for your life is a double-sided gift.

By comforting the higher heart chakras with the compassion chakra, you boost the vibes of kindness to guilt within you, and propel your positivity towards a person or incident that you’ve felt ungrateful about.

8 Ways to Offer Gratitude with Crystals

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering GratitudeThe Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

Gratitude also brings prosperity in your actions and fate. Unrest and stress always add to the negativity. Oftentimes we cannot brace up enough courage to forgive or even offer thanks to unforeseen good from others. If you find it hard in offering thanks whenever someone helps, opening your divine heart will work excellently.

·         Gratitude Grid

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

A Thanksgiving grid with healing crystals that is cleaned and programmed before use is an example of a powered grid for offering gratitude to someone.

  • To start with, clean your crystal programming room with therapeutic aromas such as sage, lavender or Buddhist incense sticks.
  • Next, keep your petrified wood or main Gratitude Crystal with grounding effects in the center of your grid, preferably on a table.
  • Add Amethyst or other second chakra crystals around the central crystal or wood. Encircle the grid with Jaspers around the four core directions.
  • Add your favorite heart chakra crystal on top of the petrified wood after programming it for gratitude.
  • Underneath your grid (table), keep a calming crystal such as Clear Quartz to transmute the negative energies into positivity.
  • You can also use four grounding crystals around the four corners of the room to empower your gratitude grid.

Your gratitude grid is ready for offerings!

·         Crystal Programming with Rose Quartz

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

The easiest way to program your crystals for offering gratitude is by using the stone of universal love and gratitude that also empowers the higher heart chakra.

Picking a heart shaped crystal works well if you’re using the crystal for your heart chakra. Place the crystal in your right hand and point it towards the heart chakra when programming it to offer gratitude to a person, thing or entity.

The stone of divine love also emanates loves from the heart of the wearer to attract love and gratitude from his or her surroundings too. Remember to cleanse the crystal before programming it to offer to someone you oblige as a gift.

·         Crystal Elixir with Sodalite

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering GratitudeThe Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

Yet another efficient gratitude ritual is by using crystal elixirs. Are you a stiff-hearted person who would like to empathize and thank the person once in a while?

To help you see the right thing and feel connected with the rest of the world, use a heart shaped sodalite crystal to solarize its powers of thanks giving. Once the water soaked in sodalite under the sun or the moon is ready, drink it regularly for a change from within.

·         Crystal Jewelry with Tiger Eye

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitudevvv

Yet another brilliant idea is to wear crystal jewelry that is made with tiger eye gemstone. The lighter a tiger eye crystal, it fits perfectly to empower Lower Chakras to feel grounded in your actions. From boosting commitment to bringing harmony amongst friends and family, Tiger Eye brings inner change as well as an acknowledgment. 

Legends tell that Tiger Eye burns with a committed inner flame that burns regrets and vengeance to a feeling of peace to gratitude in the wearer. Gifting tiger eye crystals are also an effective way to do so.

·         Feng Shui Crystals Iolite

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

If you think your family members are losing out on the virtue of gratitude, grab iolite stones to empower the Feng Shui around your house. A crown chakra crystal that awakens the inner gratitude, iolite is also a throat chakra crystal that brings forth the act of offering thanks with confidence, which may die out during normalcy.

Iolite crystals must be placed in the North Region of your house or the room where you work in. If you do so, iolite uses the quiet energy of the element water and enhances the members in the house to be humbler or down to earth.

What we Recommend …

The Miracle Of Crystals For Offering Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude crystals also boosted your power to attract wealth and good fortune? The combined power of crystals for gratitude aligns the chakra points and balances out the negative energy of revenge to hate and apathetic attitude.  

According to the Law of Attraction, a gratitude stone also attracts gratitude from the surroundings around you.

Which stone makes you feel thankful? It can be anything from the wind to nature, your family or the mere existence.

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