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Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Famed as the Rosa del Inca or Rose Inca, Rhodochrosite was discovered towards the late 13th century. It was discovered by the Incan Ruler named Inpac who believed the stone bore the blood of the old gods and goddesses.

Andes scriptures also refer to rhodochrosite as the blood of their victorious kings and queens. It is believed that there exists a heart shaped rhodochrosite deep beneath the Andes Mountains. Andes people believe the heart shaped rhodochrosite boulder is the beating heart of Mother Earth.

If you’re asking what is rhodochrosite good for, you haven’t experienced the power of this pink gem. It is called the personal cupid because rhodochrosite connects you with nature to people and the etheric realm. It is a stone that clear hurdles and mends relationships. Whether you’re in a rut with your family or friends, company of rhodochrosite can earn you both.

Being a heart chakra stone, rhodochrosite raises your Anahata vibrations so that you feel at ease. It boosts the blood circulation to physically calm you. Once the blood has passed through your chakras, rhodochrosite will ground your excess energies. It is a powerful process of heart chakra detox.

A stone that yearns for peace, rhodochrosite helps you find your spirit in life too. If you’re feeling hopeless and unsatisfied in life, rhodochrosite can rewrite your story.

Besides the heart, rhodochrosite also activates the solar plexus to cultivate well-being of health. It is an integration stone that attunes your body, mind and spirit when programmed. It can wake up the drive you have inside, your potential and peace that you’re looking for in life. Rhodochrosite will teach you the art of finding the child inside everyone around you. You will never lack empathy after you use rhodochrosite crystals.

For crystal users, rhodochrosite is the stone for kind hearted and compassionate. It offers selfless and divine love, often popular as the chief ingredient of love potions too! Explore the complete healing powers and properties of Rhodochrosite in this healing crystal handbook NOW!

·        Alternate Names of Rhodochrosite

Rhodokros, Heart Stone, Inca Rose, Raspberry Spar, Manganese Spar, Dialogite, Stromite and Rhodochrolite;

·        Hardness of Rhodochrosite on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Rhodochrosite

Mexico, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, China, Ukraine, Romania, Canada, Germany, USA, Hungary and Chile;

·        Rhodochrosite Represents the God

  • Nisaba: Goddess of Knowledge, Sumeria;
  • Goddess of Dreams;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Rhodochrosite

Scorpio and Leo

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Rhodochrosite

Mars and Pluto;

·        Rhodochrosite Color energies

Pink, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Black and Purple;

·        Numerical Vibration of Rhodochrosite


·        Rhodochrosite activates the Chakra (s)

Heart Chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Rhodochrosite

Originating from the Greek Word rhodokhros meaning rose-color, rhodochrosite finds its etymological roots in multiple languages due to its late discovery in Argentina. Today, rhodochrosite is the national gemstone of Argentina too.

Available in transparent to opaque varieties, rhodochrosite is a brittle stone made of manganese carbonate. The variety of colors on the pink gemstone owes it to the presence of a wide variety of minerals called zinc, cobalt, magnesium and iron.

The calcite group gemstone is most precious when seen in deep pink, red or rose color. You can find the best Rhodochrosites in the mines of Colorado in the U.S.A.

1.    Pink Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Called the Salmon Rhodochrosite, the most common variety of rhodochrosite exists in soft pink shades with white overlay. A strong gemstone for heart chakra healing, pink rhodochrosite is also seen in deep shades sans any white patterns.

2.    Yellow Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Seen with eye-clean opaque to transparent shades of yellow, the yellow rhodochrosite is a sight. The unique rhodochrosite stone is seen in pale to greenish yellow shades and is considered effective for revealing your destiny. Yellow Rhodochrosite is often seen with bands of white on fading yellow.

3.    Rhodochrosite Eyes

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

When rhodochrosite exists with eye-like circular bands, it is called rhodochrosite eyes. Often seen in colors of white, pink, rose, yellow and black, rhodochrosite eyes are known to invoke powers of intuition in the wearer!

4.    Rhodochrosite Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

A blend of fluorite in rhodochrosite, the unique color of pink and purple rhodochrosite leads to purple and indigo colored rhodochrosite. It is considered empowering for the higher chakras such as crown and throat in addition to heart.

5.    Chinese Golden Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Mined from China, the rhodochrosite looks homogenous pink without any other colors, except for the golden sheen. A rare variety of rhodochrosite, golden hues on the gemstone makes it an ‘enlightenment stone’.

6.    Banded Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

When rhodochrosite is seen with bands of white, black, brown, grey, yellow and multifarious shades of pink, it is referred to as banded rhodochrosite. Banded rhodochrosites are considered lucky for people going through puberty or other transitional phases of life.

7.    Rhodochrosite Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Seen in salmon pink rhodochrosite shades on the white and black lattice, rhodochrosite quartz is a powerful stone that cleanses your heart and restores balance. The deeper the shade of pink on rhodochrosite quartz, better your chakra activations will be!

8.    Poison Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Mined from Argentina, poison rhodochrosite is a vitreous looking gemstone with swirly colors of pink, white, black, grey and yellow on it.  It looks like a poisonous potion and is effective for physical, emotional and spiritual detox.

9.    Rhodochrosite Stalactite

 Looking akin to pink flower with a white center, Rhodochrosite Stalactite is similar to rhodochrosite eyes, yet more poignant than the latter. The precision of the concentric circles on Rhodochrosite Stalactite makes it a steal.  Ideal for brides to be, Rhodochrosite Stalactite can also help you attract your soulmate!

Stalcitic rhodochrosite mined from Argentina are often referred as Rosinca.

10. Rhodochrosite Malachite

When rhodochrosite exists with malachite gemstones, it portrays a visual feast in addition to the powerful portal for supreme love. Ideal for those in grief or mourning, rhodochrosite malachite is a rare stone seen with signature pink and green colors of rhodochrosite and malachite, respectively.

11. Cherry Red Rhodochrosite

Often mined from the Kalahari Mine at the Northern Cape, cherry red rhodochrosite are hypnotizing. The mystic stone looks blood red in color and is recommended for multifarious cures from physical and emotional pain.

12. Capillitite

A variety of gemstone that blends the pink of rhodochrosite with parallel bands of yellow, orange, green and pale blue to form stones with dynamic patterns. Crystal experts recommend capillitite best for people undergoing extreme stress or trauma in life. The yellow and grey bands on rhodochrosite are the identification markers for capillitite.

13. Goethite Rhodochrosite

When rhodochrosite exists on Goethite, it changes from the pink color to reddish pink shades. The stone of well-being and passion goethite rhodochrosite is a powerful stone that displays shades of yellow and black too.

14. Kutnohorite

Trigonal crystal lattice in this variety of rhodochrosite gives rise to gemstones that look like little hot balloons or parachutes. Kutnohorite rhodochrosite is a beautiful gemstone often gifted to married couples for eternal bliss and togetherness. It also forms bulb like structures of deep pink to soft pink colors. It is a blend of rhodochrosite with aragonite!

15. Dendritic Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

When trees, branches, foliage and plumes are seen on rhodochrosite, it is referred as dendritic rhodochrosite. These are rare stones seen with white patterns on pink and rose colors. It is considered excellent for teenagers and youngsters!

16. Shigaite Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

A variety gemstone with brown to yellow and orange infusions, when shigaite exists with rhodochrosite, it is seen in colors of pink, yellow, brown, black and orange. One of the best stones to relieve confusions, shigaite rhodochrosite is rare too.

17. Calcite or Bulb Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

When seen in botryoidal shapes, rhodochrosite looks akin to bulbs of flowers. It is a variety of calcite, called calcite rhodochrosite, seen in colors of pink, white, yellow and red. Calcite rhodochrosite empowers the higher chakras alongside the heart energies.

18. Chalcopyrite Rhodochrosite Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Seen in white, pink and black colors, when chalcopyrite exists within rhodochrosite and quartz, it is an amalgam of the three gemstone varieties. The pastel pink and black gemstone is excellent for energizing crystal grids during rituals.

19. Apatite Rhodochrosite Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

 When rhodochrosite is seen in colors of violet, blue, salmon pink, white and indigo, it is a mix of three stones. While rhodochrosite empowers heart chakra energy, apatite the third eye and fluorite works on the crown chakra.

20. Rose Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

The rose shaped pink Rhodochrosite gemstone often mined from Peru in Huachocolpa mines give rise to gemstones that look like bulbs of roses in a bunch. It consists of detailed scales that gives rise to the illusion of lush rose petals in the shades of pale to deep pink. It is also referred as Rhodochrosite rosettes.

·        Physical Effects of Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

The pearly gemstone of rhodochrosite is renowned for its effective cures for severe ailments such as thyroid imbalance and cluster headaches. The stone is a pain relieving gemstone composed of elixir strength. It is used to rejuvenate bones and muscles for stamina and strength.

Rhodochrosite heals the heart as well as the digestive system. The pink gemstone is considered excellent for a wide variety of digestive ailments such as constipation, abdominal pain and even stomach ulcer.

The heart stone of rhodochrosite is a healer of the heart too. It can restore glow to your skin, in addition to purifying your blood. The nerve-balancing gemstone is a must-have if you’re diagnosed with general anxiety.

·        Spiritual Effects of Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

 Are you a spirit hunter? If you feel the presence of celestial beings or energy around you, rhodochrosite can help you create a bridge of communication with the other realms. Being the heart crystal, rhodochrosite is easy to create harmonious balances between realities.

Ideal for women looking for paths to rediscover their past life karma and destiny, rhodochrosite massages and jewelry connects to the Supreme Feminine Energy of Chi.

Rhodochrosite users also feel immense love due to its direct connection with Christ consciousness. It will unlock your cognition centers to broaden the enlightenment of salvation through Christ. You can also use rhodochrosite to explore your soul debts!

·        Emotional Effects of Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Being a nerve-enhancing gemstone, rhodochrosite is filled with the power of calming. Rhodochrosite is also the ultimate stone for attracting your soulmate. Buy rhodochrosite pendant and keep charging it to find your true love sooner than later.

If you’re going through intense grief, rhodochrosite can help. It can restore your faith, belief and positivity to make you feel alive. The revitalizing gemstone in salmon pink bands is a savior for those undergoing heartbreak, separation or divorce. It can comfort and console you in ways you never knew.

If you’re generally anxious or fighting with depression, keeping a rhodochrosite gemstone at arm’s length can help you regain control over life!

·        Five Facts About Rhodochrosite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

1.      One of the largest known rhodochrosite was discovered at Sweet Home Mine in Colorado. It is known as the Alma King. In addition, Alma Queen is a 10 cm rhodochrosite stone on quartz with a unique tetrahedral matrix.

2.      The largest rhodochrosite was discovered in South Africa. Part of a private collection, the largest rhodochrosite in the world weight 59.65 carats!

3.      When kept in the southwest direction of your bedroom or hall, rhodochrosite can emanate energies of harmony and divine love!

4.      Rhodochrosite exhibits mild Fluorescence in the color red when seen under different lights!

5.      Amy Adams is a renowned actress who donned the look of healing crystals at Oscars in 2014. She wore a million dollar worth of rhodochrosite in gold with lapis lazuli and turquoise gemstones!

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a stellar stone, right? It is full of love, compassion and enlightenment! We knew you’d be stunned. Treat yourself to affordable rhodochrosites right away. Which is your favorite rhodochrosite variety? Hit us up in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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