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Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Moldavite: Healing Crystal Handbook

Popularly known as the Stone of Greatness, Moldavite is an extraterrestrial stone that hit the headlines a few decades ago. Moldavite is created from the impact of meteorites on the earth’s surface. It occurs in in various qualities based on the scale of the meteorite impact.

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With the oldest Moldavite dating back to 15 million years ago, the green glass stone is a rare beauty with powerful energies. It can help the user attain nirvana too. Once called organic glass by professors, moldavite has come a long way since being considered as the alien stone.

Today, moldavite is a gemstone of prosperity and extraordinary powers. It was used to make helmets and weapons in the early Paleolithic age and the stone invites harmony where it is kept, according to the Czechoslovakian myths and lores!

·        Alternate Names of Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Vltavín, Tektite, Green Crystal, Green Glass stone, Chrysolites, Moldau stone, Bouteille Stone, Meteorite stone, Volcanic Obsidian Glass, Moldauthein, bohemian chrysolite, false chrysolite, glass meteorite and glass chrysolite;

·        Hardness of Moldavite on the MOHS Scale

6.5 to 6.9; 

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Origin of Moldavite

Moravia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Germany and Russia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Moldavite Represents the God

  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greek;
  • Gaia: Goddess Mother of Earth;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Moldavite

Taurus and Scorpio;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Moldavite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Moldavite Color energies

Bottle green, brown, olivine, dark green, black, grey and yellow;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Numerical Vibration of Moldavite

02 and 06;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Moldavite activates the Chakra (s)

Throat, Heart, Crown and Third Eye;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Originating from the Greek word for molten (tektos), moldavite is a glassy stone made of silicon dioxide and similar other metallic oxides. The green glass stone occurs in shapes such as balls, discs, sticks, and drops.

Moldavite is created from the condensed vaporization of rocks under the impact of meteors. The tektite group of the gemstone is renowned for its supernatural powers too. Gemstone of the Stars was also named chrysolite by Professor Josef Mayer from Prague University decades ago.

The amulet gemstone is excellent for cultivating creativity in kids and adults too. Moldavite is a stone that introduces you to the hidden higher realms. It is considered a gift from the stars! 

1.    Museum Grade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

The finest grade of Moldavite, Museum grade moldavite is seen in fern shape and transparent colors of green. Museum grade moldavite is textured fine and rare in availability. Besides fetching high prices, museum grade moldavite is mined from Czech. It has a higher rate of transparency when compared to ordinary moldavites.

2.    Investor Grade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Second to museum grade, investor grade moldavite is profitable for its commercial values. An essential gemstone for empaths, investor grade moldavite has sharp patterns, colors and shapes too. The glowing green glass gemstone is ideal to hypnotize the wearer in a wink too!

3.    Angel Chimes

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Also referred to as sonorous moldavites, angel chimes create sounds that mimic the cling-clang when a coin is dropped on the glass. This is the rarest grade of moldavite, occurring less than one percent, angel chimes moldavite is a spiritual weapon to win over the higher evils. It is tempered with traditional and natural mechanisms for unhindered crystallization.

4.    Water Green Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Seen with shades of pure white to ivory, water green Moldavite is a beautiful gemstone, ideally gifted to brides to be. The water green gemstone is mined from Bohemia and is known as goddess gemstone too. The pale green variety of gemstone is perfect to regain control over your psyche too.

5.    Olivine Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

One of the palest moldavites mined from Southern Bohemia, Olivine moldavite is the stone of professional, emotional and spiritual growth. It is seen with fading colors of green unlike pure white patches on a water green moldavite.

Olivine moldavite is a stone for unleashing your destiny too!

6.    Bottle Green

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

The commonest form of green stone, bottle green moldavite is a stone of immense power. Unlike museum grade, it does not display dynamic patterns or shapes, but are no less powerful. Bottle green moldavite is excellent for people trying to find hope and purpose in life. It is mined from all over the Czech Republic.

The bottle green gemstone resembles glassy or waxy shades of pale and dark green colors.

7.    Poisonous GreenHealing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite


Referred to as Acid Green moldavite, poisonous green moldavite is seen with immiscible shades of green and white. The poison moldavite looks like a swamp of green and white hues stopped while mixing. It is ideal to clear confusions and get a grip on life!

8.    Yellow Green

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Yet another rare variety of moldavite, yellow-green moldavite is a holy stone known for enlightenment. It is seen in bright to pale yellow colors that blend with the green. The spiritual gemstone must be kept in a gem bath for maximum benefits!

It is also best when worn close to the higher chakras for psychic protection throughout the day.

9.    Brown Moravian Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

One of the unique moldavite stones, brown moldavite is renowned for its unique and rare nature. Mined from Moravia, brown moldavite can be seen with predominant brown shade as well as spots on a bottle green background. Not as desirable as the eponymous green shade, green moldavite from Bohemia is considered pricier than brown moldavite.

10. Brown-green Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

A rare mix of brown and green colors, brown-green moldavite has specks of brown on the green without taking over the complete color of the gemstone as in the case of brown Moravian moldavite. Brown-green moldavite is excellent for growing soft skills such as compassion and empathy.

11. Black Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

A total black colored moldavite often mined from Slavic in Czech, Black Moldavite is seen in dark black and grey shades. With little to no presence of green hues, black moldavite is seen in transparent and opaque types too.

Black moldavite is the most powerful gemstone from the moldavite family to keep enemies and destructive energies away from the user. Always wear it on your or program after waking up with your higher chakras for the best effects!

·        Physical Effects of Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

Neutralizing instabilities and imbalances are the key effects of integrating moldavite into your healing crystal rituals. It can replenish sleep and sleep debt problems when kept on the four corners of the bed by readjusting the sleep cycle.

Moldavite restores brain degeneration by reactivating electrical energy within the neural pathways. It can clear energy blocks and restore vision. When used for ENT infections, moldavite can absorb the negativity. Always use a clear quartz when working with moldavite or green stone, to prevent shattering of the stone.

An ideal antidote for gout, Moldavite can be used to reduce the health defects due to pollution as well. It is a stone for people with breathing troubles such as asthma and chain-smoking as it ejects toxins and tar quickly from the lungs!

·        Spiritual Effects of Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

 An awakening gemstone that can revive lost souls, moldavite is a divine stone that reveals the true purpose of one’s life. Moldavite can be used to raise consciousness to that of the higher realm, for spiritual interference and guidance.

When used for higher chakras, moldavite can help you connect with spirits of choice too. The green glass stone is a cosmic messenger that draws core energies of a person towards the core of the earth. The grounding gemstone opens the wearer to the divine light of enlightenment and astral travel.

Moldavite is a stone of greater truths. It can give you psychic protection and repel negative energies and beings from you. The united power of spirits from moldavite occurs as the glass gemstone is renowned for aligning multiple chakras at once.

·        Emotional Effects of Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

A superior stone in terms of healing powers, moldavite is crucial to people with broken relationships. It helps to redefine happy feelings in your head by rewiring the neural pathways.

Moldavite awakens the kundalini energy, helping you realize and pinpoint exactly that which you are missing in life. Moldavite helps to heal a broken heart by attracting your true love into life. The green glass crystal helps you articulate and act on your desires and suppress them.

Moldavite gives hypnotic commands, excellent to calm down a person during the worst of times. It can help you find irrevocable love, unity and harmony and life. If your temper has been enslaving you, moldavite will be a life-changing gemstone!

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1·        Five Facts About Moldavite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

1)      When Queen Elizabeth II was coronated, Swiss government gifted moldavite in her honor.

2)      Moldavite is a fragile gemstone often known to be brittle and fragile!

3)      Ultrasonic cleaners and heat are a no-no for moldavite as it can be destroyed. The best way to clean a moldavite gemstone is by using soapy water and soft microfiber cloth.

4)      Moldavite must always be stored individually than with other stones to save its luster and beauty!

5)      Madonna presented a set of moldavite engraved beads to Pope John Paul II as a souvenir from the people of Czechoslovakia.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moldavite

A world-famous divinity crystal, moldavite is a unique and out-of-the-world (pun intended) gemstone. If you have been wanting an extraordinary stone for your extraordinary powers, moldavite is custom made for you.

Did this moldavite steal your sight?

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Stay powerful~

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