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Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Legends of Assyria claim that Serpentine was often used by shamans to contact with netherworld beings. Angels and first beings were often charades with dark colored serpentine stones.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

The earliest books regard the stone serpentine in most delight and reverence. Serpentine was considered to be the ultimate rock to banish evil of all kinds. It protects the wearer against reptiles and another venomous group of animals in the group.

If you’re looking for destiny, Serpentine can light your way too. Medusa was another symbolism of Serpentine stone. It could stop your enemies like the Gorgonian did in the lores if you possess the deeper powers of healing crystal serpentine.   

·        Alternate Names of Serpentine

Lizardite, New Jade, Serpent Stone, Medusa’s Stone, Bastite, Arizona Tiger Eye and Asbestos;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Hardness of Serpentine on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Origin of Serpentine

Lizard Peninsula (England), Arizona (U.S), Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Belgium, Germany and France;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Serpentine Represents the God

  • Medusa: Goddess of Snakes, Greece;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Serpentine

Ophiucus or Serpentarius

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Serpentine

Uranus and Venus

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Serpentine Color energies

Green, Blue, Teal, Black, White, Grey, Orange, Red, Yellow, Lime Green and Brown;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Numerical Vibration of Serpentine


Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Serpentine activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, Base and Sacral Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Originating from the word for serpents, Serpentine was named after the glistening scaly color of wild serpents it mirrored. Serpentine s a guardian bonder crystal excellent for kids and students to stay out of distractions in life. Representing the earth, serpentine invokes the powers of Serpentarius.

Available in a wide variety of textures from opaque to translucent and transparent, the serpentine gemstone is available in antigorite and crysotile, leaf-like and fibrous variety of serpentine gemstones. Keep away from Chrysotile as asbestos is toxic to you.

Serpentine was always used as a shaman’s wand stone. It could take you into past and future when you search for answers. The divination stone radiates to the candle color brown and was once considered a gemstone used solely in sacred places.

1.    Marmolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A unique variety of serpentine, marmolite is an antigorite serpentine. It contains tiny bits of mica that give it the unique color and patterns. Marmolite is a powerful throat chakra stone seen in teal and green shades. It is excellent for finding the truth about your destiny. 

2.    Asbestos

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

The fibrous variety of serpentine known as crystolite is the prominent additive of asbestos serpentine. Asbestos is also similar to tremolite. It is best to keep the form of serpentine in asbestos away from all crystal rituals as it is highly toxic.

3.    Williamsite Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

The translucent variety of serpentine that contains higher heart chakra energies, williamsite serpentine is an emotional powering stone. It helps to heal your spiritual wounds as it emanates dark and deep color energies of green, signifying empathy. Williamsite serpentine looks like a dull or rusted green aventurine gemstone too!

4.    Garnierite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

One of the unique types of serpentine gemstone, garnierite is seen in pale pink colors with shades of green, black and grey. It is efficient for tapping into the higher chakra energies. Garnierite derives its distinct pale pink color from the presence of Nickel. It can also be seen in marine green colors with inclusions of black and grey shades.

5.    Deweylite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When talc is mixed with serpentine, it results in a new stone by the name of deweylite. Seen in bright orangish red, deweylite is a variety of serpentine with a unique history. The stone forms bulbs like structures, coloring the serpentine rock as red. Crystal users recommend it ideal to treat fertility problems in men and women.

6.    Bastite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When serpentine forms silky crystal lattice, it is termed as bastite. The shiny and lustrous variety of serpentine is renowned for helping people get clarity in confused times. Wear it around your neck to keep confusions away! Bastite is seen in grey, black and green as it is a pseudomorph from Enstatite.

7.    Bowenite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When serpentine occurs with densely packed fibers, it is found in giant forms. Bowenite is this huge serpentine loaded with fibrous lattice. Bowenite serpentine is seen in olivine to pale green colors, awakening the mid chakra energies in the wearer. It is ideal for those going through breakup or separations too.

8.    Picrolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A spar like-variety of serpentine, picrolite is seen in white colors with scaly or stacked crystals. The straight line crystal is a guidance stone seen with blobs and patches of yellow and pale green colors. Picrolite can help in finding answers when you’re riddled by questions in your life. Picrolite is abundantly mined in Pennsylvania.

9.    Serpentinite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When serpentine exists without inclusions of other minerals, it is called serpentinite. Although, serpentinite boasts 100% serpentine, you can find traces of dolomite, calcite, magnetite and green minerals in this. Serpentinite is an excellent rock for all types of angelic communication and divination.

The olivine variety of serpentine is called Russian Green Serpentine!

10. Turned Green Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A lacy or matte textured serpentine is called turned green serpentine. It is a unique gemstone with loads of healing powers. Unlike most serpentine, turned green serpentine crystal is excellent for people going through transitions. It also shows a unique shade of green unlike seen anywhere else.

11. Cat Eye Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When serpentine shows chatoyancy, it shows a white light through the stone like a Cat’s Eye. These serpentine stones are revered for their ability to see into the future. If you’re searching for destiny, cat eye serpentine can help hugely. Use cat eye serpentine for growth rituals and see the magic shine through your life!

12. Antique Verde

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Often mistaken as the marble stone, verde antique is a unique type of gemstone used for lapidary purposes. It contains majorly serpentine crystals along with calcites. Here, you can see veins of white on top of blackish green gemstone serpentine. Antique Verde Serpentine is a rich stone that helps to remove powerful evil forces.

13. Wax Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

The uniform and homogenous variety of serpentine that looks like wax cutouts are called wax serpentine. It is opaque in texture as well as dull green. Wax serpentine possess the ability to melt your guilt and evil thoughts in the heart. Use it as a pendant to see the real power of serpentine!

14. Double Color Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Akin to Ametrine, serpentine also shows multiple colors at times. The most popular double colored serpentine is seen in Green and Black colors. They tend to hold a protective cocoon over the wearer simultaneously helping to grow. It combines multiple elements as well as chakras and is excellent for emotional turmoil too. Although, double colored serpentine is very rare and hard to find.

15. Yellow Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A unique type of serpentine, yellow serpentine looks like a fruit or berry from the wilds. The canary yellow stone is often seen in opaque texture with veins, blobs and patches of white and green on it. Yellow serpentine is considered a divination stone, ideal to help seekers prophecies of impending danger.

16. Black Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Yet another special serpentine of Finnish origin is called Black Serpentine. The stone glistens a glossy black shade of green with silver and white tints. It is mined from Horsmanaho in Finland and is considered excellent for those in magic and crystal rituals. Black serpentine is also a protection stone with limitless powers.

17. Circle Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A special type of Serpentine stone with concentric circles inside is called circle serpentine. It is a beautiful stone with divination powers within. Circle serpentine shows the colors white, black and green veined patterns. It is considered a shaman’s stone that helps you see into the minds of things and beings around you.

18. Cloud Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

When you can see clouds inside with colors blurred and consisting of white and green, cloud serpentine is a unique gemstone. It is a fortune telling stone that can tell you more than what’s ahead. Cloud serpentine is a wiccan stone often seen in historic documents. It is crucial if you use it as a crystal grid for manifesting dreams or desires.

19. Stichtite Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A bright purple and green stone, stichtite serpentine is mined typically from Tanzania. It is found in rarity veins and striations of serpent like bright green body. Another gemstone in serpentine variety for power and angelic communication, stichtite serpentine was discovered just 100 years ago!

The ornamental gemstone stichtite serpentine is also excellent for feng shui in gardens. 

20. Lime Green Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

In sight like green aventurine, lime green serpentine is a pretty stone with olivine shades. In some lime green serpentine eggs, you can see bright yellow striations as well as other colors such as grey, black and white. It is considered excellent as an auspicious stone when you’re starting out on new ventures.  

21. Chrysotile

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A unique variety of serpentine popular as the asbestos variety, Chrysotile is found in various shapes, patterns and properties. It radiates colors such as peach, black, grey and orange. The gemstone is found commonly and contains mild metaphysical powers to invoke balance and peace, when seen in white colors.

A unique variety of chrysotile is the Clinochrystolite, which looks like a brighter satin spar. The stone is another shaman’s stone.

22. Banded Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

In plain sight, banded serpentine looks like a colorful agate with bands. The banded variety of serpentine bears green, black and white bands on a variety of green shades. It is a stone for people going through transitions and big changes in life as it can help in decision making.

23. Grey Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Mined from Russia, grey serpentine is a unique variety of the stone. It looks like marble and bears a hundred shades of grey in it. Serpentine is a seeker-possessor stone and grey serpentine makes it attractive for feng shui as it magnetizes good energies. Grey serpentine is a powerhouse of good fortune too!

24. Mount Shastha Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Another unique variety of serpentine, Mount Shastha Serpentine is eponymous to its origin. It is found in the holiest places on Earth, amongst the Seven Sacred Mountains of the Earth. It is found in a variety of crysotile style of serpentine grey pale green to blackish green and dull green. Get one and all your wishes will come true!

25. Bloody Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Mined from England, this is another bewildering variety of serpentine gemstone. It is seen with patches and blobs of red adorning the stone with the green backdrop. Bloody Serpentine is a mix of purity and valor. If you have bloody serpentine, you can do a variety of fertility crystal rituals too.

26. Red Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

A special and gorgeous type of serpentine is the red serpentine. With beef red color and white veins, the red serpentine is a lookalike of garnet too. You can see varieties of it as pink salmon toned Serpentine too. Use it for heart chakra and sacral chakra deficiencies.

27. White Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

An inner peace stone from a serpentine group of stones, white serpentine is filled with divine liquid light. It can calm you and uplift you to higher realms you never knew. White serpentine is a stone protection and cleansing as it clears the negative energy surrounding you. Use it for purification rituals.

28. Blue Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Rare as it may be, blue serpentine is also the symbol of the divine serpent. It is a kundalini stone perfect for the lower chakras such as the sacral. Blue serpentine can help you find the inner truth easily too. You can see color energies from indigo to teal and sky blue in blue serpentine as it combines the power of multiple chakras.

29. Opalized Serpentine

When serpentine exists with opals, it is startling stone with color layers such as purple, green, orange, yellow and white besides the eponymous green. Serpentine in opal is a starting symbol of fertility and power. You can use it on the higher and lower chakras to align it to the cosmic energies you seek in your destiny.

30. Retinalite

When serpentine is seen with a waxy nature with yellow colors, retinalite gemstone is born. The healing crystal is the sign of good health as it attracts wellness to the user. Use retinalite in your health crystal rituals regularly to amplify the energies you harness.

·        Physical Effects of Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Unlike most stones, not all varieties of serpentine are excellent. Stay away from chrysotile varieties as it is considered extremely toxic. You need serpentine stones that are brightly colored or with dynamic patterns to eradicate stomach problems including indigestion and heartburn. When used regularly serpentine can heal bowel problems and all disorders related to the kidney.  

If you’re a woman who can’t achieve orgasm due to stress, serpentine is the stone for you. It can help people ridden with chronic disorders such as diabetes and blood pressure must keep a serpentine stone close by. It can also heal parasitic infections and seasonal disorders quickly.

Anther physical healing power of serpentine gemstone is its effect on the skin. Besides making you glow, serpentine can also relive cramps and fertility problems for women. For young girls, serpentine pendants during that time of the month eases the PMS.  

·        Spiritual Effects of Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

The stone of angelic communication, serpentine is also used to diver the Evil eye. If you’re wondering how to remove curses and other negativity from your life, serpentine is the stone to get. It can start the cogwheels of your fortune by enlightening the right way to choose.

If you choose to take into serpentine, you must be ready to take the road not taken, back in time. It shows you the past life karma through dreams. You will also learn to communicate with y our guardian angel when you use serpentine stone.

The aura stone serpentine healing crystal is also a protective crystal that strikes your intuition when danger comes. The spring stone is also healing for the karmic scars. You will travel with serpentine into multiple lives. It glides through dimensions to achieve a clean state. That’s why, using serpentine also makes you feel light.

·        Emotional Effects of Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Serpentine is a stone of growth, in addition to the one that rekindles your creativity. As the serpent stone, serpentine can help you see through the facades of people. It teaches you the ABC of empathy by working on your heart chakra. The forgiveness stone is excellent for people killing themselves from guilt.

Use serpentine and rebuild your life.

The gemstone of serpents is also invaluable to shed old fears. You can beat more than the devil you when you acquire a serpentine with rare colors. If you ever went through emotional trauma and deep distress, serpentine can help you heal the scars of yesterday. This is a healing crystal for heartbroken people who want to take back their lives. It will teach you the finest ways to proclaim your love too. 

·        Five Facts About Serpentine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

  1. He most treasured variety of serpentine comes from Tanzania. With the array of colors you can feast on Tanzanian Serpentine, metaphysical power rituals can be easily done.
  2. Serpentine harnesses the wood energy. For those who want to attract good fortune and positive energy in the house, keeping a serpentine stone in the Eastern part of the house might help.
  3. Serpentine is rarely used for jewelry making due to its soft score on the Mohs scale against other gemstones. However, if you’re keen, finding serpentine pendants and rings is easy.
  4. Meditation gurus use serpentine to clear the evil or negative energies before starting group sessions.
  5. The Hindu altars in India are often found to be serpentine as it was believed to be the most sacred stone for Sarpakaavu (Snake Temples)

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Serpentine

Serpentine is a unique stone filled with many powerful virtues. It is one of the only serpent gemstones in the healing crystals directory. If you’re drawn to serpentine and were born between December 7 to 17, you must use serpentine as a serpentarious to discover your true potential. You can check our blog for Crystal Wand Massage, Programming. Grid, Pendulum and many more ways to use healing crystal serpentine.

Have you used serpentine in the past? Tell us all about in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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