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The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

Cancer is a traumatizing disorder but one that many brave spirits just like you, have beaten since the start of time! We know that cancer proves ‘it is easier said than done’.

However, you are a spirit destined to battle through and emerge victorious sooner than later and we would love to do everything we can, in your fight.

DISCLAIMER: The article focuses on our mission of healing through gemstones and education about the same. This is not a replacement for medicines and must be followed strictly and only as an additive to the medicinal course your physician has prescribed. 

Understanding the Importance of Holistic Attitude towards Breast Cancer

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

For hope’s sake, be the one who beat cancer. If you are not aware of crystals you must understand that every crystal contains untapped powers of healing. From cancerous tumors to strokes and other terminal diseases, there are many severe ailments cured by gemstone therapy.

If you’re with me until now, I would like to be sincere throughout crystal therapy.

  1. Sit down and do passive inhalation and active exhalation, also known as kapalbhati pranayama for preparing your body for meditation.
  2. Find the darkest room in your mind.
  3. Now, without stopping pull all the negativity and pain into the room as soon as you can.
  4. Lock the room and throw the black key.

Tell me What I Can Do With Crystals

Your therapy starts here.

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

Don’t go to the dark room with the black key until you’re done with cancer on your Anahata Chakra. We are going to power up your heart chakra vibrations to emanate frequencies that will open your mind to a fresh reality of colorful crystals.

Your Anahata chakra is located at the heart. Defined as the very throne of our ‘atma’ or ‘soul’, you must visualize powering up the heart chakra as colorfully as you can.

If this helps, the Anahata Chakra is depicted by a 12 petal green lotus with the alphabet ‘ya' in the middle encircled by 12 consonants from Sanskrit around it, all within a 6-ray star.

This should explain it …

Image result for heart chakra

·         Crystal Wand Programming and Massages

You have already programmed your mind.

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

  • If you have the Heart Chakra Crystals on you, pick one crystal wand of the same crystal and cleanse it first with your mind.
  • Then, point it aiming at the heart chakra or wherever you believe the cancer is;
  • Visualize a healing, gentle and compassionate pink energy of the most picturesque cherry blossoms ejecting from your heart.
  • Imagine the healing pink gouging the blackened pain.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the healing motherly energy enveloping you for at least 3 times for an hour every day.

·         Crystal Patches around the Chest

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

By tying the right crystals around your heart chakra, you also awaken the chakra points from within to flush the toxins out. An essential remedy if you’ve battled through chemo, right crystal patches can also fill you with love by rewriting your aura. Keep the crystal patches around for as long as you feel the pain.

·         Tonic for Higher Heart Activation

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

Crystal pundits vouch that when gemstones are, infused with water and solarized after; the water imbibes the power traits of crystals when you keep it overnight under a full moon. Drinking crystal-infused water makes the crystal energy to penetrate your chakra points in addition to the aura. Don’t forget to clean your crystal at the end of every day to dispel the negativity it has absorbed during the waking hours.   

Which Healing Crystals to use on Breast Cancer

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

Gemstones are just as alive as you and me. Born out of Mother Nature’s wombs, healing crystals possess the real energy of healing when the user connects. By using the heart chakra power in addition to higher chakras, you can amplify the recovery rate of your medicines as well as truly feel the extraterrestrial support you hold in this terrifying battle.

Clear Quartz to start the Cleansing

An amazing healing crystal used since thousands of years for the magic to healing rituals, clear quartz can be used to clean and amplify the power of other crystals as well. Clear quartz activates the Crown Chakra which is the key to boosting your recovery as the brain takes charge from there on.

Gamut of Healing with Rose Quartz

The perfect breast cancer healing stone, Rose Quartz pulls the wearer towards joy and relief on top of healing cancerous cells. When taken as a tonic or for aura cleansing, Rose Quartz can be used as a healing tonic for boosting the immunity of the body from inside.

Rhodonite for the Excruciating Pain

A comforting stone during events of unfathomable pain, rhodonite can be used to relax the patient. Rhodonite is amazing with healing cancers associated with the heart chakra as it releases the blocked energy holes in your Anahata.

Prevent Breast Cancer with Malachite

A gorgeous stone that instills confidence to divination, wearing malachite on your heart chakra keeps you alarmed about the health of your breasts too. Folklores claim that malachite behaves like a mother when with patients of cancer.

Aquamarine Healing Baths for Breast Health

One of the prominent crystals noted in breast cancer awareness programs, aquamarine can introduce drastic soothing and healing vibes in a patient with breast cancer.  Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, which then introduces healing frequencies to remove cancer from your heart chakra.

What we recommend

The power of sharing is immense and we would like to share an incredible true story posted by Hibiscus Moon about her friend Jennifer who beat cancer with faith, positivity and a rose quartz!

Depending on the specific stage of cancer you’re battling, different crystals can ensure support for healing and comfort. As this is the most important time you need the gamut power of nature to work, pink crystals will give you the peace you dreamt of long since.

The Biggest Contributions Of Crystals For Breast Cancer

A wide number of ‘doshas’ or toxins lead to cancerous diseases and the right prevention is mindful of the way you live, what it ingest, digests ejects. Better said by the verse, -‘Everything we eat either kills us or heals us’ …

Tell us everything that runs through your mind. Remember, sharing is caring.

Good Luck and Stay powerful~

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