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Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

 A peaceful epitome like no other, Fluorite was renowned as the Stone of Geniuses. Fluorite symbolizes the highest realm and wearing it opens your mind to welcome the same.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Fluorite inhabits a soft and calming frequency, which when comes across chakra deficiencies, repairs it. In the ancient times, healers used to keep fluorite wands to heal chakra imbalances instantly as the stone aligns all the core seven chakras in the body.

Known to take the user by the hand into the enlightened realm, fluorite also cures numerous brain disorders by revamping your neurological system. Known to empower the wearer into a powerful person, fluorite increases mental abilities.

·        Alternate Names of Fluorite

Fluorospar, Rainbow Stone, Yttrian Stone, Fluorine, Fluorescence and Floret Stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Hardness of Fluorite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Origin of Fluorite

Italy, South Africa, Germany, New Mexico, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Myanmar, China, Pakistan, Russia, France, Englance, Morocco, Spain and India;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Fluorite Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

  1. Itzpapaloti: Butterfly Goddess of Aztec Civilization
  2. Annapoorna: Goddess of Food or Grain, Hinduism;
  3. Vac: Goddess of Speech, Hinduism
  4. Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom, Etruscan
  5. Sophia: Goddess of Knowledge, Greek;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Fluorite

Capricorn and Pisces;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Fluorite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Fluorite Color energies

All the colors;

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·        Numerical Vibration of Fluorite

07 and 09;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

·        Fluorite activates the Chakra (s)

All the chakras, especially thymus and higher heart,

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

The vitreous gemstone which occurs in a variety of colors is also the same one that balances all the chakras in the human body in addition to etheric chakras. With an attractive lustre and ability to mimic multiple gemstones, fluorite is a multitalented gemstone that can quickly diagnose people suffering from chakra disorders.

Belonging to the mineral group of Halides, Fluorite is a calcium fluorite gemstone used for empowering multiple chakras at once. It boosts the wearer’s ability to balance both the hemispheres of the brain by balancing the chakra deficiencies.

Fluorite is one of the pristine gemstones, often praised for its immense effect on the mind as well as psychic abilities. The amazing gemstone also brings down radiation and keeps the wearer healthy!

1.      Yttrocerite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

The presence of cerium and yttrium leads to the formation of yttrocerite by displacing the calcium in fluorite. Yttrocerite is seen in the predominantly white shade with scattered purple, blue and pink colors on it. Yttrocerite is a mind control stone that also protects the user!

2.      Black Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Resembling black tourmaline and pyrite, black fluorite is often seen in an opaque black shade with streaks of silver across it. Also known as the great astral cleaner, black fluorite dispels negativity around a person. Black fluorite is known as mom’s little helpers as it prevents nightmares when kept under the pillow.

3.      Bingham Blue fluorite

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Also known as the sky blue fluorite, Bingham blue fluorite is excellent to clarify confusions and take smart decisions. Bingham blue fluorite has a unique color that symbolizes royalty and reflects aquamarine gemstone.

4.      Blue Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Often mined from France, bright blue fluorites are a spectacle on its own. Blue Fluorite activates the spiritual awakening in the wearer and improves intuitive skills. The bright blue fluorite is seen in colors such as violet to sky blue colors.

5.      Green Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Looking identical to green aventurine, green fluorite absorbs excessive energy to calm the user. It renews the chakras of the wearer and empowers the mind. Green fluorite is found in shades of pale and olivine green.

6.      Smoky Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

A brown variety of fluorite, rarely seen with crystal lovers, Smoky Fluorite is a powerful and exclusive gemstone. Smoky Fluorite is seen with brown to black and deep peach streaks. It is renowned that smoky fluorite is an excellent stone to restore faith and dispel confusions in a person!

7.      Aqua Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Yet another green variety of Fluorite that is widely known to heal medical disorders of the user, Aqua Fluorite is a gorgeous stone. Seen in a transparent sheen, aqua fluorite is seen with blackish green colors. Always keep an aqua fluorite in your luggage bag to be safe while on journeys.

8.      Yttrofluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

When yttrium replaced calcium partially in fluorite, it results in yttrofluorite. With mild green, blue, maroon and brown colors, yttrofluorite is a true gem without flaws. When programmed with third eye chakra, yttrofluorite induces clairvision in the wearer.

9.      Clear or Colorless Fluorite

Another powerful gemstone that lacks color on it is the Colorless or Clear Fluorite. As this unique variety of fluorite looks transparent and colorless, it is known to be one of the best purifying stones as well. Colorless fluorite activates the Crown Chakra and fills the wearer with intuitive qualities.  

10. Magenta Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Emanating mesmerizing shades of dark rose to light pink and fuchsia shades, magenta fluorite is one of a kind! Also known as the truth or heart crystal, magenta fluorite also attracts the highest goods to its wearer. When worn for long, magenta fluorite can also change the perspective of the person using it.

11. Yellow Fluorite or Golden Fluorite

A gorgeous gemstone that looks akin to yellow diamond, yellow fluorite is an intuition stone that is often used for detoxification therapies. The sunny fluorite stone is renowned to treat eating disorders as well as terminal diseases by activating the root chakra.

12. Rainbow Fluorite

Displaying a mix of spiritual and magical traits including healing, rainbow fluorite is known to balance multiple chakras at once. Rainbow aura Fluorite resets the energy level of the body and purifies the aura. Rainbow fluorite is also called the Multicolored fluorite, which cleanses and energizes the bodily core chakras. It is often seen in black forest green shade! 

13. Chlorophane

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

A unique gemstone that displays thermoluminescent qualities, chlorophane is known to work magic when in need. The unique fact about chlorophane is that is beginning to emit light whenever the stone undergoes heat. Chlorophane is a mood balancing crystal that handles anxiety attacks and stress, effortlessly! It is seen with neon green and blue shades on it.

14. Purple Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Popular as the 3rd eye Stone, Purple Fluorite consists of many hidden powers little known to man. Also called violet fluorite, purple fluorite is a higher chakra boosting stone that empowers wisdom of the wearer. The purple stone was once christened as the Dream Crystal for its stunning effects on dream recall and therapy.

15. Pink Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Known as the stone of Will power and Well-being, Pink Fluorite connects the wearer with nature and the cosmos around. By empowering the thymus or higher heart chakra, pink fluorite helps the wearer broaden the mind. Pink fluoride is revered as the best antidote for osteoporosis and hormone regulation.

16. Blue John

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

An exclusive fluorite gemstone with layers and bands of purple or yellow on it refers to blue john gemstone. Fluorite is a distinct gemstone that helps to balance life and its actions. Blue job fluorite is mined often from England and is unique when compared to all the other fluorite varieties. At present, the blue stone is categorized as a rare mineral, mined rarely every year.

17. Radioactive Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

A potentially harmful and toxic fluorite, radioactive fluorite is also called as Stinkspar. It is an unhealthy gemstone that releases ozone and hydrogen fluoride gas, lethal to humans when opened or broken.

·        Physical Effects of Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

An immune stimulating gemstone, fluorite is considered as an antiviral medicine used since the earliest of human history. By balancing the brain hemispheres and revamping the neuron system of the brain, fluorite affects the wearer quickly.

A skin-smoothening gemstone, fluorite also flushes out toxic growth and disorders from the respiratory tract. Fluorite wand is an excellent vaccination against seasonal allergies, fevers and flu if you program your root chakra. From strengthening your bones and teeth to bringing down inflammations, fluorite is also excellent for psychological relief and stability.

From arthritis to rheumatism, swelling, pain and mobility issues, there are many diseases that can be healed with regular fluorite use. This season, disinfect your home and surroundings by programming a fluorite to want to dispel the negativity!

·        Spiritual Effects of Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Uplifting your mind to higher realms is one of the positive symptoms of an active fluorite gemstone. Fluorite raises the psychic awareness and stability of the wearer. It is popular that fluorite use also leads to a superpower that makes the wearer comprehend fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions unseen by the world.

Beyond tesseract and black holes, fluorite guarantees the divine will and protection to the wearer. It keeps you away from harm, accidents and curses. Fluorites help the subconscious and the conscious mind bridge gaps inbetween and emerge as a new system of thought!

Fluorite reemphasizes our individual uniqueness by tracing our history since the dawn of time. By regularly using fluorite, you also being to attract positivity in life, changing your lifestyle altogether!

·        Emotional Effects of Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

An incredible calming and soothing crystal, fluorite is also known as the gemstone to put a straddle on your mind. Fluorite helps to regain one’s lost genuine traits by revealing the Karmic Cycle.

Often, it is our regret or repressed memories that prevent us from giving nothing but the best. When you limit your own skills, your potential does the minimum also decreases. Lack of self-confidence and courage are some of the main causes of emotional trauma. Fluorite reverses emotional agony by revealing the inner truth that governs every event, person or object in our lives.

Fluorite boosts the ability of logical reasoning in the wearer as well as widening comprehension. The gorgeous gemstone eradicates harmful ideas by resolving feuds and negativity between friends and family.  Fluorite is a wonderful gemstone that compels the user to differentiate reality from fantasy!

·        Five Facts About Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

1.       Composed of the fire energy, Fluorite is a stone of passion that must be kept in the southern region of a house to harness positivity and success to the household.
2.       Romans believed that Fluorite increases ones tolerance against intoxicants when used as a Gem elixir.
3.       Considered ideal for artists, Fluorite brings success and wealth to musicians and writers.
4.       Menadel is the Guardian angel for people who use Fluorite and it works excellently when programmed from September 18 until 23.
5.       Given to crystal lovers celebrating their 60th birthday, Fluorite attracts health and power when programmed on one’s birthday.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fluorite

Unlike most gemstones, fluorite does not restrict its powers to one or two chakras, but all the chakras. Fluorite is a gemstone straight from heaven that can bring down depression and dissatisfaction in life, through physical and spiritual health. Fluorite does so by igniting your passion and enlightening your ways!

If you have any more doubts on Fluorite, make no delay to ask us!

Which fluorite crystal caught your heart?

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Stay powerful~

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