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Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Considered a Stone for Couples, unakite is a little-known gemstone for a variety of physical, mental and spiritual epiphanies. Unakite is an excellent stone that helps find lost things to emotions and luck in life.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Unakite gemstone protects the spirit and soothes the fears of the wearer. When worn on the middle chakras, unakite aligns multiple chakra points and gives control in spell work. Also referred as the Stone of Vision, Unakite is a grounding stone. When placed in the garden or next to the herb garden on the windowsill, unakite protects the plants from herbs.

For our age filled with pollutants, Unakite helps to negate geopathic stress and divert the energy into spiritual growth. When gifted to a friend or relative, unakite helps to grow the bond in between them.  

·        Alternate Names of Unakite

Earth Stones, Yunikite, Epidote, Hamburger Stones and Yunakite;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Hardness of Unakite on the MOHS Scale

6 to 7;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Origin of Unakite

Brazil, China, South Africa, U.S.A, Sierra Leone, Russia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland and India;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Unakite Represents the God

  • Bona Dea: Goddess of Fertility, Rome;
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Callisto: Goddess of Moon, Greece;
  • Gaia: Goddess of Earth, Greece;
  • Clota: Goddess of Rivers;
  • Chirakan-Ixmucane: Goddess of Creation, Mayan;
  • Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Unakite

Scorpio, Libra and Gemini;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Unakite

Venus and Mars;

·        Unakite Color energies

Green, Pink, Red, White, Grey  and Black;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Numerical Vibration of Unakite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

·        Unakite activates the Chakra (s)

Heart and Third Eye;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

One of the most unique and secret gemstones used for magic and healing works, unakite is a granite gemstone. The best metaphysical trait of unakite is its precise amalgamation or a unique mix made up of the green epidote, pink feldspar and red jasper.

From salmon pink to jasper red and dirty lake green shades, there are many unakite varieties that are hailed for its spiritual, physical and emotional powers. Unakite originates from the word “Epidosis”, Greek for “growing together”.

The nurturing energy of unakite owes it to the unique mix of the elements, fire and water in it.  From protection to balance and authority, unakite gemstone imparts many spiritual traits to the wearer.

1.      Epidosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Unakite minus the pink feldspar is referred to as epidosite. The crystalline gemstone is often used as beads to ornamental jewelry for its unique shade and texture. Epidosite is seen in colors of forest green with bands of red, black or white around it.

2.      Brazilian Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Another prominently green gemstone with spots and blotches of pink feldspar, Brazilian Unakite is a unique gemstone with multiple chakras. Brazilian unakite is known for its calming powers owing to the green energies.

3.      Colorado Unakite

When bands of red, green, pink and orange hues are seen on unakite, it is referred to as Colorado Unakite. Mined from Colorado in U.S.A, Colorado Unakite is seen in a variety of colors such as pink, white, brown, red and green.

4.      Boulder Canyon Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Seen with a high presence of red jasper, boulder canyon unakite is named for its resemblance in color with the Grand Canyon.  Another gemstone mined from Colorado, Boulder Canyon Unakite is a powerful grounding stone.

5.      Grey Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

With saturated grey and red colors, grey unakite is often seen with circles and blobs of faded patterns. A rare gemstone to find, grey unakite helps to resolve confusions and find the hidden destiny.

6.      Salmon Unakite

Unakite Crystal Meanings

One of the infamous unakite varieties that are mined from Canada, Salmon Unakite is seen with blobs of colors such as deep rose, pink and red on it. The best power of Candidan Unakite is its effect on the heart chakra.

7.      Laurentian Shield Unakite

Another unique unakite stone seen without red jasper, laurentian shield unakite is a stone of growth and success. Laurentian Shield Unaktie comprises of epidote and light feldspar on base quartz, resulting in the pale green opaque shade of the gemstone. The exceptional unakite stone is excellent for women suffering from infertility issues.

8.      Chinese Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Many types and colors of unakite are available as Chinese Unakite with the highest quality being green unakite with speckles of pink and red. Yellow and brown Chinese Unakites are believed to help in self-awareness and enlightenment.

9.      Indian Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Seen in peach to a dull orange and baby pink colors, Indian Unakite is a comforting stone. Unakite mined from India, the rose colored unakite is believed ideal for those in mourning or grief.

10. Blue Ridge Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Unique to its name, Blue Ridge Unakite is often seen with streaks of indigo blue in it. Blue ridge unakite is a calming stone that helps to inspire the wearer with its calming pink and red color energies on the pale green hue.

11. African Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

A rare mix of green, pink, white and black colors make Unakite mined from Africa a pricey gemstone. African Unakite is a beautiful stone with laces of pink, black with white blobs of forest green colors that are effective on emotionally disturbed people.

12. Swiss Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Seen with sparkling black, pink, silver and white dots and patterns on the dark green backdrop, Swiss Unakite is mined from the Alps of Switzerland. Swiss Unakite is considered ideal for growing patience and perseverance and is often seen with bands of pink too.

13. Pink Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Resembling rose quartz, pink unakite is made of high forms of pink orthoclase and less of jasper and epidolite.  

14. Blood Green Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

With blotches of orange to pink and red, blood green unakite is composed of a variety of colors in addition to pale green and olive. The mottle unakite is semiprecious and known to help in spiritual and intellectual growth.

15. Unakite Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

When a unakite gemstone is chiefly composed of red jasper, unakite jasper is born. The eponymous gemstone combines the best of unakite and jasper powers, make it a quintessential stone to every crystal user!

The best unakite jasper is mined from South Africa and is seen with colors of deep red on dirty lake green shades.

·        Physical Effects of Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Metabolism is the key power of unakite gemstones. It helps to control weight and practice healthy and balanced diet options.

When used as a vaporizing fluid, unakite infused water helps to relieve lung disorders effectively. Unakite can also trigger regeneration of tissues around the respiratory tract and is considered excellent for smokers.

For pregnant women, unakite beckons pain-free labor sans any medical problems. When used during a panic attack or hyperventilation, unakite aids in balancing the breathing and blood pressure rate back to normal. When used for lower chakras, unakite also heals disorders of the female reproductive tract.

·        Spiritual Effects of Unakite

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

One of the core functions of the unakite gemstone is how well it teaches the cosmic truths to the user. By widening perception and self-awareness, unakite also helps in past life recall and salvation of karmic debts.

Unakite programming helps in aligning all the core and etheric chakras with your spirit guide. Clairvoyance is an added bonus for people who intimately bond with their unakite gemstone.

The blood green gemstone also helps open the spiritual eye and relive blockages that prevented you from communicating with the guardian angel. Unakite in its rough form is an excellent crystal patches that help to know about the Tree of Life.

·        Emotional Effects of Unakite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Renewal is second nature to unakite. One of the comforting stones that are equally powerful and spiritual endowed, unakite is a stone of power. For those who shy away from stealing the limelight or voicing concerns, unakite instills the power of knowledge and wisdom.

Repressed memories are easily reframed and relieved when you work on your higher chakras with unakite. A renowned trauma management stone, unakite is a must-have for children as well as senior persons.

The art of balancing emotions is the biggest bonus of using unakite for meditation.

·        Five Facts About Unakite

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

-        According to the practices of Feng Shui, Unakite must be placed in the East or Southeast directions to attract prosperity.
-        The wood energy of the gemstone makes it an ideal stone to protect gardens too.
-        Unakite typically appears in granite masses such as dikes or hard rock ridges and lenses or thin or flat rocks.
-        Named after the Unaka Mountain Range in North Carolina, East Tennessee, Unakite was discovered first in U.S.A  
-        Unakite is often given as a wedding present to the couple, tied in a silk bag after sprinkling with yarrow yeast on it for eternal marital bliss.

Before You Go …

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Unakite

Unakite is one of the vaguely known gemstones with the diverse potential to change the life course of many people. When used with the third eye chakra, unakite programs psychic protection to clairvision and divination powers in the user.

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