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How To Wear Your Blues Sapphire Jewelry In September Correctly

How To Wear Your Blues Sapphire Jewelry In September Correctly

True story: In medieval times, blue sapphire brooches were in fashion. Why? Because people believed blue sapphires cool keep away bad news, evil spirits, and curses. See, September is the month of harvest, everywhere around the world. It happens to be the same time bad news and negativity lurks around too. That’s why, regardless of whether you were born in September with a Virgo or Libra zodiac, wear your blue sapphire jewelry in September correctly to keep an aura around you.

Shhh, but I keep a blue sapphire in a secret region during the month of September that I will reveal towards the end of the post. You might just find September as lucky as I do too!

What are the REAL BENEFITS of wearing Blue Sapphire jewelry in September?

Astrologically, blue sapphire contains multiple things that please the cosmos, environment, physical body, ethereal spirits and vibrations to bring about drastic changes of positivity in your life.

By now you know blue sapphire can really protect. After reading all the real-time advantage of blue sapphire I’ve listed from personal experience, you will know why the Neelam stone or sapphire crystal is so valued all over the world, throughout hundreds and thousands of years!

·      Wear Blue Sapphire Necklace for Marital Bliss

Heart Of The Ocean Sapphire Crystal Chain Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals

If you’re newlywed or even a couple who is taking the relationship to the next level, blue sapphire jewelry can help you. It was the stone of loyalty and faithfulness that a warrior husband tied around his beloved wife’s neck before going to war.

When you wear a blue sapphire necklace with your partner, boyfriend or husband’s hand, you become bonded in spirit.  

Affirmation To Use When Wearing Blue Sapphire Necklace For Marital Bliss

Bond us in divine union, keep us faithful and yearning for each other, today, tomorrow and forevermore!

·      Favor of Spirits by Wearing Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Gorgeous Silver Plated Sapphire Ring (September Birthstone)

Did you know blue sapphire can help you talk to your guardian angel? It’s all about the powers of throat chakra because wearing a blue sapphire pendant that directly stays on top of your throat chakra can gift you the power of clairvoyance.

Simply put, the gemstone sapphire can help you talk to spirits for guidance, wisdom, and power.


Affirmation To Use When Wearing Blue Sapphire Necklace For angelic communicAtion

O Spirits, I bestow my vishuddha chakra and look upon thee for guidance.

·      Destiny and Truth will Reveal to You when you use Blue Stone

Heart Sapphire Bracelet - Sterling Silver 925 - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

No one knows how but blue sapphire can also give visions to first time users. The first time I touched blue sapphire (was in September 2011), I got a feeling potato was really really REALLY bad for me. That was a year before I was diagnosed with food allergy to four veggies including potato.

Blue sapphire is a clairvision stone that can give you premonitions too.

Affirmation To Use When Wearing Blue Sapphire stone For clairvision

Seer of all, envision the future into my mind so that I can use it to find my meaning, purpose, and journey of life.

·      Blue Sapphire will Inspire You to Hear the Inner Voice

Vintage Geometric White Gold Sapphire Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

According to science, all of us speak with ourselves.

While most brush it off as idle mind chatter, science claims we have up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Incredible right?

But, who is filtering these thoughts if you’re not communicating with your subconscious mind?

That’s why blue sapphire tumbled stone under the bed when you sleep can work magic on your psyche to find your inner voice when used in the month of September.

Affirmation To Use with Blue Sapphire For Hearing the Inner Voice

Enwrap me in your lulls and waves of truth to hear, recognize and speak with my subconscious.

·      Wear Blue Sapphire Rings to keep Saturn on Your Side

Vintage Natural Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Wearing Neelam rings are good to please the most mischievous planet of Saturn on your side. It is the planet that can help you reap success or destroy you based on the energy you put in.

Once you’re sure, you’re ready for new height, approach the world of blue sapphire with a ring that stays on your left hand.


Affirmation To Use with Blue Sapphire Rings to keep Saturn on Your Side

Teach me Courage and Valiance and charge me with the valor of the depths of your heaven.

Ways to Wear Blue Sapphire jewelry in September Correctly 

Whatever blue sapphire jewelry you have, if you want the full power of the gemstone, you need to cleanes and charge it the way it needs to be done. First of all, you need to connect and bond with the stone. Once you’re sure the stone is on your side, you can tell it the happiness or excitement in your throat chakra, you need the ultimate cleanse. Use Clear Quartz to Cleanse Blue Sapphire to remove all the negative and evil energy sediment on it.

Not cleaning the blue sapphire with a quartz or selenite can make your energy work against you. Make sure you do it every time you go out!

1.    Sapphire under Full Moon/ Sunlight

The best way to charge a stone, most at least is with the full moonlight. When the moon is full, it emanates healing powers that are best picked up by healing crystals. Blue sapphire having a lot of attraction to the moon can change your fate with it!

How To Activate Blue Sapphire under Full Moon/ Sunlight

All you need to do is soak the stones in a Tibetan singing bowl under the bright blue light of the full moon for at least 4 hours. The stone will be clean and powerful, so be careful when you work with it right after!

When you’re exposing the stone to the sun, ensure it’s not more than 2 hours and check your gemstone-specific properties for fading too.

2.    Using Blue Sapphire for Affirmation/ Meditation/ Visualization

Combined into one way, blue sapphire for meditation works so well because it is a calming stone. It can de-stress your nerves and clean your slate. As a side-effect, you will find wealth coming your way increasingly well. So, watch out for good fortune!

How To use Blue Sapphire for Affirmation/ Meditation/ Visualization


Take a pen and paper to write down your desire in three words. Now make it a prayer by talking to your blue sapphire stone!


Hold your blue sapphire and point or place it on the throat chakra. Now focus on your spirit body.


Continue the meditation by closing your eyes. Now visualize your affirmation coming true.

Before you go …

Blue sapphire is one of the commonest stone that is affordable and easy to use. It helps everyone. It helps my daughter speak her mind out, it helps me live without anxiety and it helps my husband focus on work the best. Crystal Massage with Blue Sapphires is also an excellent way to keep your mind and body recharged through the turmoil of September.

Now, as promised, the secret place I keep the blue sapphire to make it all work for my family is the HARMONY location. It is … NORTHERN AREA of your home! Try it today!


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