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Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

The amulet of Russia, Rhodonite was believed to power people who used the stones born on the same land. Rhodonite is a crystal of stability and love. According to ancient folklore, rhodonite was used in Russia by travelers and nomads for protection. Rhodonite was even used to decorate the Moscow Station in addition to Mayakovskaya Metro Station, created in the early 20th century!

The nurturing stone often reminisced with love and kindness, rhodonite represents brotherhood, harmony and unison of humanity. It represents the blood of oneness as it is considered as an emotional doctor for the wearer.

Explore the astrological, metaphysical, spiritual, emotional and physical benefits and incantations about rhodonite starting NOW!

·        Alternate Names of Rhodonite

Ruby Spar, Hornsone, Bakan, Cummingtonite, Hydropite, Peach Blossom Jade, Pink Marble, Vermillion Jade and Rhodoarsenian and Kapnikite;

·        Hardness of Rhodonite on the MOHS Scale

5.5 to 6.5

·        Origin of Rhodonite

Russia, Brazil, Canada, England, Peru, Australia, Sweden, United States, Mexico, Madagascar, Tanzania and South Africa;

·        Rhodonite Represents the God

  • Nisaba: Goddess of Wisdom;

File:Rhodonite, calcite 300-4-6538.JPG

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Rhodonite


File:Rhodonite, calcite 300-4-6656.JPG

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Rhodonite


File:Rhodonite et pyrite (Pérou).jpg

·        Rhodonite Color energies

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Black, Brown, Green and Blue;

File:Rhodonite, calcite 300-4-6538.JPG

·        Numerical Vibration of Rhodonite



·        Rhodonite activates the Chakra (s)

Heart and Root Chakras


·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Rhodonite

File:Rhodonite sur galène (Australie).jpg

Originating from the Greek word rhodon for rose, Rhodonite was discovered in the Ural Mountains in the late 18th century. It was named by Christoph Freidrich and is also called the pink ruby.

Rhodonite is a composition of silicate, known as chain silicate. It is made of manganese and part of the pyroxenoid minerals. From granular to botryoidal and coxcombs, rhodonite exists with veins and spots of Manganese Oxide.

The stone of love, rhodonite is a fragile stone with triclinic crystal system. It is seen in transparent to translucent shades with vitreous luster and brittle tenacity. The black dendritic inclusions make rhodonite distinct from rhodochrosite.

1.    Salmon Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

A unique variety of rhodonite in baby pink color is called salmon rhodonite. It is the most common variety of rhodonite and is often seen with mild to deep black webs and veins. Salmon rhodonite is excellent as a good luck charm when re-starting life.  

2.    Madagascar Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

The deep pink shade of rhodonite alongside the overlay of black is specific to Madagascar. These Brazilian rhodonites are treasured for their dynamic patterns and believed to ground the wearer quickly.

3.    Black Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

When rhodonite is seen with majorly black shades with dots and spots of pink, it is called black rhodonite. The black variety of rhodonite is an amulet that helps to protect the wearer against negativity and evil eyes.

4.    Pyroxmangite Rhodonite


A unique type of rhodonite, it is the only rhodonite that empowers multiple chakras such as Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras in addition to heart and base chakras common to rhodonites. Pyroxmangite is very rare pain relief stone best for those dealing with addictions.

5.    Brown Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

The most common variety of brown rhodonite is from Australia. Referred to as Australie Rhodonite, it is seen in deep to pale shades of brown, maroon and red. The Australian Rhodonite is the best stone to shed confusions to take quick decisions in life!

6.    Banded Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

The commonest variety of rhodonite, banded rhodonite is affordable too. It is seen with bands of black, brown, pink, white, rose, grey and red colors. Banded Rhodonites are recommended excellent for couples looking to level up their bond or relationships!

7.    Bustamite Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

Every kind of rhodonite with 20% calcium oxide tend to radiate grey colors. This unique stone is a treasure chest of positivity and creativity. Bustamite is seen in colors of dull black, pink and brown.

8.    Fowlerite Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

When the rhodonite crystal contains up to 5% zinc oxide, it is called the Fowlerite Rhodonite. It is seen with either pink dots on majorly black crystal or vice-versa. Fowlerite Rhodonite is an uplifting stone that helps the wearer find support and hope in life.

9.    Pajsbergite Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

Found in the Pajsberg mines of Sweden, Pajsbergite Rhodonite is a unique stone with deep red and maroon shades surrounded by pink and black colors. The amulet stone is very powerful and can help you cleanse your body, mind and soul from heaped up negativity!

10. Cherry Red Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

The costliest and the most valued type of rhodonite, cherry red rhodonite is a steal. Seen with blood red colors, the homogenous stone is rare too. Crystal experts recommend it as the best stone for couples in love.

11. Yellow Rhodonite

Image result for yellow  rhodonite

Often mined from Russia, the yellow variety of rhodonite is a precious stone found rarely. Yellow Rhodonite is often veined with black, olivine and green shades over a pink backdrop. The gemstone is best for couples looking for ways to grow together!

12. Orange Rhodonite

A variety of rhodonite, uncommonly seen in crystal shops, orange rhodonite is a catch! It powers the higher chakras and helps you concentrate on reality with ease. It is often seen in flesh color orange surrounded by purple, grey, brown, yellow or black colors.

13. Rhodonite Helvite

Image result for helvite

The Green variety of Rhodonite, helvite offers a distinct forest green color to rhodonites. Distinct and gorgeous, the mystic crystal is rare and often used for harvesting or for attracting good luck. Helvetite is a composition of manganese, iron, glucina and silica!

14. Rhodonite Willemite

Image result for green rhodonite

Seen with black symmetric and sparkly dots or spots on a pale pink stone, rhodonite willemite is often seen with distinct bands of colors, separately. The gemstone is used as a feng shui amulet to repel negativity from de-harmonizing your home or office!

15. Rhodonite in Ruby Fuschite

An odd and visually appealing gemstone, rhodonite when exists with ruby and fuschite, derives the colors of green, rose and pale pink. The rare stone is considered essential for crystal users brewing love potions on the Valentine’s Day!

16. Peruvian Rhodonite

The blue variety of rhodonite, Peruvian rhodonite is seen in dull or pale blue shades. Looking akin to blue chalcedony, Peruvian rhodonite is rare and often seen with artificial dyes. Once acquired, it can make the wearer immensely calm and composed!

17. White Rhodonite

File:Rhodonite, calcite, quartz.JPG

When the pink gemstone is seen with a heavy overlay of white shades, it looks like blurred pink healing crystal. The calming stone arouses the crown chakra and opens your eyes to intuition. The rare white rhodonite looks akin to rose quartz!

18. Rhodonite Calcite

When rhodonite exists with a heavy presence of calcite, it turns into the colors of pink, white, yellow, brown, orange and beige. The rhodonite calcite enhances your self-confidence and helps you find your inner voice!

19. Rhodonite Pyrite

When pyrite crystals exist on rhodonite naturally, the resultant healing crystal looks pink with sparkly golden-black crystal clusters. Ideal for those wanting crystal amulets for protections and comfort, rhodonite pyrite is a stone for lower and higher chakras.

20. Rhodonite Quartz

Another unique stone filled with the cleansing energy of cosmos, rhodonite quartz is a pink and white gemstone for purification ceremonies. It can remove the negativity from your soul and mind quickly!

21. Galena Rhodonite

When Rhodontie exists in a deep red color over black crystals, it is referred to as Galena Rhodonite. Mined from the U.S Galena Rhodonite is often seen with reflective colors and is ideal for those practicing divination.

22. Cahnite Rhodonite

Seen with scaly rose like petals in pink, this flower like rhodonite is a rarity. Often seen as pink encircled by black or brown veins, cahnite rhodonite is mined from New Jersey. The gemstone is recommended to clear confusions from the spiritual mind.

23. Manganaxinite Rhodonite

Seen with pale yellow shades, Manganaxinite Rhodonite is a beautiful flower like a gemstone that resembles the petals of a rose. The gemstone is infamous for invoking angelic powers in the wearer.

24. Bannisterite Rhodonite

An orange variety of rhodonite seen with faded pink and white shades, Bannisterite Rhodonite is often seen with beige and black. The deep orange shades of Bannisterite Rhodonite makes it a unique stone with powers to introduce creativity.

25. Norvège Rhodonite

Named after the Norwegian lands, Norvege Rhodonite is a multicolored gemstone with shades of purple, pink, yellow, brown and orange. It is known to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul from grief and loss.

·        Physical Effects of Rhodonite

For those suffering from recurrent fatigue and energy loss, rhodonite is an excellent gemstone for restoring your vitality. It purifies the body inside-out and clears the negativity sediment inside. Ideal for people who have disorders of the elimination organs such as kidney stones and liver. From liver sclerosis to digestive disorders, rhodonite is a lower chakra stone.

Rhodonite is excellent for healing scars, especially after traumatic incidents. It is ideal to pump up your heart and blood circulation too. If you’re looking for quick healing remedies for minor cuts and burns, rhodonite is all you need.

For aged people, rhodonite crystal patches can be an instant relief as it helps in arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. It will also restore the stability and water content in the body during extremely dehydrating times.

·        Spiritual Effects of Rhodonite

The ultimate balancing energy for yin and yang energies, spiritual powers of rhodonite is ideal for the weak hearted. It grounds your spirit by negating the worries and negativity cluttered inside you. Rhodonite helps you integrate the love you have within you with the cosmos and people around.

It will open up new opportunities to manifest your desires. Rhodonite helps to connect your heart to the universe to attract your dreams. The divine connection is established rhodonite.

Rhodonite will open your heart and mind to the ethereal energy of supreme love. It will show you visions of the love you desire and deserve.

·        Emotional Effects of Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

Ideal for people looking to revitalize life, rhodonite can help to heal the nerves quickly. Rhodonite is the best gemstone for those undergoing heartbreak in love or professional career.

Rhodonite is like a glue that patches your life. It helps you regain control and take the right decisions with enlightenment. Once you’ve bonded with a rhodonite, it watches over you like a mother. All you need to do is follow your gut feelings.

The pink stone of compassion will melt your ill-will and evil eyes to make you peaceful and creative as well.  

·        Five Facts About Rhodonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodonite

  1. The most precious cherry red variety of rhodonite is called the Imperial Red Rhodonite. It is termed ultra-rare by crystal experts due to its supra-bright red play of color!
  2. When Maria, the Wife of Czar Alexander II died, her tomb was made in 12 tones heavy sarcophagus carved entirely from rhodonite healing crystal.
  3. In a Church named Savior on Blood at the St. Petersburg, rhodonite decorative pieces are actively used. The same is followed in the neighboring The Winter Palace too!
  4. Feng shui of Rhodonite is not gentle as it is composed of fire energy. Rhodonite must be kept in the Southern Area of the house for attracting good fortune.
  5. Rhodonite is often given to married couples celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary.

Before You go …

Rhodonite teaches the lesson of love and kindness. It is ideal for women and mothers.

Ready to take on the world of divine love? Rhodonite unlike most heart chakra stone is also composed of balancing energy necessary to heal you from within. Use rhodonite infused gem elixirs and grids to empower your romantic dreams and make ‘em come true!

Stay powerful~

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