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Moon Magic: Meanings, Benefits and Metaphysical Attributes

Moon Magic: Meanings, Benefits and Metaphysical Attributes

Do you know the moon phases are connected to our own biological cycles? It is believed moon moves alongside us. As the moon is the closest celestial body to earth, it tends to influence us largely. Moon magic meaning is deriving the magical powers and benefits of the moon with rituals, spells and crystals. Today we will learn the history of moon magic and how you can do the same at your home.

What Is Moon Magic?

girl facing the moon doing moon magic

Do you know the Moon goddess is called Hecate, Artemis and Selene in various cultures? We are intertwined so closely with the moon that the moon magic envelops us wherever we go. If you’re spiritual, you must’ve experienced different emotions with the change of the moon phase. For example, new moon can make you feel agitated while the full moon makes you feel protected.

In astrology, sun is the masculine energy and moon the feminine energy.

Important Phases of the Moon and Crystals You Need for Each Phase

Important Phases of the Moon

1.    New Moon

This is when the moon phase is starting. New moon shows a sliver of light as it is not totally illuminated. Also called the dark moon in certain cultures, it is a time of possibility. Labradorite is the best stone to handle the challenges of new moon.

2.    Waxing Crescent

Slightly brighter than the new moon, waxing crescent is the time for commitment, faith and decision-making. It is the best time to continue your path than choose a new path altogether. Nuumite and moonstone with the rainbow sheen is good for the waxing crescent phase.

3.    First Quarter

Considered a time of uncertainty, first quarter is a moon phase when the moon is half bright or half full. It can make you creative and enthusiastic. You need support in this phase of the moon. Best stones for this moon phase is black onyx.

4.    Waxing Gibbous

Almost full, lacking just a sliver of light, waxing gibbous is the time of focus and concentration. It is also a creative time. Carnelian and citrine are both ideal for the waxing gibbous of the moon phase. Try to realize your passion during this time.

5.    Full Moon

Besides full moon cleanse, full moon is the time when moon is at her best. She is bright, full of opportunities and blessings. You should set new intentions and crystal grids at this time. Selenite and moonstone are best for the full moon phase.

6.    Waning Gibbous

When the moon is fading from the full moon phase, it is called waning gibbous. This is the time to listen to your subconscious and make changes in your life. It is the time to say ‘thank you’ more often. Celestite or the angel’s stone is best for waning gibbous.

7.    Last Quarter

The half bright moon that is covered in darkness after the full moon is called the last quarter. This is the time when illusions turn to reality. Soon the dying moon phase will take over the cycle and the best stone for last quarter is sodalite and rose quartz.

8.    Waning Crescent

Almost at the end of the cycle, waning crescent is when the moon is almost fully dark. It is the time to be compassionate and loving to others around you. Do good karma during this time and use a petalite or black tourmaline during the time.

9.    Dark Moon

One day before the new moon where the moon receives no light from the sun and has ‘zero’ illumination. Use or wear clear quartz or black obsidian during the dark moon.

Best Moon Magic Jewelry

Every full moon in a year is named and tracked by our ancestors to make sense of its astrological impacts on our lives. With the use of right crystals for different phases of the moon, you can reap its positive energies.

Let’s find out the benefits of moon magic with the help of healing crystals.

·      Moonstone Magic

Natural Vintage Moonstone Round Earrings
Natural Vintage Moonstone Round Earrings; $43 USD

The reflection of moon is believed to be seen on moonstone and hence the name. It is a stone that opens your third eye chakra, giving you foresight during different moon phases. The magic of moonstone is soothing and calming. It balances you and helps you see ahead.

·      Sodalite Moon Magic

Natural Sodalite Crystal
Natural Sodalite Crystal; $249 USD

Another gemstone that aligns your third eye chakra, sodalite is also a moon magic stone that works on your communication skills. It empowers your throat chakra to up your confidence and self-esteem. It will teach you self-acceptance and erase your self-pity.

·      Rose Quartz Moon Magic Rings

Rose Quartz Heart Ring
Rose Quartz Heart Ring; $39 USD

The stone of divine love, rose quartz is perfect for the times when moon is impacting you negatively. It could be used for mood swings, irritability and anxiety experienced during different moon phases. Rose quartz helps you collect yourself and find the love you need in life. Magic moon rings with rose quartz works on your heart chakra to bring you compassion.

·      Black Tourmaline Magic of the Moon

Black Tourmaline  Bracelet

Black Tourmaline Bracelet; $25 USD

Motherly protection is the key to the relation between black tourmaline and the moon. When you use a black tourmaline, it keeps the negativity, evil eye and friction at bay. Black tourmaline can also dispel evil energies from reaching you. During full moon phases, black tourmaline energizes and grounds you too.

·      Moon Magic with Selenite

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder
Selenite Crystal Candle Holder; $59 USD

Empowered by the Moon Goddess Selene, selenite is the perfect crystal for absorbing moon magic and moon energies. It empowers your crown and third eye chakra to see clearly. Selenite can help you gain strength, energy and spiritual awareness. It opens your eyes and amplifies your intentions when you meditate on a full moon night with a selenite.  

How to Do Moon Magic?

moon magic

Moon magic is the rituals done during the important phases of the moon. Such a ritual relies on the moon energies. You can use the moon magic to purify yourself or your crystals true. Never heard about full moon cleanse? But, that’s not our hot topic today. Let’s find out how to do moon magic now.

New Moon Magic Rituals

When you’re depending on the energy of the full moon, remember it is not as powerful as the full moon. New moon rituals are support sessions meant to empower you or amplify your energy and aura. You can create your own new moon rituals based on the sacred things around your house.

Spells to Do On a New Moon

  • Smudge the four corners of your space with sage.
  • Light a jasmine incense.
  • Take a Labradorite in your palms.
  • Point it upwards facing the moon in the sky.
  • Close your eyes and chant the following.
  • “Balance the yin and yang”
  • Chant it 100 times or for 10 minutes.

Dark Moon Magic Rituals

A time for thoughtfulness and care, dark moon magic ritual is one of the oldest. It protects you from evil energies and energy vampires. Dark moon is a time for prophecy work too. It clears your fears if you do the dark moon rituals.

Spells to Do On a Dark Moon

  • Light a sandalwood incense.
  • Take a clear quartz in your palms.
  • Face it outwards from your third eye chakra.
  • Now rotate in your place three times, pointing the clear quartz at the room.
  • Settle down and meditate holding the wand facing upwards.

Full Moon Magic Rituals

Full moon magic is one of the unique moon magic. It is the best time for setting intentions and creating new goals in your life.

Spells to Do On a Full Moon

  • Take your crystals out.
  • Put a yoga mat under the moonlit night in open air.
  • Place crystals such as selenite and moonstone around the four corners of the mat.
  • Lay down.
  • Look at the moon.
  • Close your eyes and chant the following.
  • “Heal me, renew me, revive me”.
  • Continue chanting the incantations for 10 minutes.


Learned how to manifest with the moon? If not, we have another bonus tip for you- Moon Magic Bath! All you need to do is combine jasmine and rose incense or essential oil in your bathroom when you take a bath under the moon. It is better to soak in lukewarm water as the moon energy is colder than the hot sun energy.

Ask your questions about moon magic below!

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