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Healing Crystal Handbook: Lodestone or Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lodestone or Magnetite

In general science, magnetite is used as a filter for drinking water for its attribute of separating the dirt and bacteria from the water. When used spiritually, magnetite or lodestone crystals can clear the clutter from the mental and spiritual body too.

It must’ve been a live magnet play that made the ancient people name this stone as the lodestone or Lord’s Stone. In folklore, magnetite was attached to shoewear to expel negativity from the ground that the wearer stood on.

In 300 B.C, China had already created lodestone with ornamental value. Today, we have magnetite earrings to necklaces and wands to translate its powerful energies for practical use.

·        Alternate Names of Magnetite

Lodestone, Ironstone, black stone, magnet crystal and red stone;

·        Hardness of Magnetite on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Magnetite

U.S.A, Switzerland, Russia, Pakistan, Bolivia, Sweden and Potosi;

·        Magnetite Represents the God

  • Cerrnunnos: God of Fertility;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Magnetite

Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn and Virgo;


·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Magnetite


·        Magnetite Color energies

Red, Gold, Yellow, Olivine, Blue, Indigo, Black, Silver, Grey and Orange;

·        Numerical Vibration of Magnetite


·        Magnetite activates the Chakra (s)

Base Chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Magnetite


Named after its magnetic quality, especially seen with magnetite sand, magnetite is a powerful healing stone in magic works. With some magnetite being magnets themselves, magnetite is a serious stone, considered healthy for healing diseases and disorders of the body. That being said, pregnant women must not keep the magnetite closer during pregnancy. If you’re trying to get pregnant, use magnetite extensively.

Magnetite stone that does not attract magnets is usually seen in red shade. It is a weak stone, used best in crystal grids. Magnetite is easy to identify if you have a magnet on you.

When magnetite attracts iron, it is often called lodestone and can be seen with a prickly structure. Magnetite can help you attain balance in life as well as communicate with Mother Gaia. Interested in the healing properties of Magnetite?

1.    Chrome Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Also referred to as chromites, the chromium rich magnetite is a crystal of boundless powers. It is seen in grey and pale black colors. Chromite is especially good for those trying to ward off evil.

2.    Lodestone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Seen in the ultimate style and shape of magnetite, lodestone is incredibly rare too. Just as magnetite sad becomes a porcupine ball, lodestone depicts the solidified version of it. Lodestone magnetite is powerful to absorb extreme evil energies like demons and evil spirits too.

3.    Taconite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

The banded variety of magnetite is often referred to as taconite, owing to its attractive structure. Taconite is mined primarily from Masabi Ranges in U.S.A and has metallic colors of black and grey in between. The powerful gemstone is ideal for balancing the mind in times of tension and fear.

4.    Titano-Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

The variety of magnetite found with a high presence of titanium is referred to as titano magnetite. Seen with grey and silver bands, titano-magnetite is an omnipotent stone during recovery. It can ignite your dormant chakras and eject the toxins from the physical and mental self.

5.    Martite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Mined from Utah, Martite, is a silver colored magnetite with scales on it. The scaly magnetite stone is ideal for reflecting healing for emotional problems. Martite is also seen with freckles of grey and white.

6.    German Mystic Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Seen in rainbow colors, German Mystic Magnetite is also referred to as rainbow magnetite. It is a multi chakra stone that is rare as well. Mined from Germany, mystic magnetite looks black but turns multicolored upon reflection to high beam light.

7.    Red Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When Chondrodite exists with magnetite, it is referred to as red magnetite. Often seen in the mines of Tilly Foster in Brewster, Red Magnetite is an effective stone for united the powers of sacral chakra with the root chakra.

8.    Green Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When magnetite exists with epidote, it turns into black and olivine green colored stone. Green magnetite can be seen brushed or centrally located on the magnetite. It brings together the balance of growth and direction in life.

9.    Banded Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Seen in yellow to red and olivine bands, banded magnetite is a powerful stone with varied chakra energies. Banded magnetite is effective for those with mental problems too.

10. Pyrite magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When the healing stone pyrite exists with magnetite, it is called golden magnetite too. Pyrite magnetite is a stone in gold and black colors. It is a good luck charm often used to attract wealth based on the distinct patterns of the healing crystal.

11. Blue Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

A rare variety of the presence of epidote results in a blue shade of magnetite with green epidote around it. Mined from Afghanistan, blue magnetite is a stone that empowers the wearer to courage.  

12. Peridot Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When the Magnetite stone exists with the olivine gemstone peridot, it is referred to as peridot magnetite. It combines the energy of heart chakra with base chakra to provide emotional and spiritual upliftment to its wearer.

13. Haute-Kotto

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

A healing crystal of the fading red, yellow, black and grey shades, Haute Kotto Magnetite is mined from Central Africa. It is a powerful stone that energizes the life force in addition to the root chakra energies in a magnetite.

14. Magnetite Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When a magnetite stone exists with a yellow variety of turquoise, it is called magnetite turquoise. It is a stone that heals the throat chakra, in addition to the base chakra in the wearer. You should try meditating with a magnetite turquoise, if you get a chance.  

15. Magnetite Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When red jasper exists with magnetite, it is called a magnetite jasper blend. Seen akin to a fiery stone, magnetite jasper is a stone for passion.

16. Magnetite in Black Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When magnetite exists with black jade, it often looks like artwork on a stone. The unique healing crystals are seen in the color of black, white and grey.

17. Orange Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When the black magnetite is seen with orange shades, it is often a wild mix of Ankerite. The orange Magnetite is a stone of protection. Hence, keep it with you at all times to heal physical, emotional and spiritual disorders.

18. Multicolor Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

When seen with multiple varieties of healing crystals together, the magnetite is called multicolored magnetite. An often seen variety is a green, gold, and lemon yellow colored magnetite. In case you find it, ping us down!

·        Physical Effects of Lodestone /Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Considered ideal for nosebleeds and respiratory disorders, magnetite is also excellent for arthritis-related joint pains. It is a healing crystal with many curing powers such as anti-inflammatory for those suffering from allergic reactions.

Lodestone promotes red blood cells in the body as well as blood circulation. It can help to heal the reproductive system, especially women suffering problems with menstruation and fertility.

The magnetic healing crystal Lodestone is also perfect to heal disorders of the nails and hair. It will make you stronger and powerful after regular programming.  Magnetite is a crucial gemstone for those suffering from anemia as well as low blood pressure.

·        Spiritual Effects of Lodestone / Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

Symbolizing the element of earth, Lodestone is a guidance stone that summons the guardian angel of the wearer. Magnetite can help to shun away the negativity surrounding your life. When a silver Lodestone is used, all your grief related disorders will vanish!

Being connected to Mother Gaia, magnetite can help you achieve enlightenment and oneness with the nature around you. It can be used as an elixir for sprinkling and sanctify your office and home. Lodestone will purify your energies by connecting it to the cosmos.

It is a manifestation stone that can help you fulfil your desires. Magnetite beckons the powers of the heavens to attract good fortune to its wearer. Lodestone is a stone of wellbeing that can keep you protected throughout life.

·        Emotional Effects of Lodestone Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

A grief stone for those undergoing mourning and pain, magnetite can help you shed the toxic thoughts as well as negativity. Lodestone is a refreshing gemstone often used for rejuvenation in the olden times.

Sharing your pains and fears with Lodestone can bring alive passion and happiness amongst users. Magnetite helps you go deep into the meditation without getting disturbed.

Magnetite is a grounding stone often required for the flow of energy in a living or non-living body. The magnetic Lodestone aligns with the etheric self to introduce contentment, enlightenment and happiness in the user. It brings you the life you’ve always dreamt of.

·        Five Facts About Lodestone / Magnetite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

-          Magnetite is excellent for crystal pendulum as it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field on its own. When seen as magnetite sand it moves according to the magnetic property of the earth.

-          When oxidized, magnetite will turn into hematite. Moreover, hematite also creates pseudomorphs over the magnetite stone.

-          Major energies that morganite combine with are tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian and aegerine.

-          The maximum magnetite mined today are nothing but taconites. They are a mixture of chert, hematite and magnetite. You can find it in the market as taconite pellets.

-          An abrasive substance known as emery is a blend of magnetite with corundum.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Magnetite

One of the ancient healing stones available today, Lodestone is largely underrated. The same is why you can get it for cheap too. If you’re over your healing crystal budget for the year, get yourself a bunch of magnetites and rock your crystal wardrobe.

Have you ever used Lodestone in your life? They are durable and strong too.

Tell us all about your experience with Lodestones in the comments below.

Stay powerful`


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