The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems
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by Ceida Uilyc April 19, 2017

Food we eat, either kills us or heals us!

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

One part of the body that frisks the exotic to the street food is your teeth. If you have a poor dental hygiene, you’re in for loads of pain in the future. When food particles get trapped in our teeth with check, the same needs to plaque, cavities and tooth decay.

How to you use Healing Crystals for Tooth Problems

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

As our teeth are a vital part of the body, any problem to the teeth also causes pain in ears or throat sooner than later. The trick is to permeate healing energies along with your dental care medicines. With healing crystals, you can alleviate multifarious types of tooth problems!

·         Crystal Oil or Water Pulling

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

A widespread practice for cleaning teeth, oil and water pulling is an effective remedy to whiten your teeth as well. To combine the detoxifying powers of your crystal, you must first infuse the water or oil used with gemstone for one day under the sun or full moon.

·         Water Infused with Gemstones

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

Consuming water infused with crystals can help in healing your teeth from the inside. Especially good during severe tooth pain, remember to cleanse the stone before you solarize it. You can also use crystal-infused water akin to a mouthwash.

·         Programming Crystals for Pain Relief

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

Yet another interesting and beneficial mode of using crystals against tooth pain is by programming or charging it. Better used with crystal wands, you must use the wand to aim at the source of your pain and pull out the toxins.

Right Crystals for Tooth Pain and Dental Issues

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

Regardless of whether you have a sugar tooth or a babe with a sugar tooth, the right crystals can help you eradicate the source of tooth pain including hygiene and diet. Buy the right healing crystals to ensure that your healing work is effective.

1.      For Tooth Pain: Aquamarine

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

If severe pain in the teeth is killing your peace, use an aquamarine healing stone RIGHT AWAY! An ideal stone for fluid retention and teeth problems, Aquamarine soothes the jaws like no crystal! You can use aquamarine infused water as a mouthwash to flush the toxins out.

Using aquamarine alongside dental medicines will give you peace and quick recovery too. If you dislike plain water, a medicinal way is to infuse and consume aquamarine in sage tea, another natural tooth healer!

2.      For Cavities: Fluorite

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

Best used as a wand, Fluorite can infuse healing energies as well as amplify it with other crystals such as amazonite. Ideal to strengthen teeth and boost your commitment to a healthy dental regimen, fluorite is perfect for a rinse too. Remember to program your wand before infusing it with your medicinal mouthwash.

Veteran crystal aficionados advocate using purple fluorite wand every morning during brushing to keep your teeth strong, clean and healthy!

3.      For Tooth Decay: Amazonite

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

A god given healing crystal with powerful energy to heal osteoporosis to tooth decay in kids, Amazonite is a must-buy healing crystal. From kids to adults, Amazonite removes tooth infections to decay of the teeth pulp from within,

Regular use of amazonite also prevents throat as well as lung infections in the wearer. All you need to do is infuse your Amazonite in water, oil or mouthwash and use it up to three times every day at least.

4.      For Halitosis: Yellow Jasper

The Hidden Agenda Behind Healing Crystals For Tooth Problems

The foul odor from the mouth that is stubborn to most medicines can be easily removed by using Yellow jasper infused in water for washing the mouth regularly.

If you’ve often wondered where your tooth gets the plaque, you need a plaque-dissolving stone that can bring down the calcium deposits in your mouth. Yellow Jasper flushes out unnecessary calcium and cleans the mouth cavity off all the issues including foul odor and color of the teeth.

5.      To Prevent Tooth Problems: Citrine

A little-known crystal that can prevent most of the dental problems, citrine must be programmed to flush out the toxins in your throat chakra when combined with other tooth gemstones such as Amazonite. Citrine aligns well with Sacral Chakra and hence, can help in quick recovery from dental surgeries too.

Drink at least one glass of water infused with a citrine crystal to prevent future advents of tooth pain, decays, and other underlying dental ailments.

What we Recommend

Adding a DIY crystal infused mouthwash is perfect if you suffer from a chronic toothache. We recommend that you combine the might of healing crystals with that of medicines to amplify the recovery.

If your pain is unbearable or severe, you must use a crystal grid combined with the power of pain relieving crystals.

Which of these Tooth Crystal Color Energies calms you the most?

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Stay powerful~


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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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