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Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Revered as the Stone of Opportunity, Aventurine was known to boost the visionary powers according to Tibetan Beliefs.  It attracts luck and good will when used on the chakra points of the body.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Aventurine is a little-known gemstone that cured myopia or shortsightedness in the early ages. Prosperity is another driving factor behind the success of Aventurine as a healing stone. The stone of purity, Aventurine was renowned as the Stone of the Amazons until late 18th century.

Used in many Wiccan rituals and those of ancient Indian Medicine, Aventurine was used widely to determine the health quotient of a person. The peace-giving stone was even used for easy pregnancies as explained under the Physical Effects of Aventurine Gemstone.

·        Alternate Names of Aventurine

Aventurine Quartz, Avanturine, Adventurine, Indian Jade and Feldspar Aventurine;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Hardness of Aventurine on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Origin of Aventurine

Ethiopia, India, Austria, Brazil, Tanzania and Russia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Aventurine Represents the God

  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Kuan-Yin: Goddess of Mercy, China;
  • Cupra: Goddess of Fertility, Etruscan;
  • Fidais: Goddess of Hunting, Celtic;
  • Tara: Goddess of Night, Buddhism;
  • Brigit: Goddess of Fertility, Ireland;
  • Dione: Goddess of Earth, Phoenicia;
Healing Crystal Handbook: AventurineHealing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Aventurine

Taurus, Leo and Aries

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Aventurine


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Aventurine Color energies

Red, Green, Brown, Orange, Grey, Yellow and Blue;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Numerical Vibration of Aventurine


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Aventurine activates the Chakra (s)

Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

A popular variety of quartz or chalcedony stone, Aventurine is one of the gemstones that exist in most colors. Aventurine colors change due to the variety of inclusions in it spanning from hematite to mica and goethite.

The name aventurine is a translation from the Italian word “a venture” for ‘by chance’, aventurine was used on doors of houses in the olden times to attract luck to the whole family!

Aventurine is renowned to awaken the power of the Kingdom of Goddesses and connect your soul to the same. Aventurine retains its green shade due to the presence of fuchsite. Being an attractive stone, aventurine displays many special characteristics. Even the glistening nature of aventurine owes it to the aventurescence.

1.      Peach Aventurine


Composed of mica and pyrite, the peach variety of Aventurine is a rare too. Peach Aventurine is a comforting stone excellent for the heart chakra energies. With colors of deep to dark and varying shades of peach, this aventurine is available as beads to palm stones.

2.      White Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

The purification aventurine is often seen without any blemishes or variant shades. It is spotlessly white and blue shades. It is available in beads as well as rough stones. White Aventurine is an excellent higher chakra stone that enlightens the wearer.

3.      Red Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

One of the gorgeous gemstones often used to activate heart and solar plexus chakras, red aventurine is a powerful stone for chakra healing. It is seen in deep red and with faded patterns of white mixed with red.

4.      Green Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

The most popular variety of aventurine is the one that connects the wearer with the devic kingdom or the palace of Devi (Goddess in Sanskrit). Green aventurine is seen in colors of faded to deep forest green with spots of white.  

5.      Dark Green Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

A variety of green aventurine, dark green aventurine is seen with spots of black and grey colors too. It is known to renew the health and vitality of people as well as plants.

6.      Yellow Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

A rarely known variety of aventurine, yellow aventurine also consists of mica and pyrite, akin to peach aventurine.  It activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra of the wearer to improve feelings of power.

7.      Blue Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

With a color energy such as lapis lazuli, blue aventurine is an indigo energy stone that is often seen with spots of white and black. Blue aventurine exists in solid blue as well as bands of blue and contains Dumortierite, giving it the eponymous color.

8.      Sparkling with Stars Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

A polka dotted gemstone with the classic white dots on a black background, black aventurine is the Queen of Gems. Black Aventurine is excellent to remove the harms of evil from your life.

Sparkling aventurine is available in colors of brown, green, black, blue and red.

9.      Brown Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

With earth like colors interspersed with red and yellow, brown aventurine is seen with specks of white and gold. Brown aventurine is known to activate the third eye chakra and is ideal for growing powers of intuition.

10. Pink Aventurine

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One of the softest energy crystals for heart chakra in the aventurine family, pink aventurine is a stone of oneness. It brings together foes through love and is seen with specks of red to orange, black and white.

11. Orange Aventurine

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With a structure similar to yellow and peach aventurine, orange aventurine is a stone of insight. It activates the higher chakras and is often seen with patterns of white to brown, black and white sparkles.

12. Purple Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

The unique color of purple aventurine owes it to the presence of Lepidolite. The dusty purple aventurine gemstone is a talisman against losing yourself to evil. It is seen in faded to deep purple with specks of white to black and brown.

13. Cat Eye Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

When the green aventurine gemstone is seen with a slit of white light vertically, it represents the eye of a cat, called chatoyence of the gem. It is ideal for focus and agility as Cat Eye Aventurine activates the Third Eye Chakra.

14. Green Moss Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Seen with black branches or silhouettes of foliage, green moss aventurine is a stone for confused people. It helps to remove brain clutter when used on the higher chakras. Green Moss Aventurine activates the higher heart chakra to do so.

15. Indian Aventurine

Seen in a dirty green shade with specks of orange to brown and dark green, Indian Aventurine resembles jade and is often seen without any other colors on it. Indian Aventurine is an excellent stone for working on the heart chakra.

16. Aventurine Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Seen with shades of white and dark green, this pale green variety of aventurine is formed when the crystal grows with quartz in its birthing form. Aventurine Quartz is considered excellent to purify negativity from the body to empower the wearer.

·        Physical Effects of Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Considered one of the most powerful heart chakra stone, Aventurine is excellent to boost your blood circulation and resolve cardiac disorders. Aventurine also reduces health disorders including obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is excellent for infections of the reproductive system as well as cellular regeneration for those undergoing the effects of aging.

For smoker’s, Aventurine can help to remove the tar and regenerate lung tissues. It is also recommended for those going through short sight and brain related problems including memory loss.

The best way to use aventurine for maximum benefits is for women going through motherhood.

To have a pleasant delivery-

  • Make a hole in front of your house.
  • Break an egg into the hole.
  • Now keep the aventurine inside the egg shell.
  • Bury the whole thing.

·        Spiritual Effects of Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

The core effect of using aventurine for spirituality is how it opens the wearer to astral travel and out of body experiences. The aventurine gemstone has a deep connection with DMT-like effects on the user that lets the person move past ego and material desires.

Aventurine reveals the spiritual destiny of the wearer. It helps you become one with Mother Gaia by shunning the negative aura around you. When used as a gem elixir, aventurine helps to disperse the evil eye and curse on the wearer.

When used with higher chakras, Aventurine also helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. Dark Aventurine is a protection stone that simultaneously attracts wisdom and abundance while green aventurine brings calmth and peace to the person.

·        Emotional Effects of Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Ideal for grounding uncertain beliefs and anxieties, Aventurine is ideal for stress too. As it influences the brain, Aventurine is a stone to clear multifarious mental disorders too. It helps to bond with the nature energies around us. The same is why holding an Aventurine crystal close to your heart brings peace to happiness and relaxation.

Aventurine clears the energy blocks and extrapolates the range of good we attract to life. It teaches the user to immerse fully in every moment of life. As the green gemstone is known to lull users into a state of calmth and serenity, it is ideal to cope with traumas too.

When used on the heart chakra, Aventurine can help you cite the root of your emotional woes too. From depression to despair and distress, Aventurine has a cure for all!

·        Five Facts About Aventurine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

-        Composed of wood energy, Aventurine attracts harmony and prosperity when kept in the Southeast Area of your office or home, according to Feng Shui.

-        Translucent variety of Aventurine can undergo fading when kept in the sun. Avoid solarization during infusion.

-        Aventurine owes its name to being found by chance in the 18th century.

-        Aventurescence refers to the glistening nature of Aventurine stones.

-        Aventurine is gifted to couples celebrating their 8th Anniversary.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aventurine

Aventurine is the gemstone of tranquility, wisdom and healing. It can bring you physical health and mental health when charged regularly. Don’t forget to clean your gemstone after every energy ritual.

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Have you ever used Aventurine? Tell us about your experience below.

Stay powerful~

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