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Himalayan Salt Lamp: Awesome Mental and Health Bonuses

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Awesome Mental and Health Bonuses

Made from 100% authentic healing salt, Himalayan salt is excellent for air purification as well as dispelling negativity. If you’re tired of waking up sneezing or with a runny nose, using a Himalayan salt lamp in your house will help in eliminating your bad luck too!

The Science behind Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Awesome Mental and Health Bonuses

The air around us contains bacteria, dust and many more harmful allergens, in addition to water. A Himalayan salt lamp works by attracting water around us and then vaporizing it with the help of heat from within by a process known as Hygroscopy. With in-built light within each chunk of Himalayan salt, these are attractive low-light lamps to use at night too. The vast presence of minerals within imparts the pink shade to the salt lamp.

When combined with negative ions from within, a Himalayan salt lamp odorizes the air around and generates negative ions, stabilizing you mentally as well as physically.

9 Shocking Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Awesome Mental and Health Bonuses

Different types of Himalayan Pink Salt or HPS exists as a one-piece or multiple pieces in a single basket. From health to spirituality, the wide variety of pros of Himalayan Salt Lamp is based on its authenticity.

·         Nullify Electromagnetic Radiation

Himalayan salt lamps can neutralize energy variations around the room it is placed in such that the static electricity and electromagnetic radiation from the countless gadgets you use can also be cut short.  Keeping your Himalayan Salt Lamp to the PC or TV can significantly increase the effects of radiation in the air.

·         Air Purification

Himalayan Salt lamps are capable of ionizing the air around through a process known as Hygroscopy, which translates to attracting water molecules for distillation of dirt. Water around us has harmful pollutants such as smoke, cigarette, carcinogens, pollens and dust such that Himalayan salt lamp deodorizes.

·         Cure Allergy

The exotic pink-hued salt is also responsible for curing bronchial blocks that include respiratory disorders such as asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. The salt lamp purifies the air the air by trapping the allergens within the lamp, which is impossible with the ordinary rock salt.

Most of us often ignore mold to mildew, the core cause of chronic respiratory distress. Much akin to the saline nasal spray, HPS is ideal to cure allergy related to dust and pollution by improving the hair lining your windpipe.

·         Boost Metabolism

The trendiest benefit of Himalayan Pink Salt lamps is resonating negative ions capable of neutralizing positive ion over-exposure. The Himalayan salt lamp makes people around energetic by showering positivity rejuvenating people around.  

·         Sound Sleep

Another important effect of installing the Himalayan pink salt lamp in your bedroom is deep slumber. When our body has exposed to too many positive ions around, the same can result in diminishing the rate of oxygen transported by the blood in our body. A common cause of erratic biological clock within, Himalayan salt lamps radiate negative ions, thereby neutralizing your sleep patterns efficiently.

·         Mood Enhancer

Ideal for boosting your concentration and focus skills, Himalayan pink salt lamps can be used for calming or winding down easily. Not only does Himalayan Salt Lamp in the living room or dining room bring down family feuds, but it also radiates a loving vibe around. As the HPS is capable of stabilizing the oxygen supply to the brain, mood enhancing is inevitable.

Negative ions also trigger the release of ‘happy element’ known as serotonin, which is also the centripetal force of sexual drive.

·         Stress-Buster

Ever wondered if you’re faring badly every day of productive work? Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you bust your distress effortlessly due to its calming negative ions. If stress headaches have been bothering you immensely, the Himalayan salt lamp can help you improve your concentration power by eliminating stress altogether.

·         Minimize Static Electricity

In order to curb the heaping up of static current, which is a direct additive of stress as well as embarrassment or frustration, a Himalayan salt lamp can do wonders! The chief cause of an unlucky day such as the bad-hair-day or worst-coffee-day, static electricity cons are diminished by the ionizing effect of Himalayan salt lamps.

·         Color therapy

An inevitable parameter to reset your circadian rhythm, if you replace your bedtime computer and android hours, your sleep will be sound and HPS can work as therapy simultaneously. The soothing color energy of the lamp is primal to cure disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Moreover, the calming light pink to the orange shade of the lamp blends well with most interiors as well.

Before You Go …

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Awesome Mental and Health Bonuses

As the ocean is famed for purifying our Mother Earth, it goes without saying that Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural elixir available in plenty and at affordable rates. Transform the aura of your house, personality and luck by installing this cost-effective 100 % authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp around the house, bedroom or personal space.

Tell us how it fared after trying HPS TODAY!

Stay powerful!

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