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by Ceida Uilyc October 29, 2016 5 Comments

If you’re born in November, Happy Birthday Scorpio <3! Famous people like Bruce Lee, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Kendall Jenner also have November birthdays!

If you want to boost your base zodiacs energies such as intuition, determination and power or alleviate jealousy or obstinate nature, we have the perfect crystals exclusively for you!

Did you know 7 Crystals to choose Based on the day you were born in November?

Certain crystals resonate with the vibrations identical to your time of birth. Zodiac crystals are a spiritual catalyst too. Wearing your birth month crystal will not only boost your base powers but also protect and act talismanic on you!

  • Monday- Pearl
  • Tuesday- Garnet
  • Wednesday- Cat’s Eye
  • Thursday- Emerald
  • Friday- Topaz
  • Saturday- Sapphire
  • Sunday- Ruby

Buy your from our trustable bestsellers zodiac crystals TODAY and wear it from the first day of November.

7 Natural Stones for November Birthdays

Being a November borne has its perks and falls. Scorpios are truthful and magnetic people who are also stubborn as well as resentful. Nevertheless, by using the perfect crystals, you cultivate vibrations that attract your zodiac based positive energies and repel the negative.

·         Citrine

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -2

The official birthstone of November, Citrine radiates the color energy of growth via a pale green hue. Citrine is regarded as a gift from the Sun, ideal for calming down the obsessive nature of Scorpios. Ranging in colors such as a pastel yellow to green and dark orange, citrine originates mostly from Brazil.

Wearing Citrine soothes its wearer and unleashes negative tensions. Buy this pack of 100g Citrine tumble stones and scatter it around your house to attract wealth, prosperity and fame too.

·         Turquoise

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -3

Yet another powerful healing stone renowned for purification and detox, wearing Turquoise if you’re born in November will boost your communication skills and self-confidence. Scriptures also advocate that prolonged wearing of turquoise helps to cultivate clairvoyance, psychic vision and gifts too.

Turquoise affects the Throat Chakra and it is recommended that you wear turquoise pendants such as this Calming Owl Turquoise silver Pendent (70% OFF!) around your neck.

·         Labradorite

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -4

Revered through human history as the Destiny Stone, Labradorite for Scorpios generates vibrations that pull your life goals closer. Wearing Labradorite on your third eye to meditate every day will boost mental clarity and bring miracles in life. Also known as a guardian crystal, Labradorite keeps your aura positive and invincible.

Spiritually, Labradorite boosts the mystical and psychic powers that dispel negative traits of Scorpio such as jealousy and resentfulness. Prolonged use of a quality Labradorite like this Natural Labradorite Quartz Wand is powerful and strong for realizing success too.

·         Topaz

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -5

When worn on the Throat or Third Eye Chakras of a November born person, Topaz brings out the cleansing powers. Whenever you feel as if anxiety or stress is overwhelming or blacking you out, touch your topaz crystal to free you of the trauma.

Best for those looking for spiritual peaks, Topaz also helps to connect with your spirit angels such as Angel Calie. Topaz was also the traditional birthstone of November, known to bless its wearer with abundance from the Greek Goddess Demeter.

Try this 100% genuine Rainbow Fire Mystic Topaz in Sterling Silver for warding off your emotional fatigue at 50% discount NOW!

·         Carnelian

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -6

A little known secret crystal for November born, Carnelian activates the Guardian Angels Mia and Ash, that of Mothers and Respect. Carnelian radiates crystal energies such as friendship, togetherness and sense of companionship. Simply put, deeper your color of Carnelian, deeper the intimacy of your emotional bonds.

A crystal that radiates joy, Carnelian has exclusive powers to dispel the stubborn habit of November borne people. For the octogenarians, Carnelian brings exuberance and freedom from the fear of death.

Wear this dark red Carnelian plus 11 other Gemstones studded in a copper shaped Wisdom Tree of Life to get a complete makeover for your life!

·         Ruby

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -7

Representing the heart Chakra, Ruby is said to be the best for November born people because it melts emotional traumas to love once again. Known to be an eye-opener crystal for most November born persons, Ruby resonates a positive and intense red energy. It brings alive the power of the guardian angels of November- Val and Ariel, the origin of ideas and creativity.

Ruby wearers who are also November born gain a feeling of fearlessness and 100% self confidence after wearing the healing crystal. Wear this black gold filled gorgeous ring filled with Rubies at 40% Off!  

Before You Go ... 

If you’re a November Born, You Need to Unlock these Affordable Powers -8

Apart from the magnetic healing energies of crystals, you can also use the power of aromatherapy to induce changes of energy in life. Using essential oils or incense cones helps to radiate the November aromas also helps to keep your productivity at its peak throughout the year.

Try this pack of 20 incense cones (Lavender, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Sakura and Rose) in addition to your birthstone crystals to submerge in your original aura at 60% OFF!

Stay Healed!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

5 Responses


March 07, 2017

Hi, I’m born on November 1st 1:10am, which would be best attractive for me ?


January 18, 2017

What crystals should be warn if you are a Sagittarius?


January 06, 2017


Geomaria George
Geomaria George

October 30, 2016

Hello Rosa,
Thank You for your interest. You’re a Scorpio too, Happy Birthday once again!
So, you said your birthday was on Oct 25th, right Rosa?
Specifically speaking, you should be wearing the crystal- Aegerine. It is true that Aegirine is difficult to acquire, but you can use crystals of similar color energies. Aegerine ranges in colors black to green. So the best identical crystal to use is Jade (similar structure- pyroxine) or Black tourmaline, Onyx or Obsidian. Choose your pick from the most trusted bestseller that we have here-
Based on crystal healing scriptures, you need focus on your prostate and Uterus.
Based on the day of the week, every zodiac also has these healing crystals to their name.
Monday- Pearl
Tuesday- Garnet
Wednesday- Cat’s Eye
Thursday- Emerald
Friday- Topaz
Saturday- Sapphire
Sunday- Ruby
The above is a universal list for every month. You can also use your this year birth DAY- (25 October- ) Tuesday- “Garnet” crystal or the day that you were born to choose your bonus crystals.
With regards-


October 30, 2016

Hi, What are the 7 Crystals to choose Based on the day I was born in October (10/25)?

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