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Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

One of the popular gemstones even present in the Pokemon saga, Sunstone is a healing crystal worshipped since the start of civilizations!

Native Americans believed the glittery red spots and freckles in a sunstone was the blood of the great warrior and martyr of the natives. The folklore says the blood of the warrior oozed down into the stone to create the sparkly colors that signify the blood of the great ones. Found first in Oregon, the eponymous sunstone from the USA can be found in Jacksonville Museum even now.

As Sunstone produces flashes of light and play of colors, it is a mystic stone, believed to contain boundless powers of the spirit and man. Unlock the superpowers of Sunstone Healing Crystal right NOW!

·        Alternate Names of Sunstone

Goldstone, Oregon sunstone, Star stone, aventurine feldspar;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Hardness of Sunstone on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Origin of Sunstone

India, Mexico, Norway, Canada, Congo, China, U.S.A, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania and Australia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Sunstone Represents the God

  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;
  • Cerridwen: Goddess of Knowledge, Welsh;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Sunstone

Virgo and Aries;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Sunstone


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Sunstone Color energies

 Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Blue, Purple and Black;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Numerical Vibration of Sunstone


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Sunstone activates the Chakra (s)

Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Sunstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

Derived from the presence of feldspar within the stone, sunstone shows the optical magnificence known as aventurescence. The color in a sunstone depends on the presence of the inclusions as it is seen in a wide range of colors starting from orange to red, yellow, green and even white.

Projecting perfect cleavage, sunstone is easier to identify than most stones. It is a sister stone of amazonite, moonstone, labradorite and other feldspars. Even though inclusions are considered flaws in precious stones, certain inclusions in a sunstone lead to high reflection and brilliance. It does not diminish the clarity, but makes it more attractive. The flaws in a sunstone can be found in varied ways such as that of copper, goethite and hematite, often arranged parallel to the matrix of the stone.

1.    Norway Pink Sunstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

When mined from Lake Huron in Canada, pink sunstone has a peculiar layer of whiteness on it. Pink sunstone can help you attain peace, balance and enlightenment in life! It is a stone seen in speckles and veins on sunstone gemstones.

2.    Oregan Sunstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

Seen with inclusions and flaws made of copper, Oregon sunstone shows pleochroism. It is a priceless stone of the liveliest glitter. When seen with a mix of colors such as black and brown, the white freckled orange gemstone glows with a brighter light from within!

3.    Sunstone Schiller

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The reflective kind of inclusions present in sunstone healing crystals is often referred to as sunstone schillers. These gorgeous freckles of energy are often seen in bands and layers of sparkles. Sunstone schiller is ideal for those who are trying to attract good luck.

4.    Green Sunstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sunstone

The beauty of green sunstone is boundless. It is often noted with a mix of colors such as pale green with a mix of brown and white. Green sunstone is created as faceted center stones as well as opaque crystals. It is seen in a variety of green shades from pale green to forest green!

5.    Cat’s Sunstone

Opaque and golden, Cat’s eye sunstone is a rarity often mined from the South Indian state of India, Tamil Nadu. Cat’s eye sunstone is the sharpest variety of sunstone, seen with a slit of white light. It can help you focus your thoughts and manifests your desires with precision!

6.    Star sunstone

When a cat’s eye sunstone has an extra slit or eye, it makes an 8 legged star shaped gemstone. The star sunstone is stone of hope, enlightenment and new beginnings. It is often seen in the colors such as yellow and orange.

7.    Tanzanian sunstone

When transparent sunstone is seen with speckles of gold, yellow and crimson red, it is referred to as Tanzanian gemstone. It is a healing crystal with strong energies of change and support. It is prominently seen in orange and yellow shades.

8.    Brown sunstone


When seen with dark to pale shades of purple, brown sunstone is confirmed. The authentic nature of brown sunstone makes it an exquisite find. It can be seen in translucent to transparent shades. The Brown sunstone is excellent for lower chakra powers.

9.    Madagascar Sunstone

Referred to as the ‘Red Devil Killer’, Madagascar sunstone is often seen in transparent white or colorless types with red and white rectangular inclusions in it. Sunstone from Madagascar is ideal for battling the hurdles and conclusions in one’s life.

10. Confetti Sunstone

When seen with bits and pieces of multi colored inclusions in a sunstone, it is often referred to as rainbow sunstone too. An ideal stone to empower multichakra energy, confetti sunstone is a rare find. If you get it, don’t let it go!

11. Aventurescent Sunstone

Most sunstones display aventurescence and are often termed as the ‘aventurine feldspar’ as well! Te aventurine kind of reflections seen in a sunstone makes it special for angelic communication too. The higher chakra stone is regarded for its sparkly powers and peculiar sheen!

·        Physical Effects of Sunstone

The abundance stone is ideal for self-healing and often affects the biological clock or the circadian rhythm of the wearer. Sunstone is excellent for those suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia and oversleep. It will bring healing to organs by increasing your blood circulation and stabilizing the metabolism.

Sunstone is excellent for those suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as well as nightmares in children. It can help to decrease the loud crying of babies at night. It is ideal for bone and blood health as it relives rheumatism and calcium deficiencies.

The starstone is excellent for athletes as it gives them strength, nutrition and energy to overcome severe physical injuries. It is ideal for women who suffer from cramps. Sunstone can also diminish serious seasonal infections and influenzas too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Sunstone

One of the supreme aura cleansing stones, sunstone can help your spirit reach heights you couldn’t imagine! As Sunstone is referred to as the Star Stone, it will merge your earthly destiny with your star fate. It will pull your luck and dissolve your negativities.

Sunstone is a spiritually potent stone ideal for those looking for ways to serve the world. Sunstone can assert the powers of the goddess when worn with similar color or chakra stones.

When meditating with sunstone, try to recite affirmations that regenerate your supreme eye to see into the future. It can tap into the animal spirit energy and help the wearer connect with pets and domesticated animals quickly!

·        Emotional Effects of Sunstone

Renowned as the stone of luck, charm and prosperity, sunstone attracts the superior virtues with its power to tame your senses. It creates tiny clamps of positivity to hook your happiness onto. Sunstone effects can be quickly observed, particularly if you notice a new sense of enthusiasm in the wearer.

For those killing themselves with self-doubt or pity, sunstone can put an end to your miseries. It can balance life and remove discrimination and negativity from life.

When using sunstone, often it is noticed that external negativity, that arises from others are limited. Sunstone is often famed for taking the wearer gradually to the sea of calmness and self-satisfaction. If you’ve been losing out on joy owing to anxiety, it is time to let go of the evil and embrace the good NOW!

·        Five Facts About Sunstone

1.      Sunstone is the official State gemstone of Oregon, where you can find many rare Oregon Sunstones.
2.      The optical effect of a sunstone where the middle glitters the most is referred to as the Schiller or Shiller Effect.
3.      Sunstone must not be cleaned with harsh chemicals or electronic cleaners. It must be handled gently to retain its glitz and glamor.
4.      The aventurent starstone shows two optical illusions- oligoclase and orthoclase, depending on which it is seen as distinct feldspars.
5.      A popular gemstone since the 19th century, Sunstone hit to fame when a 250- carat variety of the gemstone was found in Madagascar. It can be seen in the Smithsonian National Museum of History in the U.S.A.

Before You go …

Unlike most stones, sunstone has a history full of misconceptions. Due to its late christening, sunstone was often referred to foreign names, but it also made a medium to connect the spirit world to that of ours.

If you are looking for a stone to fill you up in happiness, choose a sunstone right now! Used it earlier? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Stay powerful~

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