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Make a Spiritual Toolkit With Crystals For Mindfulness

Make a Spiritual Toolkit With Crystals For Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural state of existence to most of us, while the rest dribble in confusions of altered and lost consciousness. Just like crystals that penetrate the chakra points in the body, meditation and programming of the mind lead to fulfilling experiences of mindfulness.

Crystals and Mindfulness

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

Even if you’re not a spiritual person with in-depth knowledge on how to cater to your mental needs, learning mindfulness is easy. Mindfulness is an armor that gives you unlimited virtues to never lose a battle in life.

Mindfulness is a meditation therapy nowadays, but it was natural to us. In human evolution, being totally present in a moment is described umpteen times. Through evolution, perhaps distraction and agony have gotten a better hold of us, but it is for us to remind ourselves of our innate state or need of mind.

Gemstones that influence the higher chakras including Crown and Third Eye help to balance thoughts and other neuron-related disorders. When used as a crystal patch on the respective chakras, you grow the quality of focusing your subconscious thoughts and hence, fate as well. By using throat and base chakra stones as crystal grid or jewelry, you can amplify the power of mindfulness crystals.

Mindfulness Exercise with Healing Crystals

Gemstones are a tool for realizing mindfulness in life. If you’re ailing because there is not a single moment that you’ve felt mindful, starting with a mindfulness crystal will change the way you look at life.

Choose your comfortable mode of working crystals to be mindful of your efforts. Make meditation and intrinsic starting step of your mindfulness exercise.

1.      Sodalite for Chakra Balance

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

The indigo rays of Sodalite possess calming powers that ease any emotional to mental turmoil in a wink! Sodalite when use on your any of your higher chakras including Third Eye, Heart or Throat, works excellently.

A multiple chakra balancing stones, sodalite can resolve the root cause of your lack of mindfulness, which is but a symptom of chakra imbalance. Use sodalite to clean your chakras by repeatedly cleaning it after programming with a cleansing crystal such as clear quartz.

2.      Iolite for Harmony

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

Yet another higher chakra crystal that awakens the crown chakra, iolite is a harmony stone that also ignites the third eye. When used in a crystal grid, iolite channels harmony to the wearer by calming down mind chatter. Iolite is believed to even bring visions to ones who use it concurrently with meditation. With regular use, iolite can also open the pathways that connect your third eye and crown chakra with the throat chakra.

3.      Amethyst for  Peace

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

Yet another calming stone, Amethyst is a superior grounding stone that comforts you in times of mental agony. From anxiety to stress and depression, mindfulness crystals such as Amethyst can cure a number of serious ailments. For those suffering from recurrent headaches in addition to the lack of liveliness, Amethyst infused water can work miracles.

Amethyst is a supreme stone that awakens the Etheric Chakra in addition to the crown and third eye chakras.

4.      Howlite for Letting Go

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

For those of us with emotional baggage, it can feel at times that we’ve had that last it. Life can turn boring when revenge, anger and frustration eat you up. To recover from problems with your mindset or the setting around you, Howlite can help. The white stone is a symbol of flawlessness of the Crown Chakra.

Howlite targets the subconscious emotions that are repressed, incomplete and negative. It then channels the crown chakra energy to flush out the negativity and give you penance from within.

5.      Moonstone for Intuition

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

An excellent mothering crystal with unlimited compassion, did you know that moonstone was also an intuition stone? In crystal physics, intuition is gained when you unlock your higher destiny to the spiritual path. Moonstone helps you unlock the fate that you weave.

Moonstone activates the third eye and solar plexus chakras in the wearer. It is best to program or infuse moonstone water during the full moon to make the most out of the healing mindful crystal energy.

6.      Moldavite for Enlightenment

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

A peculiar stone with even more extraordinary powers, Moldavite is a heart chakra stone that also tunes the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The scintillating green stone is the mark of hypnosis and distraction free meditation.

Moldavite also helps to discover your true destiny and guardian angel. Use Moldavite during events of emotional outburst to hold yourself together with the power of balanced higher chakras.

What we Recommend …

Must-Have Spiritual toolkit: Crystals for Mindfulness

It is true that the first step to mindfulness is closing your eyes to the agonies and feeling the silent breeze from within. Gemstones can help you focus your positivity as well as believe in warding off distractions such as negativity.

The key is to train your mind with the use of gemstones and positive affirmations for realizing the higher realm.

Which mindfulness gemstone lifted your spirit?

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Tell us more about how crystals have helped you being mindful in life, in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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