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How To Use Crystals To Pray For The Dead?

How To Use Crystals To Pray For The Dead?

When my friend, childhood friend died of Cancer, I was heartbroken. I was such a mess that I started cursing God, but within a few minutes, I found deliverance, salvation and the bright light of hope. That's after I picked up my crystals and said the prayer for the dead. A bright light shone upon me and I saw she was in heaven. How did I find solace? That’s why today I will teach you how to use crystals to pray for the dead. It will bring you peace, just as for the souls that passed away.

I am here for you.

What is death?

What is your idea about death?

Whichever religion or mindset you belong to, death is The End for almost everyone. But, if you believe in energy, death is when the energy, your spirit or soul leaves the physical body to travel to the higher realm.

By praying with powerful crystals, you’re offering the most powerful prayer to help them reach the heavens without any delay. You are giving your own energy to fuel their journey. Now, is that too much to ask? If it is, I suggest you don’t read any further. If it is what you want, the following will relieve your pain and help you find solace.

How to use your crystals to Pray for the Dead?

Are you dealing with the death of a loved one, family or friend? I know what you’re feeling because my 25-year-old friend died of blood and bone marrow cancer just a day ago. I am hurting. I know it’s stabbing, but crying like a hopeless soul doesn’t solve anything.

I will tell you how to use crystals to help the soul of your friend or family who just died. Bear with me and try at least one method.

·      Rose Quartz Crystal for the Prayer of Love

Natural Rose Quartz Points


Do you have things you could never say to the person who just died? I know I had a million things to say to her. I didn’t know it when she was alive, but I know it way too well now.

Here’s what to do.

  • Take your rose quartz crystal.
  • Give it a kiss.
  • Repeat the name of the person who died 250 times or until you reach a trance.
  • Say whatever you want once you are connected to the rose quartz.
  • Give the stone a kiss when you’re done.
  • Clean it under the moonlight.

·      Clear Quartz to Erase their Sins

Are you afraid it was not the time for the person to go? Perhaps you think there was so much they had to live or say or do. Do the following then,

  • Take your clear quartz.
  • Keep it in front of you.
  • Sit behind the quartz.
  • Touch it with both the hands.
  • Say the prayer below.
  • Cleanse the sins of –name- with my goodwill, take my positivity and purify her spirit.

·      Obsidian to Protect the Soul from Evil Energies

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Black obsidian is a powerful cleansing amulet. It protects from negative energies that can harm your path. When you use it for a person who died, it will transform your energy with that of the stone to protect that person in the afterlife. Try it once!

  • Take your black obsidian scrying mirror.
  • Look right into it.
  • Visualize the soul of the loved one in the mirror.
  • Chant the following.
  • “I command you to protect this soul from hell and evil from the 7 seven worlds”.
  • Repeat 7 times, each stronger than the other.

·      Selenite to Light Their Path to Heaven

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

Stone called liquid light is famous because it can penetrate into any realm. Use it to shine a light on the murky path of the soul of the loved one who just left earth. I tried it and I am sure my friend is in heaven now.

  • Sit on the floor.
  • Place the selenite at eye level on a table.
  • Look directly into it.
  • Visualize the light from the stone glaring the cosmos.
  • Hold the energy for ten minutes.
  • Then, meditate quietly for the departed soul.

·      Use a Crystal Skull to Pray for the Dead

6 Pieces Natural Healing Quartz Crystal Skull

Do you know crystal skull are the best way to talk to the dead? They have a consciousness element similar to that of us as it is designed with cosmic symmetry to penetrate the walls of the afterlife. Try the crystal skull ritual below.

  • Take your crystal skull
  • Look into the eyes.
  • Say the name of the departed soul five times.
  • You will see the skull light up.
  • Close your eyes and say everything you want to say.
  • It will reach the soul.
  • Say thank you and keep the skull on the floor.
  • Now cleanse it with a clear quartz.

Before you go…

If you want me to say a prayer for your friend or family member who passed away, leave a comment with their name. It’s better if you leave their date of birth, but if you don’t know that, just leave their name in the comments below!

Remember, spirits don’t die!

Stay powerful~

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