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Ingenious Ways You Can Use Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

Ingenious Ways You Can Use Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

One of the serious threats to stomach health, diarrhea can be the direct cause of food poisoning to bacterial infections. When left neglected, it can lead to grave stomach disorders beginning from perpetual indigestion and loose bowel movements.

If you’ve been praying for the ultimate gemstone remedy for diarrhea, we can help you!

Gemstones for Diarrhea

Crystal Cures for Diarrhea

Troubling stomach creates gas to mood swings that are known to even harm the stability of relationships. When healing crystals for the solar plexus chakra are used, it creates an energy of wellbeing that ejects the toxins and negativity from your stomach.

Some well-known crystal rituals to use for removing diarrhea are-

Crystal Elixir

By soaking a gemstone in a Tibetan singing bowl filled with water, you can infuse the energy of the gemstone into the water, provided you charge the water with sunlight or full moonlight. Only by solarisation or lunarization does crystal elixirs form.

Crystal Programming

When a gemstone powerful with the Solar Plexus chakra is aimed at your stomach, the reasons causing diarrhea are ejected. Regular programming with multiple crystals via grids are also effective remedies using gemstones for diarrhea.

Crystal Patch

You can also tie the respective healing crystal in a cloth around your waist or wherever appropriate to ignite your chakra powers. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal once you’re done with the energy work.

Feng Shui

You can also tap into the placement of gemstone to regulate the flow of good and bad energies in your office, room or bathroom for relief from diarrhea with stones.

How to use Radical Remedies for Diarrhea Relief

Crystal Cures for Diarrhea

Once you’ve begun taking medicines for diarrhea, gemstones can be used to support your recovery plans. We have cherry-picked the best gemstones to quickly relieve diarrhea. You can use the crystal ritual you feel fit for each!

1.      Labradorite

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

One of the omnipotent gemstones for balance and energy, Labradorite will help you find balance. It is excellent to repel the negativity stored within by using the root chakra. Labradorite can be used to actively empower the core chakras.

2.      Jasper

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

One of the perfect gemstones for healing from diarrhea, jasper can alleviate many symptoms including that of the stomach. It is a powerful Solar Plexus gemstone used to eradicate serious illnesses such as stomach ulcers and infections too.

Red jasper, when used as a crystal patch, is known to relieve diarrhea like symptoms quickly!  

3.      Amber

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

One of the little known gemstones of superior power, Amber also activates the powers of the solar plexus. It is renowned to create wellbeing by attracting healing using its antibacterial qualities. Amber can be used as a jewelry to repel bad energies including curses.

4.      Clear Quartz

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

By activating the Crown chakra energies, clear quartz helps to target the underlying causes of diarrhea, in addition to implementing healing from the disease. Clear quartz is a powerful gemstone that can purify the body quickly, especially if your diarrhea is a cause of food poisoning.

It can be used to purify your food by programming the food with the crystal energies.

5.      Citrine  

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

Another supernatural crystal, citrine is a multi-chakra gemstone that can activate multiple energies. When used for diarrhea, it creates quick recovery by awakening chakras of higher and lower powers such as Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown. Citrine is a thought-sharpening crystal that will also help you remain in composure without falling too ill due to diarrhea.

6.      Himalayan Salt

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

Another purification ritual stone, Himalayan crystals are excellent to cleanse diarrhea related symptoms. All you need to do is keep the Himalayan salt in the room that you sleep and see the magic unfurl!  

7.      Pyrite

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

One of the crucial gemstones for activating the Solar Plexus chakra and sustaining its powers for active protection of the user, pyrite helps to resolve problems and threats to harmony quickly too. Pyrite is a gemstone of luck and hence it alleviates negativity quickly.  

8.      Zircon

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

Another Solar Plexus gemstone, filled with the powers of peace and growth, zircon also helps you retain your lost friends and relationships. It is an excellent stone to dissolve feuds to attract new opportunities. In the body, zircon works by assimilating the immunity to expel diarrhea quickly.   

9.      Tiger Eye

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Crystal Cures For Diarrhea

Another dual chakra gemstone with powers of Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, Tiger Eye is excellent to gain balance during diarrhea. It will help you eject toxins from your lower chakra and even empower the life force energy to revive you from fatigue caused by diarrhea.   

Before you go …

The golden rule to make crystals work for diarrhea is using it on the right chakra. While solar plexus guarantees speedy recovery other lower and higher chakras can support the recovery phase.

Take a close look at the crystals below and tell us which one overwhelmed you the most! Tell us all about your experience using gemstones for diarrhea in the comments below!

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Stay powerful~

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