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Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

Do you know how to prepare your mind and for the Year of the Dog? A time for new goals, changes and resolutions, New Year comes with a string of responsibilities for each of us. This New Year, turn your luck around by using gemstones for New Year, handpicked for 2018.

Why use Gemstones for New Year

Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

This new year, many drastic changes are expected to sweep your goals and transform your visions. Are you ready for the spiritual hurricane? If so, we have the perfect healing crystals to celebrate this New Year 2018 with!


Did you lose track of your resolution last year? This year count the negativity out by picking strong gemstones for New Year. It will help you manifest your resolutions and realize your dreams like never before!


When the year ends, many negativity, evil and curses might try its best to harm you. This is not your fault, but the combined effect of negativity in our world. What you can do is simple and effective. Stick to an amulet healing crystal during New Year to keep yourself protected through and through.


Another thing commonly seen during New Year is lack of energy, patience or power. To negate that, use powerful gemstones to boost your energy and fill your mind with enthusiasm this 2018! Empowerment crystals can also help you attract new opportunities to life!

How to use New Year Gemstones 

Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

A time of celebration and fresh starts, New Year comes with a helluva lot of responsibilities too. If you’re wondering how to get through this December, our simple gemstone rituals will save your life!

Crystal Patch

Take the right gemstone according to your needs and tie it onto your affected area. Don’t forget to clean the negativity sediment in it using a purification gemstone.

Crystal Bath

Gem bath is a simple crystal ritual with endless benefits. It helps to infuse the power of a gemstone into your cellular pores easily. All you need to do is drop the gemstone in your bath tub instead of the bubble bath or essential oils.

Crystal Programming

You can also easily harness the power of healing crystals by programming it with your core chakras. All you need to do is point the crystal at the right chakra and repeat the positive affirmation.

Crystal Elixir

You can also drop the crystal in a Tibetan bowl, fill it with water and keep it under the bright light of full moon or sunlight to create energy infusions too. Use it as drinking water or washing water for effective benefits.

Which 5 Gemstones to use for New Year 2018

New Year Gemstones

The year’s end also comes with invisible demons. To tackle the evil, you need powerful stones that can fight for you and protect your might. Today we will learn about the little know powers of gemstones for new year based on its chakra powers and how you can use it for the new year.

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Clear Quartz for Total Purification

One of the prominent stones of cleansing, clear quartz must be used to cleanse every corner of your house during the New Year. What you need to urgently do is activate the Crown chakra of clear quartz and point it at every part of your house or office cabin.

Aquamarine for Confidence

A superior stone that helps to clear your thoughts, aquamarine activates the Throat chakra powers. With it, you will turn a new leaf and gain a new sense of confidence.  

Agate for Divinity

Another Crown chakra stone, agate renews your spirit and connects you with the higher realms. All you need to do is use it during your meditation or yoga to communicate with your guardian angel right away!

Fluorite for Harmony

This new year, unlock the true power of harmony by using a fluorite wand. As fluorite activates the Throat, third eye, heart chakras, you need to step up your game if you want to end fights with family, friends and exes. It will help you harness the positivity you never knew was within you!

Malachite for Love

Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

The stone of Heart and Throat chakras, malachite imbibes compassion and kindness during New Year. Much like Ebenezer Scrooge’s ghosts, malachite will help you see the world with an eye full of love, in case you missed it all this while!  

Before you go

Manifest your Dreams with New Year Gemstones

New Year is a time to rethink your choices during the complete year. If you’re struggling to get there, take the help of gemstones to rocket your way to start a new year of happiness, joy, success and harmony, in addition to divinity this year!

Which gemstones for New Year caught your eye?

Malachite stone Beads   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2Natural Fluorite Quartz Crystal Wand   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

Tell us all about your experience of using gemstones for last New Year in the comments below!

Happy New Year~

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