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Smart Ways To Check If Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance

Smart Ways To Check If Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance

When our chakra falls out of sync with the lifestyle, decisions and dreams, it begins to fall out of place. 

7 Symptoms to Diagnose and Stones to Treat Chakra Imbalance 

Smart Ways To Check If Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance

From losing your step and falling into accidents, lack of chakra balance can surface as many things. Sacred stones you can revive your chakra and flush out the toxins that block the same.

·         Red on Root Chakra

5 Stone Garnet Ring

Chakra imbalance of Base Chakra is the ‘lack of grounding’ evident in day-to-day activities. The experience of tripping to a fall or weakness in the joints is the physical symptoms of losing out Root Chakra. Arthritis, Immune Disorders and Sciatica are the common diseases associated with the Root chakra.

On the other hand, mental instability surfaces through Stress, Disappointment, Depression, Giving Up and Break-up, which also leads to poverty or financial struggles. Use this Garnet 5-Stone Ring at the base of your spine you can flush out blockage at your chakra points and re-activate it.

·         Orange on Sacral Chakra

Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring

Unstable Sacral Chakra leads to problems in reproductive system as well as your libido. From organ disorders including kidney and urinary tract, Sacral Chakra blocks lead to impotence, dullness and self-pity. Emotionally, losing out on relationships including friends and family is common during this time.

Try this Orange Fire Opal 2 inches below the navel to ignite your Sacral Chakra and harmonize the Kundalini Energy within you.  

·         Yellow on Solar Plexus

Natural Citrine Crystal Tumbled Stone Healing (100 Grams) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

Spanning from ulcer, indigestion, constipation and bladder issues, Solar Plexus Chakra throws havoc on the body when it slips out of balance. Watch out for your blood pressure levels in addition to meltdowns. Emotionally, Solar Plexus Imbalance can demean self-esteem and lead to inferiority complex. If you’ve been experiencing serious gall bladder pain recently, the issue is a serious hit to the Solar Plexus and we suggest you see a doctor ASAP.

Wear this Citrine Tumbled Stones or place it 3 inches below the navel to disperse rejections and fears of the same instantly in order to become a new person of self-respect.

·         Green on Heart chakra

Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercise (3 eggs) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Aching of the heart is common to most of us, but how many of the heartaches actually refer to the imbalance of heart chakra?

Physical ailments such as Cholesterol, Chest Pain, Heartburn and back pains are common to people without enough heart chakra. Emotionally, the same people tend to grow into solitude, loneliness or suffocation and hot temper.

To regain your passion of youthful energy and for empathy, wear this Jade Eggs on your heart Chakra during meditation.

·         Blue on Throat Chakra

Royal Sapphire Blue Turkish African Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A healing and calming chakra that when in full potential, derives clairvoyance to divine words, Throat Chakra is also important to grow as a person. Diseases such as thyroid, laryngitis, TMJ, Ear and facial disorders are common to those with the least of Throat chakra.

Spiritual and emotional traits are much harmed by throat chakra than its physical derivatives. From the lack of self-expression to apathy and dissociation, there are grave symptoms when your throat chakra falls out of place. Use this Royal Sapphire Blue Crystal to speak your mind out boldly if you’ve been an introvert for life!

·         Purple on Third eye Chakra

Amethyst Olive Branch Design Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An exotic energy that cleanses your dilemmas, delusions and confusions, Third Eye Chakra can impose long-term effects of paranoia when neglected for too long. From diseases such as vision problems to sinusitis, migraines and cluster headaches, third eye vision can inflict unbearable symptoms on the person without it.  Moreover, the psychological symptoms include bipolarity, anxiety, depression, fear and moodiness.

Use this Amethyst Olive Leaf Ring on your Third Eye Chakra to remove the blurring glasses of inactive chakra from your spirit.

·         White on Crown Chakra

White Turquoise Buddhist Meditation Beads Bracelet - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A pristine cleansing crystal with divine traits, White Crystals work excellently to remove the dark clouds over your crown chakra. Millions of us are usually devoid of the full potential in our crown chakra. From low attention span to over-sensitivity, stress, fear and schizophrenia, lack of crown chakra can exhibit itself in multifarious ways.

Emotionally, when Crown Chakra suffers, an opposing reality can happen wherein you become biased, revere none but yourself and believe in the exceptional power you have. Use this White Turquoise Buddhist Meditation Bracelet for a complete makeover for your life and balance without hurting your subconscious.

Before You Go …

Smart Ways To Check If Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance

When your chakra is out of balance, life falls out too. From the lack of synchronicity in your actions to chaotic fate and luck, life inverts into a sad mess when you neglect your chakra activation. Begin today and diagnose all your chakra blocks right away!

The above tips and advice should never replace a medical practitioner. Please do the necessary or clear your mind using these crystals to take the right decision in your turmoil.

Stay Powerful!

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