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Healing Crystals for Artistic Inspiration and Creativity

Healing Crystals for Artistic Inspiration and Creativity

To become a master of your mind, it is essential to have your creativity and inspiration in balance. Healing crystals can be used to focus your mindpower on creating unique and fresh productive ideas. In fact, the right crystals can even reveal the true purpose of your life in a jiffy, if you bond with the crystal.

12 Perfect Gemstones for 21st Century Artists

Healing Crystals for Artistic Inspiration and Creativity

Are you tired of being a chronic failure as an artist?

The sole cause might be your jaded energy and we know the perfect way to resolve it. For a rejuvenating energy as well as to motivate you from within, use one of the 12 crystals below always on you or on your third eye chakra when meditating. 

Ruby Handmade Woven Bracelet (Braided Leather) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

    A glistening stone with the color energy of passion, Ruby is renowned throughout history as the stone for noble souls. For those seeking for true meaning in their life through art, Ruby helps in winning hurdles of life with courage and grace.

    Ruby is a motivating stone that also enhances the creative mind to cultivate active imagination. If you’re having a creative block, wearing this ruby handmade woven bracelet will fill you up with a newfound poesy!



    Blue Topaz Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 7

    A gemstone epitomized as exponential creative expression, Blue Topaz is a stone of success for artists too. Wearing this gorgeous topaz extends your attention span as well as helps you reach perfection in your quests.

    Using inner guidance, blue Topaz ring works on the emotional strata of the mind, revitalizing your bone of creativity.

    ·         Morganite

    Exquisite Garnet Peridot Amethyst Morganite Combine Topaz Flower 925 Stamp Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

    A healing crystal that stands for unearthly kindness, morganite is ideal for Artists with a soft core or ones interested in music. Morganite crystals inspire the wearer from within and open a world of spiritual oneness and wisdom attuned to the melody.

    Carry this morganite ring always on you for openness and inspiration as well.

    ·         Sapphire

    Angel Teardrop Crystal Pendant White Gold Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

    Yet another lovely blue crystal with color energy to attract success in an Artist’s life, Sapphire attracts wealth too. A stone with Sattvik attributes, Sapphire is a durable crystal with a unique quality of changing colors under a different light. It brings your vivid dreams, imagination and intuitive powers ideal for a writer.

    This blue Sapphire pendant will work wonders to spice up the lost muse or inspiration in the life of an Artist working with ink or paper.

    ·         Dalmatian Jasper

    Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 23

    A stone famed for revealing one’s destiny, Dalmatian Jasper should be a vital part of every artist’s career. For singers and musicians, Dalmatian Jasper offers the pure magic of fortune. Wearing the crystal helps in removing self-consciousness for people working on stage, as an actor or musician.

    Wearing this Dalmatian Jasper heart-shaped crystal on you will make your spirit formidable as well as dispel confusions from your psyche and fate.

    ·         Sunstone

    Bulk Rough Stone Mix - Over 25 Stone Types [USA SHIPPING ONLY] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

    The stone of the higher realm, Sunstone is a captivating stone with tempting effects on the mind. Sunstone wearers are blessed with self-love and considered ideal for artists struggling with narcissism. In fact, wearing sunstone not only inspires the wearer but also those around to follow the wearer as well.

    Try this sunstone crystal to meditate with right after you wake up to feel the magic yourself!

    ·         Citrine

    Natural Citrine Crystal Tumbled Stone Healing (100 Grams) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

    A bright stone of hope, Citrine brings wealth, fortune, fame and abundance to the wearer. A manifestation crystal is known to give the test of iron to artists, Citrine also attracts fortune. Raising your spiritual vibrations is the trademark of this citrine tumbled stones, making it perfect for unlocking your 100% potential as an Artist working with fabric designing.

    ·         Amber

    Amber Honey Pendant

    A sweet crystal with sweeter crystal energy, Amber is a life-changing crystal capable of relieving physical challenges in an Artist’s life. Ideal for a poet, Amber brings emotional balance in addition to courage to face the reality.

    A traditionally used healing crystal, this Amber pendant works well for songwriters, singers, composers and musicians.

    ·         Dragon Print Agate

    natural dragon print agate stone crystal long necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

    Excellent for artists inclined towards nature’s spirits, Agate is a Painter’s Stone. Wearing the unique looking agate also welcomes light into your life, tickling the creativity gland in your body.

    Wearing this Agate Dragon print necklace chain brings abundance, fortune and clears dilemmas to find your true destiny as an artist.

    ·         Amethyst

    Natural Amethyst Silver Heart Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

    A powerful guarding crystal that expands the mind to higher realms, Amethyst brings charisma if you’re going through a dull phase. For those wondering if destiny is inviting you to be an artist, meditate with this Amethyst earrings to test your inner wisdom.

    Amethyst wearers are also blessed with the exceptional courage to face all odds and conquer their fears, a must-have for an artist.


    Before you go …

    Healing Crystals for Artistic Inspiration and Creativity

    Being an artist is a tough job because one golden rule is to be genuine to yourself if you want to survive as an artist. ‘Art must comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’.

    If you want your artistic passion and inspiration to copulate into a grand success, fame and fortune, meditate intensely with one or more crystals ago. You can also make a crystal grid to amplify your crystal energy.

    Stay powerful!

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