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How to Select an Incense Burner

How to Select an Incense Burner

Used thousands of years ago for therapy to beauty and battle, incenses and incense burners are excellent to set a vibe for crystal healing and magic practices. Same is why; there are zillions of incense burners to choose from when you’re designing your own house.

Choosing the right burner is necessary to ensure that you’re getting therapeutic than toxic smoke. Factors such as the wind to the safety rating of the incense burner can be healthy as well as economical when burning exotic incense.

7 Tips on remember when selecting your incense burner

How to Select an Incense Burner

Your incense burner is the soul of your incense based aromatherapy. That being said, the wrong incense burner can ruin your mood as well as peace. Before buying an incense burner, you should decide where you’re planning to fix the incenses as well as for how long you want the aroma.

We have compiled the wisdom from ancient scroll describing the importance and traits to choose an incense burner perfect for you.

·         Type of Incense

Yes. The type of incense cones you want to use decides the quality of how well your incense burner burns. If you’re attracted to good looking incense burner that also fills the room with a smoke that stays than disperses, you need our bestseller back flow incense burners.

If you prefer burning incense sticks, boat and box type of incense burners will suit your needs. In addition, if you have essential oil or powders, bowl burners serve excellently.

·         Smoke Flow and Ash Guard

The next most important thing to remember when picking an incense burner that fits well with your lifestyle is deciding what type of smoke flow do you want. If you prefer intense smoke flow, a cone type of incense burner that lets the smoke stay, will work great. Moreover, if you are particular about the falling ash, incense cone burners are the best.

Get this pack of incense cones for an even smoke flow with ash guard when you choose this incense burner.

·         Room that you want to light the incense in

Depending on where you want to light your incense such as home to office or bedroom, you should decide upon a burner that fits with the décor. A bedroom should have a calming or soothing make of incense burner while a living room can have a brass bowl. 

·          Wind Flow in the Room

Not all backflow incense burners work identically. Your choice of placing the incense burner judges the diffusion of the smoke into the room. The above step judges how long the therapeutic smoke stays in the room to work on your aura, vibe and energy flow. Avoid keeping the windows completely open or fans on, when you are burning your incense.

To control the wind flow, add curtains or blinds to your doors and windows. It is highly recommended that you keep the windows slightly open for good air circulation around your room.

·         Safety Rating of the incense burner

The most important thing to remember when picking your incense burner is how well can it contain and resist heat upon possible fire hazard. If you’re burning incense sticks, the heat will e minimal and you can even stick it on your wall while an incense cone should be appropriately contained within a metal, crystal, abalone, stone or any fire-resistant incense burner with a good fir safety rating.

·         Aesthetic Value of the Incense Burner

Yet another important parameter to pick a perfect incense burner for you is by visualizing how well it fits in your room design. From bamboo make to ceramic, we have diverse incense burners in stocking variety of shapes from soothing to balming and euphoric.

·         Feng Shui Colors

There are excellent incense cone and stick flavors in the science of aromas to circulate a positive aroma that cleanses you as well as your surroundings. Feng shui advocates harmony and when you burn incense flavors such as sandalwood, tulip and yellow rose after conflicts or feuds, a calming blanket embraces your room as well as the people in it. 

·         Material of Construction

There are a wide variety of incense burners that can perform your session of aromatherapy differently. From ceramic to bamboo, wood, iron, and crystals, there are many options incense burners are available in.

As a bonus tip, if you’re looking for the perfect incense burner to fall in love with incenses, this will do great.

Before you go …

How to Select an Incense Burner

Aromatherapy is excellent to remove negativity, once and for all.  Selecting the right incense for different times of the day lets, you leisurely glide past peace to happiness in a day. The right incense soothes the nerves and cultivates positive thoughts and optimistic feelings. When lit and used the right way, incenses can be highly therapeutic than dangerous.

Stay powerful!

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