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Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Eating is definitely indispensable and a vital part of our existence as mortals. But, eating is not the only culprit often when it comes to obesity.  From substance, abuse to side-effects of prescribed medication as well as genetics and underlying medical conditions, binge eating can be the cause and result of many subtle parts of your life and mind.

Gemstones can help you curb your appetite by making you feel full and satisfied or committed to a diet with the use of Solar Plexus, Crown, Third Eye and Sacral or Root chakras.

How can Gemstones Work on Your Appetite?

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Appetite is the result of our brain measuring the density of food in the stomach.  As our brain often misguides us into thinking we’re half empty, when you’re actually half full. To decrease your appetite and change the hormone secretions in the body, gemstones can be of huge help.

-          Gem Elixir

By infusing the gemstones in lunar or solar water it is easy to collect potent gem elixirs. One can use gem elixirs orally or as a bathing solution to immerse and penetrate the body. Gem Elixirs are better infused, but you must select safe and right healing crystals accordingly.

-          Crystal Grid

One can also make a gemstone grid for effectively cutting unnecessary additives and fat to the diet. A gemstone grid is a powerful way to align multiple energies into one grid to empower your affirmations and make it true.

Remember to choose your gemstones carefully for the best results!

-          Pendulum

A crystal pendulum made with crystals for cutting down food cravings is excellent when it is made with the right crystals. You don’t want appetite boosting crystals to accidentally creep in, right?

Move the crystal pendulum over your chakras by hovering to detect unaligned chakras using the vibration of the gemstone pendulum. One must calmly check Solar Plexus, Root and Third Eye Chakra for chakra imbalances that lead to weight gain!

-          Affirmation

Crystals work by boosting your affirmations and it is necessary to have precise and positive affirmations to realize any goal or desire. To boost your power of affirmation, use imaginative crystals that can empower your higher chakras.

Healing Crystals for Binge Eaters

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Binge Eating is not a result of appetite fluctuations but emotional upheavals that result in appetite fluctuations.  To curb your binge eating, you must first find the source to it. Binge Eating can be stopped once you find the agony bone that is causing commotions in your mind and neural pathways.

1.      Agate Stops Appetite

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Most forms of Agate are pretty and powerful.  Moss or Aquatic Agate is known to calm the wearer by raising the energy of the heart.  Aquatic Agate empowers the wearer to calm down, self-analyze and comfort from within.

2.      Amethyst for Cravings

Grounding and sobering stone that also heals underlying causes or additives to addiction, Amethyst is considered an excellent antidote for all kinds of eating urges as well as that of any addictive substance. Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra and therefore controlling Crown Chakra will design your fate and future of life.

3.      Clear Quartz for Distractions

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

A purifying crystal often used for flushing out toxic mentality and effluents from the chakra energy system of the body, clear quartz is also excellent for Focus. It keeps you committed to the goal by aligning multiple chakras together in its brilliant play of colors, but primarily, Clear Quartz is a Crown chakra Stone.

4.      Rose Quartz for Calming Down

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

A charming and empowering crystal that truly handles the inner agonies, Rose Quartz is excellent for getting over self-judging yourself as fat or having a stubborn mental fat image of yourself. Using Rose Quartz to calm your nerves is excellent as it simultaneously empowers the mind to accept bigger agonies and be tolerant.  Therefore, binge eating starts an uphill slovenly ride.

5.      Neon Apatite for Deeper Understanding

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

A magical stone that enchants anyone who looks unto them, Neon Apatite activates two major chakras, Third Eye and Heart. As both are higher chakras, enlightenment and total U-Turn in life is ordinary.

Wearing Neon Apatite regularly cuts down your appetite by making you realize the importance of a balanced diet.

6.      Turquoise for Weight Loss

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Considered an Enigmatic Weight Loss Stone, Turquoise is a Throat Chakra crystal that empowers the wearer to speak out their mind without fear or threats from others or the self. A self0mastery crystal such as Turquoise is ideal to treat the underlying issues that lead to obesity and binge eating disorders.

What we recommend …

Help Yourself: Weight Loss Crystals for Binge Eaters

Binge Eating can often be the result of frustration and confusions one cannot solve. Food, in this case, becomes a stress buster and finishing the food mini-races for the agonized person. Using gemstone rituals will renew your appetite and make you connect in superlative ways with your subconscious.


Tell us more about your success story in the comments below.  

Remember, food can heal you or kill you.

Stay powerful~


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