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Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

A unique stone that was known to rapture the heavens to the demons below, kyanite is a stone of reason, royalty and recognition. Known as the universal bridge and a gemstone that needs no cleansing, Kyanite is a charming stone that is widely used in Feng Shui to stabilizing emotions, by various cultures around the world.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Not only does kyanite direct the wearer, but it also empowers one’s intents. Considered an amulet that strengthens your personal barriers, kyanite also amplifies the wearer’s ability to perceive invisible dangers and omens.

·        Alternate Names of Kyanite

Cyanite, Blue Talc, Sappore, Rhaeticide or Disthene;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Hardness of Kyanite on the MOHS Scale

  • Parallel to the central axis: 6 to 7
  • Perpendicular to the central axis: 4 to 4.5
  • Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Origin of Kyanite

Zamibia, United States, Tanzania, Nepal, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Switzerland, India, Myanmar and Cambodia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Kyanite Represents the God

  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Rome;
Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Kyanite

Aries, Taurus, Capricorn and Libra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Kyanite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Kyanite Color energies

Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, White and Black;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Numerical Vibration of Kyanite

04 and 06;

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·        Kyanite activates the Chakra (s)

Third Eye or Brow, Throat, Heart, Sacral and Root Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

A beautiful gemstone that was often mistaken for Sapphire or Tanzanite in the past, Kyanite is also hard to polish owing to its perfect cleavage. Kyanite exists in both transparent to translucent natures, emitting a weak red fluorescence.

Usually untreated, Kyanite is an aluminum silicate that originates from the Greek Word Kyanos, meaning deep blue. By balancing all the chakras in the human body, Kyanite also connects the wearer with the higher chakras.

Considered an epitome of peace, Kyanite is seen in a variety of colors and even colorless shade. The variable hardness of kyanite owes it to the anisotripic nature and is considered the best when compared with other gemstones.

1.      Black Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite"

Mined from Brazil and India, Black Kyanite is a powerful gemstone with a wide variety of esoteric properties. Brazilian black kyanite is seen in colors of black to dark blue and gray without any matrix. It is believed that meditating or sleeping with black kyanite will bring visions from the higher realms.

Black kyanite is known to charge the base or root chakra in the wearer.

2.      Kenyan Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite"

A gorgeous variety kyanite in the shade of Teal, Kyanite mined from Kenya is one of a kind. Mined from Umba Valley in Kenya, the pale blue and teal variety of Kenyan Kyanite is a gentle energizing stone that calms down anger outbursts in the wearer, quickly.

3.      Nepalese Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite"

Considered one of the most attractive kyanite, Nepalese Kyanite is considered better than the variety mined from Ceylon. Similar to the distinct dark blue shade of sapphire, Nepalese Kyanite is a powerful stone that imparts mental and emotional strength to its wearer.

Mined from the Hindu Kush, Nepalese Kyanite was often passed off as Blue Sapphire in the earlier days.

4.      Swiss Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite"

Seen in a distinct shade of pale blue to indigo blue, kyanite mined from Switzerland is the fruit of Swiss Alps. Mined from the most scenic place on Earth, Swiss Kyanite resembles topaz when seen with transparency.

5.      Cat’s eye Kyanite

When kyanite gemstone is seen with a white or silver streak across its diameter, it resembles the slit eye of a cat.  Seen primarily on indigo blue kyanite crystals, cat’s eye kyanite is a beauty and rarity for healing gemstone rituals as well.

6.      Pink Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

A beautiful and rare variety of kyanite seen in the mellow shade of pink to rose, pink kyanite resembles rose quartz and crystals. Ideal for throat chakra activation, Pink Kyanite helps to let go of emotional baggage that is eating into your conscience.

Pink Kyanite is sparsely found and activated to link with Supreme Love. In fact, the only pink kyanite still rests safely in a museum situated in Bristol

7.      White Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Seen with silver and pale blue streaks, opaque whitek kyanite is the epitome of peace and tranquility. When used as the centre stone for a Kyanite empowerment grid, white kyanite can bring about changes you could only dream of.

The loyality stone is often confused with the purifying Quartz gemstone.

8.      Green Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

One of the widely available varieties of kyanite, green kyanite are the sweetest variety of kyanite too. The mellow vibrations of a green kyanite are considered calming for high-tempered people. Often mined from brazil, green kyanite resembles jade and aventurine.

Green Kyanite is seen in the forest to dirty green shades with treaks of teal, black, white and brown on it.

9.      Orange Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Mined from Tanzania, Orange Kyanite is the stone of optimism. The presence of manganese inclusions in Tanzanian mines changes the color of kyanite to jasper orange. Orange Kyanite is seen in the dark to dull and pale orange shades and is recommended to attract positive changes to the life of the wearer.

10. Indigo Blue Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

A widely mined stone often praised for its sapphire-like qualities, the best indigo blye kyanite comes from Mozambique. Known to activate Brow energies, indigo blue kyanite is ideal for shamanic journeys. Indigo kyanite is seen with steaks of light and dark indigo blue color.

11. Blue Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Considered a tripping stone in most cultures, blue kyanite attracts faith, fortune and respect in the wearer. Considered a cheerful gemstone with a deep bond with the wearer, blue kyanite is considered to be best as a talisman. Blue kyanite is seen in teal to indigo and azure shades.

12. Kyanite Ruby

When the gemstone kyanite exists with Ruby, the gemstone obtains both blue and red colors, characteristic to each gemstone. In fact, kyanite is also known to co-exist with the pink gemstone fuschite!

·        Physical Effects of Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

An excellent gemstone to flush out toxins that affect the mind and the body, kyanite rejuvenates the wearer with positivity. When used regularly to program          the higher chakras, kyanite brings back eyesight to hearing ability in those who lost their natural senses during accidents. It also brings a newfound sense of smell and the ability to distinguish the same, in-depth.

The sapphire-like gemstone is also an excellent aphrodisiac known to rekindle marital bliss and love in couples and star-crossed lovers. It also stabilizes the circulation and heartbeats to create a healthy and glowing skin in the wearer.

Kyanite also restores chronic throat pain to sleep apnea in regular users. To do so, drink kyanite gem elixir or keep a kyanite under your pillow while sleeping.

·        Spiritual Effects of Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Considered a physical stone that connects the wearer with the spiritual realm only during times of supernatural need, kyanite was once widely used as the shaman’s stone. Kyanite is also known to reopen obstructed pathways and open new doors of perception to enrich liveliness.

It clears karmic debts from fate and helps during the transition to the afterlife. A psychic warrior that protects the wearer, kyanite opens the Third Eye to reveal harms, omens and secrets around the wearer in advance.

Excellent to awaken your hidden destiny through crystal resonance and programming therapies, kyanite must be kept close to the highest or lowest chakras to keep the wearer awakened at all times.

·        Emotional Effects of Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Being a soothing stone with mellow energies of blue that calms the inner you, kyanite is a powerful stone for the desolate. By creating a kyanite empowerment grid, one can dispel evil eye and other harms aimed at the wearer. To create an empowerment grid, arrange your kyanite stones in the degree of its power towards your weak chakras.

Kyanite attracts harmony during feuds and commotions and is considered the best gift for families to exchange with one another. It is an excellent stone to help you communicate as it activates the confidence chakra or the throat chakra. Ideal for introverts during parties, kyanite is also perfect for troublesome or hyperactive children. For kids who lost their close ones in early childhood, kyanite can help fill the void.

Kyanite also helps wearers deter from self-destructive patterns that are threats to their future. It helps in analyzing situations perceptively without hurting yourself or others.

·        Five Facts About Kyanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

-        Best marker to distinguish Sapphire from Kyanite is its hardness and for tanzanite it is the distinct purplish hue.
-        An amazing feng shui gemstone, Kyanite emits the Water energy to create beautiful stillness. When kept in the east or North direction of your home or office, Kyanite attracts harmony and good fortune.
-        According to experts, kyanite gemstone fares best when mounted on sterling silver or gold metals.
-        If your kyanite is cut on the horizontal axis, it will be too soft and prone to scratches.
-        Transparent kyanites are costlier than the opaque variety of kyanites.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

From people who’ve lost touch with reality to positivity and goodwill, there are many revitalizing therapies that result from programming kyanite gemstone for healing and magic works. If you’re depressed, kyanite is the best gem for you. It heals the body, mind and the soul simultaneously.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Kyanite

Share your kyanite stories with us below!

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