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Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Metaphysical Powers and Unique Abilities

Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Metaphysical Powers and Unique Abilities

Do you know strawberry quartz is a talismanic stone? It can protect you from dangers and pain or mistakes. Holding the strawberry quartz in your left hand will fill your heart with love. It is a sacred stone of joy that emanates happiness and exhilaration in your life. Being an aura cleansing stone, it can help you find luck and prosperity if that’s what you’re searching for. Let’s find out all the mysteries and powers as well as strawberry quartz meaning in the next seven minutes!

What is a Strawberry Quartz?

Strawberry quartz


trapiche strawberry quartz from Mexico:) by Jessa and Mark Anderson under CC BY 2.0

Belonging to the mineral group of Silicates, strawberry quartz is a beautiful crystal with MOHS Hardness 7. Please use it with care without dropping the crystal. It is a crystal for love and harmony as it beckons joy into the life of the user.

 Chemically, strawberry quartz is Silicon dioxide with hematite inclusions or strawberry colored quartz. It has a Numerical vibration of 5. When you hold a strawberry quartz, your heart fills and mind calms off.

Is Strawberry Quartz Natural?

Yes. Totally. If you’re confusing strawberry quartz with cherry quartz, read on because we are distinguishing the two below. A rare variety of quartz, strawberry colored quartz is seen with the typical hematite needles beautifully laid out in them.

How to Identify Strawberry Quartz?

If you’re not looking properly, you can mistake strawberry quartz for a weird sunstone. Strawberry quartz however has clear hematite needles in blood red color within a pink or strawberry shade of color filling the backdrop. It can be transparent or translucent and rarely opaque.

Cherry Quartz Vs Strawberry Quartz

While one is a natural stone, the other is a manmade dyed stone. Cherry quartz is dyed with pink color and strawberry quartz is a completely natural stone with strawberry shade of pink naturally present in it. Both are different stones with its own properties.

What Does Strawberry Quartz Mean?

The meaning of strawberry quartz is love and healing. Found in granite pegmatites, strawberry quartz brings harmony and joy to the user. It spreads love and togetherness wherever it is kept. You can place it your bedroom or under the bed to actively improve your live life. The symbolism of strawberry quartz is fresh renewing happiness. Are you ready for divine happiness? Then, strawberry quartz is the stone for you.

Green Strawberry Quartz meaning is health and harmony. It brings vitality and energy to you. Originating from Brazil, green Strawberry quartz shows green inclusions or needles and might look like a green aventurine. It is very rare.  

Which is Strawberry Quartz Chakra?

Heart Chakra is the core power of Strawberry Quartz. It brings you joy by accelerating your blood circulation and bringing you energy as well as enthusiasm. The stone of prosperity and charm can also bring you happiness and positive vibrations. All you need to do is hold it in the palm of your hand or over your heart to feel the powers of strawberry quartz.

Where is Strawberry Quartz found?

Russia is the prime source of Strawberry quartz. It is also found in Mexico and Brazil.  

Who is the Ruling Goddess of Strawberry Quartz?

Ceridwen, the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge is the ruler of Strawberry Quartz. She is the Goddess who lived on the shores of Bala Lake in the North Wales. She is regarded as the Celtic Goddess of rebirth and inspiration as well. Strawberry quartz brings the powers of Cerridwen by enhancing your creativity and mental strength.

What is Strawberry Quartz Zodiac Sign?

Libra is the official zodiac sign of Strawberry Quartz. For a Libra, things you would want to let go such as possessiveness and indecisiveness will disappear with Strawberry Quartz. The romantic within you will wake up and find opportunities to seek love when quartz strawberry is by your side.

For a Libra, the strawberry variety of quartz awakens new talents such as music and painting or writing.

How to Clean Strawberry Quartz?

You can clean strawberry quartz in a lot of ways. It is wise to avoid water when cleaning your crystal physically. Rub it with a damp cloth if you must remove dirt and grime once a week.

For removing the bad energy on the strawberry quartz, you must repeat the following before and after every use.

  • Take a clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the strawberry quartz thrice.

What is Strawberry Quartz Good for?

To know the total benefits of Strawberry quartz, you need to explore on your own. However, today we will show you five main uses or benefits of the strawberry pink quartz so that you can try it at your home right away.

·      Love and Inner Healing Using Strawberry Quartz

The stone of warmth and compassion, strawberry quartz fills you with empathy and love. It is a stone for attract true love towards you. Keeping a strawberry quartz in your pocket will also attract new friends towards you.

·      Dream Recall, Astral Travel and Projection

Ever wanted to find information about your past lives and incarnations? Try once with Strawberry Quartz and you will find out everything you need to. It is a beautiful dream recall stone that works when you keep it under the pillow before sleep. If your mind if filled with energy, it can take you to new parts of the universe you’ve never been to. It can also help you attain out-of-body experiences to view your reality from other dimensions.

·      Sleep Crystal Strawberry Quartz

Finding it hard to fall asleep? Keep a strawberry quartz by your bedside and you will have a deep slumber like you’ve never had. The pink strawberry variety of quartz is known to regulate the blood pressure and balance your body as well as hormones.

·      Aura Cleansing and Recharge with Strawberry Quartz

Want to be a better person? Walk thrice around a strawberry quartz and it will purify your aura. It is best to fill you with energy to fulfill your goals too. Aura cleansing strawberry quartz can also remove evil eye and negativity that was hurled at you by energy vampires.  

·      Find Luck and Good Fortune

Another little known effect of keeping strawberry quartz in your wallet or safe is the financial success. Try it yourself today!

Five Powerful Strawberry Quartz Affirmations

What are the best ways to wake up the energy of a strawberry quartz? Talk to it with chants. Pick up your strawberry quartz and do any of the following.

  • Fill me with composure and joy.
  • Take me to the land of positivity and optimism.
  • I welcome your generous compassion on my soul.
  • Soak me with gratitude and grace today.
  • Bless my day with love and healing.


Love strawberry quartz? Tell us why in the comments below!

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Mexican Strawberry Quartz by Jessa and Mark Anderson under CC BY 2.0 Source:

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