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Interesting Facts About Diamonds You May Not Know

Interesting Facts About Diamonds You May Not Know

Interesting Facts About Diamonds You May Not Know

Although there are several factors to consider when picking out diamond jewelry, such as its shape and the essential 4 Cs, you want to know what this precious stone is all about — its history and why it is pretty expensive. The diamond is considered one of the most valuable stones one can own. It is breathtakingly beautiful and has been desired by both men and women for many centuries. Its legendary beauty and symbolism have held the world captive to this day, making it a prized possession for anyone who owns it. Today, diamonds are still as expensive as before. Most people who plan to sell their diamond jewelry can expect to get a sizable amount for them, mainly by dealing with reputable buyers such as Gemesti. They pay the best price for quality diamond jewelry.

To understand more about diamonds, here are a few interesting facts about gemstones that you may not know.

They are the hardest stones on Earth

One of the unique features of the diamond is its extraordinary hardness. These gemstones are made up of almost a hundred percent carbon atoms. As a result, they are incredibly durable, so that the only mineral capable of scratching its surface is a diamond. 

They are ancient

Diamonds are almost as old as our planet. They take countless years to take form in the depths of the earth, with many unable to endure as they journey from deep in the earth's pit to its crust, where they are ultimately mined. Because of this, they are rare gemstones that make them expensive. Each diamond is a unique stone like no other, possessing specific properties like inclusions and hues. 

They are known to have healing powers

Diamonds are known to have healing powers. They detoxify the body and balance your metabolism. These stones can also build up your strength and energy and help treat allergies and other chronic diseases. Additionally, diamonds improve eyesight and help patients suffering from glaucoma. They are effective in treating vertigo and poisoning too. Diamonds convey courage, determination, and firmness of purpose. It reduces mental and emotional issues and stimulates your creativity and ingenuity. They also help enlighten your mind to focus on what is essential in your life.

They were once owned only by the aristocracy

There was a point when the general public did not have the privilege of owning a diamond. In the 20th century, a law was proclaimed in France that it was only the king himself who could wear diamond jewelry. Non-royalty members or other community members who were found wearing one risked severe consequences. During this time, diamonds were rare and hard to come by. However, things changed when diamonds were discovered in South Africa, making them more available to anyone who could afford to buy them.

While diamonds may still be expensive today, they are a popular choice of stone, especially for engagement rings. Women look forward to receiving a diamond engagement ring during a marriage proposal. Likewise, men save a lot of money to purchase a diamond engagement ring for their bride-to-be. 

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