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Spectrolite Meaning, Properties, Uses and Powers

Spectrolite Meaning, Properties, Uses and Powers

A much different stone that Labradorite, a Spectrolite is defined clearly by the Wikipedia as a yellow and red colored Labradorite. It sets a difference between Labradorite and Spectrolite. If you’ve been a crystal user for decades, you must’ve seen many Spectrolite. But, it’s not such a common stone. Spectrolite used to come from one place in the world- Finland. It is a stone to open your spiritual eye and harness purity.

What Is Spectrolite?

spectrolite slab

One of the uncommon type of feldspar or labradorites, Spectrolite is a soft energy gemstone. It shows high labradorescence. Began as the trade name of the stone found in Finland, nowadays there are more and more mines of Spectrolite found all around the world.

Spectrolite is a unique stone, much different Labradorite in its rough and polished forms. The yellow stone with labradorescence is often cut into cabochons for lapidary uses. It is a stone of good will and clarity.

·      Spectrolite Meaning

Spectrolite meaning is light; it heals and cleanses your spirit. More on this wonderful stone below. Meaning of Spectrolite teaches the wisdom of light. It helps us decode the lightness of your being through meditation and concentration.

·      Where Is Spectrolite Found?

In the beginning, Spectrolite was a unique Labradorite found only in Finland. Now, it is common to find Spectrolite in many different parts of the world starting from Madagascar to Canada.

·      How to Get Spectrolite?

You can search for Spectrolite on crystal and New Age stores. Spectrolite can be found on Amazon, Etsy or AtPerrys. It is easy to place your Spectrolite order online because online stores have guaranteed satisfaction rates.

·      Difference Between Labradorite and Spectrolite

When you’re comparing Spectrolite with a Labradorite, you need to look out for the colors. Labradorite is defined as a blue and green or a mix of both, while Spectrolite is more orange, yellow and red besides blue. Moreover, Spectrolite has a dark black base color while Labradorite has a transparent base tone.

·      How Rare Is Spectrolite?

The truth is Spectrolite is no longer rare as there are many mines around the world with this stone. If you want to place an order for Spectrolite, talk to our customer service or get in touch with us via the comments.

What Is the Spectrolite Chakra?

A crystal of original ideas, Spectrolite helps you communicate with your subconscious. It is a stone for opening your Throat chakra powers. Spectrolite empowers you to speak the truth and chase your destiny. It is a unique crystal vibrating to number 7, the number of purity and enlightenment.

Another chakra awakened by Spectrolite is the Third Eye chakra. It makes you intuitive and awakened. Third eye is the chakra that opens your spiritual vision. It helps you see your reality clearly.

Which Is the Spectrolite Zodiac Sign?

Leo is the ruling sign of Spectrolite. The charming personality of Leos can be enhanced by Spectrolite using its powers of honesty. You will transform into a wise and trustworthy leader among your peers. Your impatience and stressful nature will dissipate and in its place a successful person will emerge.

For Sagittarius zodiac Spectrolite is a boon. It will bring you luck that you could never reach your hands onto. Sagittarians find knowledge and intelligence with Spectrolite. It will guide your way to destiny. Spectrolite clears your doubts besides dispelling the energy attacks aimed at you.

Scorpio is the last zodiac sign that can reap the maximum potential of Spectrolite in its totality. If you’re a Scorpio, Spectrolite can shower blessings your way. You will become clairvoyant with Spectrolite. It will open your higher chakras to make you insightful and intuitive.

What Are the Spectrolite Varieties?

Spectrolite is a variety of feldspar such as Labradorite. The most unique type of Spectrolite is the Finnish Spectrolite. It is seen with yellow, peacock blue, reddish orange and olivine labradorescence on it. Reddish Spectrolite is another name for Spectrolite.  

What Is Spectrolite Used for?

Spectrolite properties are magical and boundless. You can use it for a variety of healing. It is a master healer crystal that blesses you with the desires you want manifest. The all-listening crystal is a powerhouse of blessings and positivity. Let’s find out how Spectrolite can help you.

·      Physical Properties of Spectrolite

Spectrolite is a stone for improving your Health. If you’ve been bedridden or injured, spectrolite can increase the action of the medicines. It is a stone for boosting cell regeneration. That’s how spectrolite fights fatigue and gives you stamina. The strengthening crystal for arthritis is also one to boost your brain power. It makes your brain faster at problem solving.

Spectrolite has the power to boost your blood circulation too. It improves memory and resets your biological clock. In short, your sleep will actually be sweet from today.  

·      Emotional Properties of Spectrolite

Calmness is a benefit of wearing or working with the crystal spectrolite. It is a relaxation stone that helps you cut all your worries away. The stress-free crystal of love and light imparts confidence to you. It will make you feel your strong voice from within, guiding the way. If you have low self-confidence, this is your chance to change it. Spectrolite is the stone of love and compassion. It helps you listen to others around you.

·      Spiritual Properties of Spectrolite

Astral Travel has never been so smooth as spectrolite can help you. This is a stone that works according to your deepest fantasies tied to the fate. The transformation crystal is also cleansing so that you don’t experience trauma during your travel around the universe. Spectrolite can take you to ancient galaxies no one has ever been to!

You will feel easy to slip into lucid dreams when spectrolite is kept under the pillow or on the nightstand. It is a crystal that attracts luck. Spectrolite can awaken your psychic powers such as the ability to speak with spirits. It is a stone of mystic knowledge; use it wisely!  


Have you ever touched or seen a Spectrolite? Tell us in the comments below! We would love to know!

Love and light~

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