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Rituals To Welcome Dreamy Opportunities with April New Moon

Rituals To Welcome Dreamy Opportunities with April New Moon

The new moon of April falls on an auspicious day. Even though it might feel lethargic due to the planet retreat, Taurus marks the age of new beginnings and self-awareness. If you do the rituals right, this new moon can bring you much more than a thorough cleansing!

Everything you need to know about the New Moon of April

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

Taurus represents the Sun God with the symbol of a ‘Ram’Opening your mindset to that of earthly love by putting an abrupt stop to your guilt and self-pity is the trademark effect of April New Moon.

As the new moon falls under the Earth Sign Taurus, grounding and commitment are inevitable during the same. By opening the cosmic consciousness, this new moon can bring new inceptions that help you recognize your comfort zone.  

Must-Do Rituals during New Moon

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

April New Moon is all about rewriting yourself. You will recognize your stable ground and the same will end the confusion or chaos you’ve been feeling in your life until date. With the energy of the moon, you will be empowered to steer ahead.

·         Jasmine Incense Aromatherapy

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

An exhilarating therapy that brings contentment, relaxation and happiness is by using jasmine incense during the new moon. By immersing or soaking yourself in the calming vibes of jasmine, you also cleanse the negativity RIGHT AWAY!

·         Bathing with Moon Crystals

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

When we bathe, our skin pores open and when you infuse water in the crystal during bathing on a new moon, the water becomes charged with the energy of the crystals, which subsequently penetrates your skin. You can also infuse water with the right crystals under the New Moon for healthiest and elixiric drinking water tonic!

·         Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

By infusing all your crystals in a singing bowl under the new moon for a night, you get charged water in addition to crystals that are thoroughly cleansed out of their toxicity.  

Healing Crystals for New Moon to Make it Magical

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

The exclusive nature of the April New Moon is that it is not heavy to absorb. It penetrates our spirit gently makes no disturbances. When applied with correct crystal rituals, this new moon can attract peace, happiness, success and prosperity in your life.

1.      Iolite

A harmony stone, iolite brings together opinions and peace amidst relationships. If you place an iolite crystal at your home, in an open place during the Taurus New Moon, your house will be cleared off its evil eye, psychic disturbances and imbalanced aura too.

Charging iolite during Taurus New Moon makes it a charm of perfection that grooms your actions by activating the crown chakra!

2.      Sapphire

A strong indigo stone with earth chakra imbibed in it, Sapphire is a throat chakra stone that can help people find their destiny. Wearing sapphire during the April New Moon 2017 brings the light of wisdom. It raises your ajna chakra and makes you intuitive as well as creative.

Ideal for people struggling with willpower failure and writing blocks, during new moon sapphire will be brightest if soaked in the new moon light.

3.      Rose quartz

A gentle stone that embraces you with the powerful heart chakra, Rose Quartz opens the wearer to all kinds of new experiences. The pink crystals are a sign of new decisions and starts. By wearing rose quartz on your heart chakra and meditating under the new moon, you will feel a soft pink light eject out of your Anahata Chakra.

If you feel the heart energy, you will never suffer from emotional burdens ever again. Don’t forget to keep our chakra charged!

4.      Garnet

By activating the root chakra, Garnet protects the wearer after cleansing the mind from all psychic disturbances. When worn and slept during the new moon night, garnet harbingers pleasant dreams to the wearer and the realization of the meaning of one’s life.

Garnet wearers experience a spiritual makeover in life, especially if they wear the stone on the base of your spine during the new moon.

5.      Emerald

He most important stone that signifies all of Taurus traits in one color energy, emerald is a calming stone that brings success in love. A healing crystal that activates the heart chakra, emerald helps in realizing one’s lifelong dreams by setting new beginnings.

Wearing emerald on your heart chakra will attract your soulmate closer to you during Taurus New Moon 2017.

6.      Carnelian

Yet another indispensable and gorgeous crystal, Carnelian opens the Sacral Chakra, which cocoons the kundalini energy. Carnelian is known to be the fulfiller of desires as it flames your willpower and keeps you committed with positive triggers of mindfulness.

What we Recommend

How to Welcome April New Moon: April 26th

Bestowing the gift of remembrance, Taurus New Moon of April 26th represents a flushing out of the past and digging out your peace of mind.

Which crystal attracts you the most this new moon?

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Stay powerful~

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