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Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Discovered over 2000 years ago, Tanzanite is a unique gemstone rarer than the diamond as it is mined in but one place in the world. In its birthplace, Tanzania, women were made to wear tanzanite gemstone in necklaces after giving birth to protect the newborn and their own health. It is believed to bless the newborn baby as well.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

The myth is that it was revealed to cattle herders after they watched the brown tanzanite burn and get stuck by a lightning. The powerful gemstone can resist high powers efficiently.

Even though Tanzanite was first known as blue zoisite, it was changed to represent the name of the country it was mined from. Moreover, the word zoisite was found to be phonetically similar to the word “suicide”, making it an unappealing word.

·        Alternate Names of Tanzanite

Royal Blue stone, Zoisite and Blue Zoisite;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

·        Hardness of Tanzanite on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Tanzanite

Tanzania in East Africa;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

·        Tanzanite Represents the God

  • Athena: Goddess of War, Greece;
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Greece;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Tanzanite

Aries, Sagittarius and Serpentarius;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Tanzanite


·        Tanzanite Color energies

Blue, Indigo, Gray, Pink, Red, Brown, Green and Purple;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

·        Numerical Vibration of Tanzanite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

·        Tanzanite activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Third Eye and Throat;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Originating from the Kilimanjaro Hills in East Africa, Tanzanite was discovered by Manuel D’Souza, from India, while he was looking for sapphires.  Tanzanite is less hard than a diamond, yet so rare because it has the lowest number of mines around the world.

It is also one of the most expensive stones and is cut with high precision and lack of wasting due to its scarcity. Akin to a diamond, Tanzanite also has the same grading qualities of 4Cs of cut, clarity, color and carat

Tanzanite exhibits different colors from varied angles and is known to possess pleochroic effects.  Simplifying it, blue tanzanite gemstone will change its color to red, yellow or even sky blue when seen from different angles. The unique quality of tanzanite stones owes it to the trichroic nature of color changes also referred to as Red Flash in a Tanzanite. The same is why tanzanite is often observed under white light to create grade reports.

As a quick guide remember the following points-

  • Red and violet axis of a tanzanite is clear with warm lights.
  • Blue Axis is lucid when seen at cold lights.

1.    Blue Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

One of the rarest and popular gemstones, blue tanzanite is available in sky blue and indigo shades. It activates the throat chakra owing to its pure blue energy. Tanzanite is often called vB or violetish blue and can help you clear blocks in communication as well the mid chakra energies.

2.    Violet Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Also referred to as bluish violet (bV) tanzanite, this variety of Tanzanite exists with chromium and vanadium. It is excellent for the higher chakra activation as it raises the third eye energies in the wearer.

3.    Pink Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

One of the gentler tanzanite stones, pink tanzanite is excellent for activating the throat chakra. In addition to clairvision, pink tanzanite stone is also excellent for support and empathy. Pink tanzanite is often found in baby pink shades with uneven hues of rose within it.

4.    Brown or Golden Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Seen in dull to bright brown shades, the Golden Tanzanite is a calming stone. The brown backdrop of the stone is often seen with golden yellow inclusions, leading to its history of christening.

5.    Lilac Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

One of the most precious gemstones in the Tanzanite family, Lilac Tanzanite is filled with the gentle energy of compassion. It is seen in mellow lavender color with inclusions of white and sky blue. Lilac tanzanite is often seen with trichroism, displaying three shades of colors such as lilac, white and blue.

6.    Green Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

With loos similar to emerald and aquamarine, green tanzanite is seen with black and white inclusions. Often, green tanzanite exists with dynamic patterns of brown shades within it. Green tanzanite is a stone of success and creative aspirations.

7.    Peacock Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Seen with multiple colors at a time, peacock tanzanite displays sky blue, sea green and crisp yellow shades. The combined colors in the stone make it look akin to the peacock. Peacock Tanzanite is considered excellent for those striving for artistic success and creativity.

8.    Purple Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

More prominent than blue tanzanite and less expensive, purple tanzanite retains its characteristic powers even when cut on the imperfect axis. Purple tanzanite is often seen with black to white and indigo blue inclusions. It is a stone for enlightenment.

9.    Gray Tanzanite

gray tanzanite

Seen in faded purple and indigo colors, gray tanzanite is available in plenty. It is a stone of peace and harmony as it awakens the higher chakras. Gray tanzanite is seen with inclusions of white and black hues too.

10. Red Tanzanite Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

The glassy type of tanzanite with a prominent red coloring, red tanzanite spinel exists with variant colors of red and orange. It is a stone of the destiny and helps people progress in life

11. Cat Eye Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

When tanzanite gemstone is seen with a slit like white light on it, it is called the cat eye tanzanite. An energizing stone that can be used for focus and concentration, cat eye tanzanite is a stone for luck too.

12. Tanzanite Garnet

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

When tanzanite exists with garnet, it is called tanzanite garnet. Ideal to energize the wearer with higher and lower chakra energies, tanzanite garnet is extremely rare.

13. Graphite Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

A little known type of tanzanite that exists with graphite, Graphite Tanzanite is often seen with green blue and gray shades. 

·        Physical Effects of Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

One of the renowned mood stone, tanzanite is a gemstone cure for many ailments we face today.  The transmutation gemstone is excellent to expel toxins from your body and cut down stress to tension and agony too.

Prominently, tanzanite can revive patients in coma or permanent paralysis when combined with the right crystal rituals. It ideal to treat disorders of the brain as it restores neural pathways and shunts the damage on your system.

If you’ve been suffering from chronic sweating and body odor, keeping a tanzanite in the pocked will keep you fragrant and strong with excess sweat by acting on the pores in the skin. Tanzanite is also the earliest antidote for cluster headaches as well as migraines. It interferes with the thought patterns to rewire the brain.

When used correctly, tanzanite can revive your hair to youthful skin.

·        Spiritual Effects of Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

An effective gemstone for raising Christ consciousness in a person, tanzanite is extremely spiritual. It promotes healing of past life karmic debts and enhancing the present life. Tanzanite can instil concentration, focus and alertness during meditation.

The royal blue gemstone can help you connect with your soul as well as communicate goals for an effective action plan. Tanzanite also raises the spiritual consciousness of a person by enlightening the person. It can change your perspective and introduce new ideologies and spirit friends.

Tanzanite actively guides the user into altered states of consciousness akin to that of a shaman.

·        Emotional Effects of Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

To increase the happiness quotient, all you need is a touch of tanzanite. The royal blue gemstone helps to dispel fear and enhance foresight in the wearer. Tanzanite is a gemstone of love and compassion.

It raises your feelings of empathy to rebuild relationships and attract healthy friendships. When used regularly with third eye chakra, tanzanite can open your inner eye and show what you need to achieve your aims.

If you have an untamed fear, hold a tanzanite gemstone in your palm, chant the positive affirmation and keep it in between the brows. Soon you will feel positive vibrations cleansing your cranium inside-out.

·        Five Facts About Tanzanite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

1)      The Sensitive stone must not be cleaned with ultrasonic sensors as it may lead to chipping or cracking.
2)      The depth of Tanzanite’s saturation in colors creates the intensity of red flash effect and trichroic colors in the gemstone.
3)      The divination of tanzanite is to trust your thoughts and intuitions.
4)      Using two core energies of wood and water, tanzanite can attract success in the profession when kept in the northern area and eastern area for love.
5)      Tanzanite is presented as a gift to couples celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary.  

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is not an ordinary stone. It is even prioritized higher than a diamond in reputed jewelry. To ensure that you’re getting a real tanzanite, it is best to appraise your gemstone when you buy it. Tanzanite is the stone of miracles and the best bagic. You must make a gem elixir to make the best use of it.

Tanzanite can beckon peace to health and happiness when used as a pendulum or programming wand.

Take a look at the tanzanite below and tell us how you like it in the comments below.

Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Stay powerful`

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