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Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

One of the commonly available sedimentary rocks from the start of time, it is a stone that never runs out. Many civilizations have used sandstones to build tools and early utensils to accessories for a living. Sandstone has evolved from a functional stone to an ornate stone in no time.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Being born out of the earth, sandstone has magical and mystical properties just like every other stone from the earth such as diamond, ruby or emerald.  Due to the creation process, sandstone is called the stone of creativity as it blends multiple elements such as air, wind, water, fire and earth to form.

In oriental and Indian scriptures, sandstone is marked as the stone of common man. Using it in décor attracts good feng shui to your abode!

·        Alternate Names of Sandstone

Goldstone, Wonderstone, Band Stone, Desert Stone, Old Stone and Sandy Stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

·        Hardness of Sandstone on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Sandstone

India, United States, Brazil, Australia, England, Africa, South America, china, Japan, Afghanistan, Spain and Sri Lanka;

·        Sandstone Represents the God

  • Krishna: the God of Love, Hinduism;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Sandstone


·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Sandstone


·        Sandstone Color energies

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink, Indigo, Grey, White and Black;

·        Numerical Vibration of Sandstone


·        Sandstone activates the Chakra (s)

Sacral and Root Chakra

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Presence of iron, lime and silica in addition to quartz and feldspar leads to the formation of sandstone. Oxidation affects many sandstones to change its color in addition to ethnography or geographical importance. Sandstone may contain calcite and clay too.

A special stone found commonly around the earth, Sandstone is considered ideal for balance and stability. It helps in uncovering the truth when used with healing crystal rituals. It is used as filters for water cleansing.

Sandstones form from cluster grains and cemented sand, held together by silica. Sandstone forms by sediment, accumulation and pressurization. Terrestrially, sandstone exists in deserts, lakes, glaciers and rivers. It also exists in marine bodies such as beaches and shores!

1.    Devonian Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Often seen in the color blue, Devonian sandstone comes from the Devonian Age. Set in the North Atlantic, it is a mixture of colors from red to dull forest green. They are of continental origin, found in Norway and Great Britain. Devonian sandstone is also called the Old Red Sandstone.

2.    Red Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

The most commonly available stone is red sandstone. The color of red sandstone owes it to the presence of hematite in crystallization. They are found all over England as well as deserts in parts around the world. Red sandstone is excellent for balancing emotions when placed in the house.

3.    Beaver River Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Originating from rivers, Beaver River Sandstone is often found in Canada (North Alberta), used in the early ages to create sharp objects. The functional gemstone was used by hunters and recommended best. Two other varieties of sandstone are the Fall River Sandstone, set in Nebraska and Kettle River Sandstone.

4.    Alluvial Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

From pale yellow to red, alluvial deposits also bring sandstones of multifarious colors. It is a commonly seen as huge rocks and cliffs.

5.    Wacke  Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstones contain above 15% of clay matrix, the sandstone is called Wacke. It is seen with quartz (which matures into Arenites) and feldspathic wackes. Ideal for décor with earthy tones, wacke are often used in construction. They are popular by the name dirty wackes.

6.    Quartz Arenites

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone contains more than 90% of silica grains, it is called quartz arenites. It has less that 15% clay and hence is called an arenite of quartz. Apart from Quartz, Quartz arenites are also seen with chert rocks. They are often seen on the beaches and shores.

7.    Feldspathic Arenites

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone is seen with less than 90% of quartz, it is either lithic or feldspar. As the presence of fledspar forms feldspathic arenites, originating from granites. A unique stone with sandstone properties, feldspathic arenites are easy to find!

8.    Arkose Sandstones

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone is found with above 25% composition of Feldspars, Arkose sandstones are formed. Imperfect in shape, arkose sandstones are seen in colors such as yellow, pale orange, brown, black, grey and red.

9.    Lithic Arenites

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone is seen with the predominant presence of lithic substances, it is referred as lithic arenites. With lesser than 90% quartz, lithic arenites are a special type of sandstones. It is seen in sparkly grey to yellow and pale olivine. A feng shui stone, Lithic Arenites can be used to furnish houses easily for positive energy.

10. Greywacke Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone is found with lithic, feldspar and quartz in it, greywacke sandstone is formed. Experts say Greywacke variety of sandstone even contain lava rocks and shale!

11. Glacial Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Looking akin to boulders, Glacial sandstones are seen in white color. The glacial mix comprises of sand, sand and remnants of glacial rivers.

12. Beach Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Sandstone found on the beach varies from place to place. You can see it in yellow, orange and even red shades. Beach sandstones are commonly available and possess no high value when considered with other gemstones.

13. Volcanic Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Seen in grey, pale red and black, volcanic sandstone is found in places of the volcano. The calcareous variety of sandstone is filled with volcanic ashes and powerful for base chakra. You can find excellent volcanic sandstones in Oregon!

14. Banded Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

The most exquisite variety of sandstones are banded. From red to orange, pale yellow and beige, there are many colors seen in banded sandstones. Experts recommend banded sandstones to be placed in the center of rooms and houses for good feng shui.

Bandd sandstone is also called as Wonderstone!

15. Opal Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When opal exists with sandstone, it looks mesmerizing. Amongst the dull brown and sandy texture reflects a bright rainbow sheen of opal. It is a grounding stone with many metaphysical properties. Use it for your higher chakras for the best benefits!

16. Rainbow Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstones is seen in multiple shades of brown, it is called the rainbow sandstone. It is known to open your physical and spiritual eye to new beginnings. Although, the stone is extremely rare!

17. White Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone is seen with mica, it forms a matte white color with grains. White sandstone is easy to come by, yet powerful. It is a subtly purifying stone that helps to keep you grounded.

18. Black Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When sandstone shows black colors, a variety of minerals can be the cause of it. Black sandstone is a conglomeration of many minerals. It’s not a fancy stone and is available for low values all over the world. Black sandstone in the kitchen creates harmony.

19. Pink Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Another variety of sandstone is seen in pink colors. With a varied mix of minerals, pink sandstone is ideal for bedroom décor as it brings balancing chakra powers with it. You can also see pink sandstone with many other colors co-existing such as yellow, orange, black and grey.

20. Cyprus Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

A unique gemstone variety of sandstone, Cyprus sandstone exists with limestone. It is coars and grainy and often found in Cyprus. The gemstone exists with sand and limestone metaphysics.  Ideal for décor, it is made of grains from carbonate.

21. Blue Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

A spectacular variety of sandstone is the blue sandstone. It is the most voguish sandstone amongst all the color options. Blue sandstone shows the awesome color due to the angle of light.

22. Scenic sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Mined from kanab in Kane county, Scenic Sandstone is found all over Utah. Ofiron oxide in sandstone leads to the scenic variety, which is often phrased as ‘nature’s most beautiful painting’.

23. Indian Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

There are many varieties of sandstone found in India. When seen in bright red color and mined from Jodhpur, it is called Jodhpur red. The black variety of sandstone from India is called Sagar black while the wooden colored sandstone gets the name teak wood and is found in Rajasthan.

24. Fossil Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When a sandstone is seen with plumes and shapes on it, it is referred as fossil sandstone. Often found in the North of India and other parts of the world, fossil sandstone is olivine and neon in color with green and black colored shapes on it.

25. Liesgang Banding Sandstone


When sandstones undergo the reaction of precipitation, it becomes brown rings of varied hues. Called the Liesgang bands, these are red, orange and pictoric with many colors of reddish shades. 

·        Physical Effects of Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

When you use sandstone beds or massages, your bones are energized. Sandstone harbors the magic of millions of years and handful of civilizations in its crystal veins. It can be used to treat vision problems as well as seasonal eye disorders. Sandstone hot massages are especially good for cramps and fatigue.

Many crystal users recommend sandstone as the ultimate stone to rejuvenate your hair and nails too. You can use sandstone infusions or elixir to nourish your hair. When used for a manicure, sandstone works better than the pumice stone. It softens with the auric energy you can’t find in cosmetics yet!

When in summers, sandstone must be in your pocket at all times. It helps to hydrate the body and keep your energetic.  

·        Spiritual Effects of Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

One of the little known powers of sandstone is Rejuvenation. It helps you feel recharged and alive so fast because it connects you with the energy of the cosmos. When used for shamanic journeys, sandstone can fill you with enlightenment and divination too.

The kundalini energy gained from sandstone is a mark of virility and vitality. It will help you find the truth. After using sandstone, many crystal users claim enlightening visions and decisions. Experienced gemstone users say sandstone is a stone that shows you direction. Use it for guidance during problems, and you will discover the real power within a sandstone!

·        Emotional Effects of Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Yet another secret power of sandstone is the power to rebuild relationships. If you’re emotionally weak, sensitive or even outrageous, sandstone can help you stabilize. It is a stone that helps you control thoughts magnificently. Use it to set tune to your erratic mood swings, turmoil and tantrums.

Sandstone is for all those people who find decision making a tough job and wants a little support. The ordinary looking sandstone is an extraordinary power portal when used with lower or higher chakra stones. It will help you keep in balance without losing temper, in case you’re troubled by anger management problems.

Experts say sandstone jewelry is a therapy for depression and many other serious psychological threats to normal function. It relives the psychological side-effects of severe pre-menstrual symptoms too.

·        Five Facts About Sandstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

  • As Sandstone is readily available, just as it was 17,000 years ago, finding that old an oil lamp made from sandstone by our forefathers is no big deal! The 17,000 year old lamp was found in France!
  • Sandstone beverage coasters are the most popular commercial use of sandstone besides construction. As sandstone is super-absorbent, it is best for spilled drinks.
  • Why are sandstone used so much in construction? It has to do with its super-high resistance to depreciation by weathering besides being magical!
  • If you want to see a real building made of sandstone, go to Jaipur India to a palace called Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace). The architecture as beautiful as the gemstone!
  • Navajo sandstone is a must see if you love sandstone. Found in Nevada, Arizona, Navajo Sandstone is a spectacularly red variety of sandstone.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sandstone

Unlike most other gemstones, sandstone is readily available. You can find sandstones around your house as every location has different sandstones. They are magical and functional such that you can build houses and cabins too. If you have used sandstones in the past, or have one right now, tell us why you think it is called a goldstone? Can you see the sparkles in it? Talk to us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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