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Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

An irrefutable Stone of Courage often used to refer to crucial moments of history including Crucifixion, Bloodstone is an essential gemstone for every crystal user. It was believed that bloodstone was created using the drops of blood that fell from the Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ on Gagultha Mountain.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Another interesting observation by our ancestors was that Bloodstone was a powerful divination stone that could even change the effects of the sun on Earth. Romans believed Bloodstone could bring upon tempests and natural disasters in the speck of a moment.

Bloodstone was even believed to make men invisible using its powerful hypnotizing qualities.  

·        Alternate Names of Bloodstone

Blood Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Christ Stone, Mother Goddess Stone, Martyr’s Stone, Sun Stone, Heliotrope or Blood Jasper;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Hardness of Bloodstone on the MOHS Scale

6.5 to 7;

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·        Origin of Bloodstone

Australia, China, Brazil, India, U.S.A, Russia, Germany, and Scotland;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Bloodstone Represents the God

  • Gaia: Earth Mother Goddess, Greek;
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greek;
  • Bona Dea: Goddess of Earth, Roman
  • Dione: Goddess of Earth, Phoenician
  • Brigit: Goddess of Feritility, Irish;
Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Bloodstone

Pisces, Libra and Aries;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Bloodstone


Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Bloodstone Color energies

Green, Black, Red, Orange,  Yellow, Purple, Brown and White;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Numerical Vibration of Bloodstone

04 and 06;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Bloodstone activates the Chakra (s)

Base and Heart Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

A unique form of chalcedony, mixed with hematite to iron oxide to give the scattered-blood-like tones, bloodstone is a charm to humanity since its first discovery. Also called heliotrope in historical scriptures, Bloodstone is chalcedony quartz that roots from the Greek Words helio (sun) and tripe (turning) or sun-turning.

Chlorite needles in the stone give rise to its distinct green color while the blood spotting on the stone is unique to each gem. Being a hard stone, Bloodstone is scratch-resistant and considered efficient to protect the wearer from self-harm to evil eye and curses.

By raising the positive around the wearer, bloodstone also repairs blood-related disorders. It eases the broken and destitute by bringing love and luck!

1.      Plasma

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Referred to as the Yellow Heliotrope, Plasma is the pale yellow variety of Bloodstone with spotted inclusions. Plasma is a variety of bloodstone with the green backdrop and little to no red patterns on it. Being opaque, plasma is a durable stone that is considered ideal as amulets.  

2.      Seftonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

A prominently green variety of bloodstone with negligible iron oxide inclusions, seftonite is a grounding gemstone. When used correctly, seftonite brings harmony to creativity in the wearer. Seftonite is a type of bloodstone seen in green with petite inclusions of red, black, white or pale green hues.

3.      Fancy Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

When colors except red are seen scattered on a bloodstone together or as one color, the gemstone is referred to as fancy jasper. The unique gemstone comprises of multiple chakra energies and is considered an auspicious gemstone for good fortune. Commonly seen colors on a fancy jasper bloodstone include yellow, blue, brown and parrot green.

4.      Iona Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Also known as the Irish bloodstone, Iona Bloodstone is seen with colors such as brown, red, black, pale green and forest green colors. Iona bloodstone is considered excellent for blood disorders and a trendy pick of Celtic Jewelry.

5.      Agate Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Considered an exotic bloodstone, the agate variety of bloodstone exists in colors of green to white and purple with laces of green on it. An excellent combination of emotional strength, agate bloodstone, blood agate is an excellent solution for those going through terminal illnesses.

6.      Blue Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Looking akin to turquoise, blue bloodstone is often seen with black webs on sky-blue or teal patterns with yellow or green hues around it. Blue Bloodstone is a rarity that helps to heal the ailments of the mind when programmed with lower chakras.

7.      Dragon Bloodstone


An inexpensive variety of bloodstone mined from India, Dragon Bloodstone is also common to Africa. The unique variety of bloodstone is seen with grayish green colors with bright red pictorial patterns. A powerful variety of bloodstone, dragon bloodstone displays dynamic patterns that often help to predict fate.

8.      Brazilian Bloodstone

Seen with prominently pink shades, Brazilian Bloodstone is an underrated gemstone with a powerful antidote to depression. Seen prominently with pink or green backgrounds, Brazilian Bloodstone is also seen with patterns of white and orange on it.

9.      Bloodstone Quartz

An Orange variety of Bloodstone, bloodstone quartz is a rare stone seen in colors of brown, orange, red and yellow or white background. Bloodstone quartz is a mix of quartz, considered excellent to find answers during confusing situations of life.

10. African Bloodstone

Also referred to as the Chicken Bloodstone, the bright pink and red variety of bloodstones is referred to as African bloodstones. Mined from Africa, these gemstones are seen in a variety of colors and patterns and are considered an excellent parting gift for those in the military.

·        Physical Effects of Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Once it was widely believed that one could remove hemorrhages or nose bleeds with one touch of bloodstone. All that you need to stop an incessant blood flow in critical situations is by dipping your bloodstone in cold water and massaging or connecting the charged crystal to the ailing area.

Bloodstone is considered ideal to boost fertility as well as cleanse the blood. It is also perfect for women undergoing PMDD to PMS as it removes blood-related cysts and similar disorders quickly. One of the indispensable stones of warriors and doctors, bloodstone was once believed to relieve varicose vein issues too.  

When you’re camping next time, it is best to carry a bloodstone to repel the mosquitoes and prevent unfathomable infections.

·        Spiritual Effects of Bloodstone

Yet another little-known kind of effect of bloodstone is the spiritual prowess you gain by unlocking Supreme Consciousness. Bloodstone helps to clear the smog from our perspective and unveils hidden destiny.

The sign of wisdom and loyalty, Bloodstone is also ideal for increasing intuition as well as divination powers. Once upon a time, bloodstone was widely used to predict fate as well as communication with the Angels. It is believed that bloodstone can turn the sun and to influence the nature around you, regularly program your bloodstone with the Core chakras.

From predicting physical to spiritual harms, bloodstone keeps the wearer protected if you cleanse the negativity heaped on the gemstone at the end of every night.

·        Emotional Effects of Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

A little-known result of using bloodstone during temperamental situations is how well it calms the nerves. Bloodstone is a positvizing gemstone that clears confusion to delirious or self-destructive thoughts.

For those suffering from the plague of chronic lying, bloodstone can be used for personal transformation and change of perspective. It opens the divine truth as well as the power to forgive.

Bloodstone was exponentially used to calm down nervous breakdowns to anger management issues for centuries.  It helps in strengthening the mind with a newfound courage within oneself. Bloodstone also acts as a talisman for travelers in foreign lands.

·        Five Facts About Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

1.       Considered the 45th Anniversary Stone, Bloodstone is often gifted to the couples celebrating their 55 years of marital bliss as well.
2.       As per Feng shui, Bloodstone is ideal for attracting good health and financial fortunes if it is kept on the east or south eastern side of Home or Office.
3.       Bloodstone represents the element Earth and empowers people born in the month of March.
4.       Channeling the wood energy is primal to bloodstone and hence it helps the crystals users grow.
5.       To check if your bloodstone is real, rub it against porcelain. Your bloodstone will turn bloodier if the gem is a genuine rock.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

Bloodstone is often referred to as Green Jasper owing to its distinct coloring when seen without spots. Unlike most gemstones, there is a use for bloodstone in our lives. From geopathic stress to everyday despair that follows until the bed, bloodstone can transform life in a wink if you use it correctly.

It is believed that Egyptians used Bloodstone in the olden days to defeat enemies with magic. Do you want to try your luck in magick?

Healing Crystal Handbook: Bloodstone

When in need, bond with your bloodstone by programming its chakras to see the real miracle unfold before your eyes!

Stay powerful~

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