Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

by Ceida Uilyc April 13, 2017

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

Make a Wish; because we have the ultimate crystal for granting wishes!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

A feminine stone with a moon like sheen, moonstone was revered as the Face of Diana in Rome while Greeks believed the white crystal to be the face of Selene, long ago.

History also vouches that the Eastern world believed Moonstone to be the luckiest gem that must be worn on no days but Mondays! In any case, moonstone was always a sanctified deity in a crystalline form through ages and most often epitomized by the Great Mother Goddess.

The ultimate gemstone filled with the powers of the moon, moonstone is the ancient secret ingredient of prophecies. This third eye chakra stone can uplift your chakras and open your inner eye. You will be able to see what stays hidden to the naked eye with your spiritual strength.

The divine communion stone, moonstone is a cure for sleeplessness too. It can drive away nightmares and purify your thoughts. Legend has it that moonstone has unique powers to level up your karmic virtues.

Moonstone clears the head so that you can think straight. It significantly improves decision making skills by making your neurons sharp. It can also erase emotionally disturbing memories from your past. If you have been finding it hard to move on, embrace the energy of the moonstone and see the miracle. It sets your biological clock right during winters and helps you compose yourself during vulnerable situations.

The stone of compassion, love and fortitude, moonstone stimulates changes. It can help you overcome challenges if you use it right!

Overflowing with motherly love, Moonstone is also a natural tiara to attract your true love!

·        Hardness on the MOHS Scale

6.0 to 6.50

·        Names

Mineral Adularia, Hecatolite, Rainbow Moonstone,

·        Origin

Brazil, Germany, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Burma, USA, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mexico, Alps, Australia and Norway;

·        Represents the God

  • Nyx: Greek Goddess of the Night;
  • Diana: Roman Goddess of Moon;
  • Selene: Greek Goddess of Moon;
  • Cerridwen: Welsh Goddess of Rebirth;

·        Zodiac

Cancer, Scorpio and Libra;

·        Planet


·        Color energies

White, Silver, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Yellow, Gray and Peach;

·        Numerical Vibration


·        Chakra

Crown, Heart and Third Eye chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Moonstone

One crystal that can give you the emotional warmth you’ve been craving for, Moonstone wearers feel like in the embrace of a mother. More so, Moonstone balances the heart with the mind, and fares as an excellent companion during hardships.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

A feminine stone that evokes mastery of emotions, Moonstone is also intuitive. By protecting the wearer and warning the dangers, Moonstone is renowned as the best guardian stone to keep on you. The nurturing stone is the best healing crystal for nervousness and anxiety attacks too.

If you’re starting over, moonstone can be the best healing crystal to attract the right opportunities and reveal your destiny as it emanates an energy that activates multiple higher chakras at once.

1.      Cat’s eye Moonstone

The softest Moonstone variety, Cat’s Eye Moonstone captures the natural magic as seen from the eyes of Mother Goddess. Varying from silvery transparent glisten to pink, green, orange, blue and white colors, Cat’s Eye Moonstone should be held in the mouth on Full Moon to peek into the future. 

2.      White Moonstone

Representing the color energy of Earth’s planet Moon, White Moonstone is a translucent healing crystal a magical glitz about it. With laced white layers around the stone, white moonstone stimulates a spiritual boost in men, courage in kids and fertility in women.

3.      Yellow Moonstone

A soothing stone revered throughout history as a Divine Beam, Yellow Moonstone is excellent with introverts and timid kids. Spanning from peach to yellow, this moonstone can be seen in a handful of shades around the world.

4.      Rainbow Moonstone

A prism-like gemstone with moonstone traits, Rainbow Moonstone is an aura-cleansing crystal. Known to aide psychic defense, rainbow moonstone displays flashes of colors such as Yellow, Blue, Pink, Indigo, Brown, Green, Silver, White and Green.

5.      Star Moonstone

Seen with a silver coating, Star Moonstone is one of the rarest moonstones in the world. Star Moonstone emanates diverse colors around the world. The moonstone also forms the shape of the star inside when placed under the light.

From pink to yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and white, Star Moonstone also displays flashes of the cream shade. The most expensive variety of star moonstone is found in blue color.

6.      Black Moonstone

Also called the Norwegian moonstone, black moonstone is a misnomer. Named Larkvite, Norwegian moonstone is also called Labradorite in certain parts of the world as it is a feldspar crystal.

7.      Gray Moonstone

For enhanced perception and intuitive traits, Gray Moonstone is the best. Also called the ‘New Moon Crystal’, Gray Moonstone has colors such as Ivory, Blue, White, Gray and Black on it too. The mystical stone is ideal to keep on you if you want to have a change of perception too.

8.      Albite moonstone 

A gorgeous looking moonstone with strong roots to feldspar, Albite Moonstone is translucent and always glittering white rays. The rare crystal is mined from Canada and emits dull and pale white flashes when seen under the light.

9.      Adularia moonstone

One of the most exclusive moonstones around the world, Adularia Moonstone is a spiritual stone with untapped powers. The rare gem emits silvery streaks of white, blue and gray under naked eyes and is mined from India, Madagascar and Burma.

·        Physical Benefits

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

Perfect crystal for resetting your biological clock, the best effect of Moonstone is safety. Moonstone is known to heal the female reproductive system and ease pains of menstruation. Disorders of the skin such as allergy, rashes and blisters are also the specialty of Moonstone. By reversing aging and revitalizing skin as well as hair and eyes, Moonstone revives the beauty within you.

Moonstone wearers are also blessed with cozy sleep and a sound circadian rhythm. For those of us who can’t beat the stomach issues when eating out, moonstone infused water works amazingly!

Moonstone also helps in absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins faster than any crystal. Yet another striking benefit of using moonstone in your day-to-day life is painless pregnancy and labor.

·        Spiritual Benefits


Sacred throughout South-East Asia, Moonstone is regarded as the crystal of hope, miracles and divinity. Opening the synapses of your mind to heightened spiritual consciousness are but unique advantages of the moonstone crystal.

Combining serendipity with the synchronicity of your chakras is a bonus of being dedicated to your moonstone crystal. According to Crystal Users, placing Moonstone on a Yellow Cloth on a Full Moon Night and peek to see your 3-months future!

·        Emotional Benefits

Healing Crystal Handbook: Moonstone

Expanding perception is the key benefit of making moonstone a vital part of your jewelry. Keeping moonstone close to your higher chakras helps in comprehending situations and resolving conflicts effortlessly. Moonstone is akin to a therapist at your fingertips and hence, bond with your pet crystal as much as you can.

Deeper emotional bonding with moonstone instills the wearer with clairvoyance and voicing your passions confidently.

A gentle crystal that teaches soft yet accurate channeling of ideas, moonstone also promotes non-linear thoughts, making you one with your surroundings. Meditating with the gemstone moonstone helps in revealing inner conflicts and desires easily as well.

·        Five Moonstone Facts

Healing Crystal Handbook:

  • Moonstone emits a halo like white floating reflection when seen under the sunlight, which christened the stone as Moonstone and the effect is titled as adularescence.
  • Popularized as the Lover’s Stone of Mystery, Moonstone is traditionally given as a gift for the 13th wedding anniversary.
  • In Arabic lores, moonstone is sewn onto the robes of women to promote fertility, while moonstone is welcomed as the most sacred crystal in Hindu Scriptures.
  • Moonstone was declared as the Official Gemstone of Florida respecting the City where the first Shuttle that made a man walk on the moon, was launched!
  • The Dream stone is also believed to be the tear drops of a Godly Quarrel from the heavens and even today, dreaming about Moonstone is a considered a warning from the heavens among the older crystal aficionados.

Before You go …

Moonstone is a soft stone and must be handled softly and recharged regularly. Wearers of Moonstone are blessed with stabilizing vibrations that help in aligning the higher chakras too. Regardless of the pain you’re going through, moonstone can transform into your BFF that you never had!

The above Moonstone is like a mother with a healing wand; always watching over you, your health and happiness

Cat s Eye Moonstone Apple Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

Stay powerful~


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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

5 Responses


April 01, 2019

I just got my Moonstone pendant in the mail today, and I’m already feeling the benefits. It has such incredibly soothing energy! It’s also perfect timing — a Monday, and three days before the due start day of my period.

The funny thing is, I received some very specific instructions – almost ritual style – for the things I needed to do before the delivery. I had to be fully dressed, not in my PJs; and I had planned to wear purple today, but was told, absolutely not, I had to wear black, preferably a high-necked top like a polo-neck (I had to say no to that, because the only one I have is made of merino wool, and I’d cook) — though whichever Angel or guide was sending these instructions, did say that if I got cold, and didn’t have a black cardigan (I do, but it’s the spangly type and didn’t feel right), I could use a midnight-blue one instead (I do have one of those, a plain midnight-blue waterfall cardigan). I was further instructed – last night – that my pendant would definitely arrive today (the latest date was Thursday), and I should wear it at my throat chakra to start with, only moving it to my heart chakra when I was used to its energy.

I usually use the Cleansing Breath on crystal jewellery, because it’s just about the most personal cleansing method there is, but I was told specifically not to do so, but instead to use my normal affirmation – spoken aloud instead of thought about, which is what you have to do when breathing on a crystal – while running the pendant under the tap.

I get the change in cleansing method, but the specific dress code instructions are new to me. Normally crystals or crystal pendants don’t mind what I’m wearing, providing I’m not starkers; and I don’t get specific chakra proximity instructions, nor a prescribed cleansing method.

I’ve bought a number of crystals and pieces of crystal jewellery online, but I’ve never had such specific instructions for preparing to meet a new crystal friend. There must be a reason. It’s very strange — but then again, this is Moonstone: maybe it’s a mixture of the current Moon phase (waning crescent, two days from the New Moon), strong advice from my guides/Angels, and even the request of Diana and/or Selene themselves (and if that’s what it is, it would be the first time they’ve ever reached out to me)!

Ceida, if you happen to read this, and you can make sense of it, please let me know what you think happened. Thanks crystal sister. Blessings to you.

Love and Light.


March 29, 2019

@Anne, that’s unusual! It could be that the stone is trying to communicate; I’d say it definitely wants some attention for some reason. I recommend you keep a close eye on your ring, because the stone might be unhappy where it is, and the whirring you heard, might be its attempt to vibrate itself free of the setting, if it doesn’t like it. If you have crystal attunement, you might want to meditate with your Moonstone, and ask it whether there’s a special reason foe its actions.

Love and Light.


March 29, 2019

@Kristina, a Moonstone needs the light energy of the Moon in order to recharge. It’s best to leave it on an Amethyst cluster over the night of the Full Moon, from Sunset through to dawn (or Moonrise to Moonset), for a full and thorough recharge. I call Moonstone the Lunar equivalent of Heliodor: each crystal is so tied to its respective “planet”, they won’t charge at all well under the other one’s light, so there’s as little point in charging a Moonstone in the daytime, as there is in charging a Heliodor at night. Moonstone is a very gentle crystal, very easy on the body and energic fields – Heliodor is a far more energetic stone which I personally love to work with, but unlike Moonstone, Heliodor is not a stone to help you sleep peacefully… not unless you’re being kept awake because you’re cold, anyway. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I can’t afford to get cold; Heliodor, among other helpful powers it has, can actually warm you up bodily. In fact that happened to me last night: it was clear and cold, and I ended up half uncovered, freezing and extremely sore, but my Heliodors – eleven oval-faceted gold beauties (no kidding, they look like faceted, transparent Gold) in a pendant and one beautiful translucent yellow tumblestone which is kind of a crystal BFF – fixed things inside ten minutes. Moonstone wouldn’t have done that….. but it would help me sleep on those nights when my mind just won’t shut down. My last non-rainbow Moonstone pendant, a gorgeous 12mm pure white cat’s-eye, was stolen from me back in the 90s, but I purchased another, not a cat’s-eye this time, as far as I know, on Amazon yesterday.

Love and Light.


October 14, 2018

One morning when I got up I heard a whirring noise and when I put my hand up to my ear it got louder. It wa coming from my moonstone ring. Shockingly loud but pleasant.


September 18, 2018

How does one recharge a moonstone?

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