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Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Is Chronic coughing is killing your happiness and health? If you are taking medicines for bronchitis since long, a supporting push from gemstones can trigger revolutionary recovery!

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

When the tiny air ducts in your lungs are inflamed due to the pollutants, allergens and smoke you’ve breathed in, bronchitis occurs. To undo this inflammation, you need soothing crystals that can penetrate your throat chakra and repair the lungs and bronchioles. Not as easy as it sounds, we can tell you ways to amplify recovery with the right lung crystals!

Diagnosing Serious Respiratory Illnesses such as Bronchitis with Crystals

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Common respiratory illnesses might scare you when medicines don’t do quite a good job; but if you divide and amplify your faith with gemstones, you will be stunned by what happens after!

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Powered directly by the throat chakra, Crystals for Bronchitis affect the lungs and thyroid to flush anti-inflammatory energies through your Vishuddha Chakra. Also effective in bronchitis gem therapy is, the use of heart chakra crystals as it boosts the regenerative rate of your lung tissues.

  • Gem Elixir: Soak your healing crystal in a singing bowl with water under the full moonlight for 4-6 hours;
  • Throat Chakra Programming: Place the crystal on your throat chakra or hand while pointing at the throat chakra to being meditation, visualization and affirmation of the results with the power of the crystal;
  • Crystal Pendulum: You can use a crystal pendulum to detect the ailing vibrations of your bronchioles and correct the same with the vibrations of the pendulum itself;

Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Respiratory illnesses are common to our current world of pollution, dirt, grime, diseases and allergens everywhere. With gemstone protection, therapy and programming, flushing anti-inflammatory crystal energy through your bronchioles are beneficial!

1.      Jade

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

The supreme mother stone that comforts the ailing, Jade is a stone of the Solar Plexus chakra that is considered to clear the lung energy. The soothing stone has been vital to many ancient Chinese medicines; jade is a balancing stone that also gets rid of addictions and negativity from your energy ducts.

For those with smoke-related bronchitis and chronic cough, consumption of gem elixir is an excellent antidote.

2.      Pyrite


A renowned elixir for a vast variety of respiratory ailments since the early ages, pyrite boosts your oxygenation of blood. Pyrite is a respiratory system boost if you drink gem infusions. It calms the wearer and opens the blocked air vents in the lungs.

Regular pyrite use is effective on diverse respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and erratic heartbeats.

3.      Red Jasper


Yet another powerful stone that protects its wearer from airborne pollutants and allergens, Red Jasper is a heart chakra stone considered excellent for your lungs. Red jasper heals the wearer by detoxifying the lungs and other vital organs the heart chakra point.

You can program red jasper wands or palm stones to make it work against bronchitis as breathing troubles.

4.      Amber

A vital stone used to purify multiple chakras and imbalances in the body, Amber is excellent for all types of respiratory ailments. From throat infections to chronic coughing and inflammations, amber energy cures far and wide.

 For recurrent lung allergies and inflammations, amber massages are effective. It absorbs the toxic negativity and transmutes into positivity. Aligning with the throat chakra, amber is an all-round respiratory stone known to protect wearers from bronchitis by clearing the air ducts.

5.      Aquamarine

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

A natural antibiotic by its powers, Aquamarine was popularly known as the Stone of Breath as it can cure breathing related disorders. Aquamarine is an excellent cure for those with recurrent sinusitis as well as dry phlegm.

From bronchitis to asthma and seasonal allergies, Aquamarine, when infused with moonlight, helps in creating potent gem elixir.

6.      Black Onyx

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

A renowned protective stone, Black Onyx absorbs the ailments of lung tissues. When programmed with lower chakras, Black Onyx activates the Root Chakra, which brings balance and healing to the physical body.

The stone is effective for cleansing the lung tissues. Black Onyx works excellently when worn as jewelry as it absorbs negativity from your inflamed bronchioles.

7.      Carnelian

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

A rare antidote for the throat and lung-related disorders, Carnelian necklaces and pendants are the best way to relieve bronchitis and protect your respiratory tract. Renowned as the Stone of Action, Carnelian resonates with the heart energy as well as that of the throat to restore your health.

Carnelian works on the affected bronchioles by energizing the lungs of the wearer. To make the most out of it, program or massage your throat and surrounding area with carnelian.

What we Recommend …

Ten Reasons Why People LOVE Healing Crystals for Bronchitis

Gemstones work by purifying the respiratory tract and flushing out the toxic blockages in your airways. You must clean it regularly using a quartz or fluorite to keep it charged and positive. As a bonus tip, bronchitis crystals must be used as gem elixirs for speeding the recovery of your medicines!

Did any of the below crystals make you feel a relief in your throat?

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