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Scolecite Meaning, Powers and Metaphysical Properties

Scolecite Meaning, Powers and Metaphysical Properties

Do you know what happens when you subject scolecite to a blowtorch flame? It curls and wriggles just like a worm. Perhaps that’s the reason for its name. Before you find the etymology of scolecite, you need to know it is a stone that improves your communication skills. It is one of the unique high vibration crystals that look unique too. Let us get to know more about the soothing and tranquil energy of scolecite meaning and powers in detail.

What is scolecite?

Scolecite Meaning, Powers and Metaphysical Properties

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In chemical tongue, scolecite is a tectosilicate mineral that comes from zeolites. It is essentially the hydrated version of Calcium, Aluminum, Silicone, Oxygen, Potassium and Sodium. You won’t find barium, strontium or iron in a scolecite stone.

Scolecite is a one of a kind stone that comes from the Greek word ‘σκώληξ’ sko lecks meaning worm. Why? That’s because scolecite curls like a worm under the flame. Scolecite meaning is calmness and light. It brings you to your light or purpose of life besides beckoning peace into your life.

How is scolecite formed?

Do you know Scolecite is rare? It is formed within zeolites when volcanic bubbles form. The chains of silicates on Scolecite makes the needle-like appearance of the stone. It is a collector’s crystal due to its peculiar formations and weak cleavage.

Where is scolecite from?

There are two prime locations of Scolecite- India and Iceland. With a numerical vibration of 1, you will see it often in a colorless shade but it can exist in pink, red, salmon and yellow colors too.

What are the Synergy 12 Stones?

According to Robert simmons, Synergy 12 Stones were at first 5. Over the time they have involved and Scolecite is one of the 12 synergy stones. It can also be associated with the 12 zodiac signs too. You can use synergy stones to place on your chakra points on the body for a deep meditation.

Which is Scolecite Chakra?

Third Eye Chakra is the first chakra opened by the stone Scolecite. It opens your spiritual eye so that you can see everything in all the dimensions around you. Third eye is located in between your brows and it is the center of enlightenment and spirituality.

Scolecite also opens your crown chakra that connects you with the etheric realm. It can help you communicate with angels and spirits besides guiding your way. The chakra of intuition, crown helps you relax and get grounded too.

The third chakra point opened by Scolecite is the Heart Chakra, located over your heart. This is the source of love, empathy and humanity. It connects you with nature and people around you. Heart chakra can open your life to emotions and positive feelings.

The last chakra awakened by Scolecite is the Sacral Chakra located in your pelvic region. It is the seat of your Kundalini energy where your sexuality and life force rests. Sacral chakra of Scolecite fills you with passion and energy besides boosting your quench for life.

What is Scolecite Zodiac?

Capricorn is the official zodiac sign of Scolecite. By using the stone Scolecite, you will find optimism and faith in yourself. Scolecite helps you discover your hidden potential through meditation and calm processes of self-improvement.

When you’re a Capricorn with a Scolecite, you will feel energetic and ambitions. Follow your intuition and gut feeling to reach where you want to reach.

Ways to Clean scolecite

Although there are many ways to clean any gemstone, it is best to keep away from water as Scolecite is toxic in water due to the presence of Aluminum. It is best if you rub it with a dry cloth at the end of the day or week. Make sure to store it in an airtight pack when you’re not using.

As Scolecite is 5.5 on the MOHS scale, it is a fragile stone and you need to be extra-careful about not dropping it.

To cleanse a Scolecite spiritually, you can pick any of the following methods-

  • Circle with a Clear Quartz Wand.
  • Circle with a Selenite Wand.
  • Keep it with Black Tourmaline.
  • Bury the Scolecite stone in the Garden.
  • Place Scolecite under full moon light.

You must cleanse your Scolecite before and after every use to keep the bad and toxic energies from sticking to your precious rare gemstone Scolecite.

What is scolecite used for?

Communication is the topmost effect and benefit of using Scolecite in your life. It will make converstaions easy to have and understand. You will no longer feel anxiety if Scolecite is by your side. It will give you Peace.

Spiritually, Scolecite is also the stone of awakening and enlightenment. It opens your eyes to the areas you have been ignoring or neglecting in your life. Scolecite gemstone is ideal for regaining confidence and passion. It brings winning ideas and opportunities into your life.

Using Scolecite also invites Lucid Dreaming sessions. You will be able to decode your subconscious mind easily. It is helpful for beginners of Meditation as Scolecite is a gentle energy crystal. It helps you overcome grief and pain by bringing you calmness and composure.

If you suffer from sleep problems, keep a Scolecite at your bedside table or under bed. It can break if you keep a Scolecite stone under the pillow, don’t do it.

How to Use scolecite?

This is where all our experience and meanings of Scolecite Power Theory is explained. Before you start experimenting with Scolecite, let us help you by showing the most effective five uses of Scolecite so that you can try the same if you just bought a Scolecite stone.

·      Scolecite Affirmations

To create affirmations with Scolecite, hold it in your palm and take a pen and paper. Write down the words that come into your mind. Afterwards, pick out the most important word showing your deepest intention. Chant it while holding the stone to set it into the heart of the universe.

·      Scolecite Pendulum

You can also find answers to your burning questions by taking the help of a crystal pendulum to read Scolecite. It helps in reading your subconscious mind as well as past lives or future lives. This is a stone of many powers, explore it.

·      Scolecite Palm Stone

As a worry stone, Scolecite brings immediate relief. It can calm you down by improving your blood circulation and oxygenation in blood. A stone for those suffering from anxiety, Scolecite brings relief and tranquillity.

·      Scolecite Beads, Scolecite Ring and Jewelry

Wearing Scolecite is an ideal way to bond with the new magical stone in your life. It is ideal as feng shui around the southern area of your bedroom or as a ring on your dominant hand.


A peculiar stone, almost no-one knows about, Scolecite meanings are hard to transcribe if you don’t have the stone. Do you have personal experiences with Scolecite? Share it with us below!

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