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Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

One of the vital silicate red minerals that have been man’s best friend since 5000 years of human history, Garnet is synonymous with many symbols such as the Warrior Stone to pomegranates owing to its eye-turner look.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

The deep red stone has been long since epitomized as the embodiment of passion to love and fidelity. Even Noah used a finely cut garnet that glowed to keep the endless nights and days on the legendary ark lit amidst the first Apocalypse! Koran reveres Garnet as the stone that built the fourth gate of heaven while Greek believed Garnet that garnet had special powers to save the drowning.

The religious worth of Garnet aside, it is an aphrodisiac stone that rouses love and romance. Often nicknamed the stone of intimacy, garnet improves your stamina and strength. It can remove problems of nervousness and panic attacks by grounding you. Besides improving your libido, garnet can also create more satisfying experience in romantic relationships.

Garnet is a physical healing stone that connects with your core to balance you. It promotes visualization and originality of ideas when worn on the body. It is believed garnet can remove pain and emotional baggage too. Ancient crystal users believed wearing garnet can influence fate.

If you love travelling, garnet can protect you by penetrating your auric energies and cocooning you against hurdles along the way. A stone that brings the real feelings in a person, garnet is also a detox gemstone that purifies the lungs, stomach, uterus, liver and kidneys. It is a harmony stone that generates peace. It is auspicious to start things with garnet by your side.

Often regarded as the powerful parting gift for lovers, Garnet was first bestowed upon Persephone by Hades, for a speedy and safe return!

  • Names

Popular as Garanatus, garnet is also called Rhodolite, Garamanticus, Arizona ruby, Cinnamon Stone, Grape Crystal and Carbuncle too. Which is the name you like?

  • Hardness on the MOHS Scale

A durable stone with good hardness, garnet ranges in strength. It varies from 6.5 to 7.5 on the MOHS scale. You can use it for everyday wear without risks.

  • Origin

You can find garnet in different regions such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, China, India, Madagascar, USA, Thailand, Tanzania, South Africa, Myanmar, Namibia, Kenya, Pakistan and Russia.

  • Represents the God

  1. Sun: Astrology of Spain
  2. Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;
  • Zodiac

Garnet is recommended as the birthstone of two zodiac signs- Aquarius (January 20 to February 20) and Capricorn (December 20 to January 20).

  • Planet

The powers of three planets fall upon garnet- Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Out of these, Saturn is the strongest. It brings you unexpected wealth and success besides making your dreams come true when you wear garnet.

  • Color energies

The powers of three planets fall upon garnet- Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Out of these, Saturn is the strongest. It brings you unexpected wealth and success besides making your dreams come true when you wear garnet.

  • Numerical Vibration

If you’re smitten by garnet or are wearing it, the lucky number to keep in mind is 04. Choose the number four whenever you can, while wearing garnet to pull luck towards you.

  • Chakra

Garnet can empower multiple chakras. That’s the secret armor of this red stone. It awakens sacral chakra (located in your pelvic area), root chakra (located at the base of your spine), solar plexus chakra (located around your stomach)and even crown (located above your head) chakra at times.

  • Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Garnet

Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

A brittle and transparent stone in red to yellow, black, colorless, green and orange, garnet is one of the few healing crystals which changing colors as well. Garnet is a unique category of silicate minerals popular as a medium to connect with angels as well as the feng shui markers in your house.

Spanning from transparent to opaque, garnet can be found abundantly all around the world. New York’s official gemstone, Garnet signifies the realization of dreams to spiritual uplifting. Originating from the Latin for seed-like or ‘garanatus’, garnet has been found with mankind since the Bronze ages!

Garnets are often found with inclusions, yet the stones are almost never polished!

1.      Uvarovite Garnet

Popularly known as the color changing garnet, Uvarovite Garnet looks glitzy in its drusy form. An emerald like pale green glow is the trademark of uvarovite garnet made with a mix of calcium and chromium. The rare variety of green garnet is found in Finland and Russia.

2.      Almandine Garnet

A harder category of garnet found with mixes of aluminum and iron, almandine garnet was once referred to as carbuncle due to its live coal like the color. Also referred to as Oriental Garnet and Almandine Ruby, Almandine Garnet is one of the darkest transparent varieties of red.

3.      Pyrope Garnet

Derived from the Greek word for ‘eyes with fire within’, Pyrope Garnet is a mix of aluminum, iron or calcium in the silicate crystal. From dark reddish tint to black streaks, pyrope garnet can be seen in a wide variety of colors.

Bohemian garnet is a variety of pyrope garnet originating from Bohemia is rare and renowned to display the rarest of traits.

4.      Andradite Garnet

Made from calcium and iron mix in the silicate, Andradite Garnet spans from yellow to red, brown, green and black too. Andradite Garnet is renowned for being a crystal with maximum glitz and brilliance owing to its unique inclusions in the shape of the tail of a horse.

5.      Melanite

A glowing variety of garnet which projects colors such as black, deep red and dark brown, melanite is a form of andradite garnet.

6.      Topazolite

Yet another striking variety of andradite garnet is softer colors ranging from deep yellow to beige and brown, Topazolite is mined from Africa.

7.      Rhodolite

A form of garnet that emanates colors such as violet to red, Rhodolite is also the Greek word for Rose. Portraying eponymous pink strains on the rock, rhodolite is a mix of pyrope and almandine varieties of garnet that originates from North Carolina.

8.      Spessartine Garnet

Made from a unique blend of magnesium and aluminum, Spessartine Garnet is found in colors yellow to orange and violet shades in various parts of the world. Spessartine garnet is a rare stone mined from Bavaria and USA that displays a series of colors.

A unique mix of pyrope-spessartine is also renowned for the color changing garnet.

9.      Grossular Garnet

Translated into gooseberry, grossular garnet is an aluminum-calcium garnet is also found with the presence of ferrous iron as well. Colors of grossular garnet are diverse from dark yellow to brown, deep red and cinnamon hues.

10.  Gooseberry Garnet

Another term for grossular garnet, gooseberry garnet displays a unique shade of pale green to brown. Gooseberry garnets originate from Siberia and are useful for stretching the emotional and spiritual awareness of the wearer.

11.  Hessonite

A variety of grossular garnet with a see-through nature, hessonite differs in colors ranging from orange to pale maroon and brown. Considered softer than zircon, hessonite roots from the Greek word for ‘inferior’.

12.  Leuco Garnet

A little-known variety of garnet that is colorless, leuco garnet is also popular as leucocarbro.  Leuco garnet displays streaks of beige shades with a transparent to cloudy clarity and is often found with dot inclusions.

13.  Mint Garnet

A type of Grossular Garnet that projects the color of soft mint colors, mint garnet were often mistaken for a faded emerald in the older days! Mint garnet displays streaks of white, brown and yellow too.  

14.  Imperial Garnet

Emanating soft pink, orange to red colors, imperial garnet is seen in transparent clarity all over the world. The grossular type of garnet has a unique soft color with black to white, brown and rose streaks on it.

15.  Star Garnet

Usually seen in weak stones, the rarest type of garnets with asterism are also the most appraised throughout history. Star garnets are typically opaque and display a 4-legged star under the naked light during daytime hours.

16.  Demantoid Garnet

A costly variety of garnets often mistaken with Tsavorite, Demantoid Garnet range from colors such as olivine to pale and rayon green too.  Demantoid garnet is a rare type of andradite garnet often synonymous as the ‘Pearl of Urals’, mined from the Ural Mountains in Asia.

17.  Tsavorite Garnet

Another green variety of garnet that is also grossular with emerald-like shade, Tsavorite Garnet is seen in a transparent clarity.

18.  Mali Garnet

Originating from Mali in Africa, Mali Garnet displays gorgeous shades of brown, red, yellow and green and as well as unique mixes of all the colors. Mali garnet can be categorized as andradite and grossular, according to its structure.

19.  Mozambique Garnet

Displaying dark wine plus red or maroon shade, Mozambique garnet is a peculiar garnet with nearly opaque luster.  From deep red to dull red, Mozambique garnet differs widely. Most Mozambique garnets are almandite or pyrope type of garnet.

20.  Tangerine Garnet

A variety of Spessartine type of garnet, Tangerine garnet is a captivating crystal in the colors ranging from softer shades of yellow to orange, red and beige. Tangerine garnets are mined from Mozambique and Namibia.

21. Mandarin Garnet

Displays a saturated orange to yellow, red and maroon, mandarin garnet is a Spessartine Garnet mined from places such as Mozambique and Namibia.

22. Knorringite

A variety of garnet-rich in chromium and magnesium, Knorringite almost never occurs naturally on its own. Knorringite is used as an indicator for diamonds and mostly found amidst kimberlites.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

Garnet is a stone of the bodily passions; simply out, your hormones. By stabilizing hormonal secretions and boosting the overall immunity of our body, garnet is a must-have stone for vitality and longevity. By enhancing the absorption of minerals and vitamins, Garnet makes the wearer healthy as well.

Another unique trademark of high-quality garnet is DNA regeneration that puts an end to genetic disorders. Considered excellent for respiratory health, garnet also boosts one’s reproductive system. By enhancing the experience of sex to intimacy, garnet is the gemstone of virility too. Buy genuine garnets to help eradicate inflammations due to stress, shock and pathogens.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

    Renowned as the Stone of Commitment to Protection, Garnet is a healing crystal that can do multiple wonders, thanks to its power to activate multiple chakras. Garnet also cleanses spiritual blockages within your higher chakras by connecting you with your spiritual guide.

    Astral travel is yet another gift to wearing unique garnet stones that you bond. By sharpening your cosmic prowess and perception, garnet helps in seeking permanent guidance from the angelic realm too.

    Garnet also opens the heart to cosmic love by showing you the bigger picture and your essence in the future!

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

    Signifying uterine blood to an outburst of cocooned and suppressed passion, garnet is a releasing stone that empowers the wearer evermore! Garnet protects the wearer by repelling harm that is en route and then channeling it as positivity by promoting creativity, virginity and wisdom in thoughts.

    The pomegranate lookalike gemstone is also a truth serum in disguised as it boosts honesty, fidelity, dedication and passion to its wearer. By sucking out the negativity in feuds, Garnet helps in releasing one’s suppressed memories and emotional baggage too.

    An exceptional stone for travelers, garnet was also given as an amulet to warriors to boost their lifespan!

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

    ·         A gem gifted on second wedding anniversary, Garnet is also gifted to the couple on their sixth anniversary.

    ·         During the colonization of Pakistan in the 19th century, Garnet bullets were used by the locals to overthrow the British.

    ·         Ages ago, rubies and garnets were thought of as the same gemstone owing to their color as well as the chakra they awakened.

    ·         Garnet displays asterism and different colors when viewed under different colors.

    ·         Called the Gem of Faith, garnet can protect the wearers but can adversely affect when the wearer involves in negative activities.

    Before You go …

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

    Also signified as a Friendship Stone, Garnet is a potent stone glorified since the beginning of Man to God, according to Bible and Koran. Garnet harmonizes bodily functions to secretions as well as emotional and spiritual needs plus wants.

    Garnet wearers harbor powers of multiple chakras and hence are also the sign of Leaders, proved by Noah. To rate the genuine nature of a garnet, use a neodymium magnet with the stones that attracted being 100% authentic.

    Garnet Bracelet - Red Stone

    Stay powerful~

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Garnet

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