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Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Home

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Home

Removing negativity from a home is definitely a tough job.

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

To make your job easy, we have compiled the best gemstones to place in and around your house to repel negativity and attract positivity.

In fact, it is not healing crystals alone that incur good or bad energy.

Our own feelings of good or bad are influenced or amplified by energies emanating from Gemstones. 

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

To start with, ask yourself, which gemstone do I feel positive with?

Which Healing Crystals to Remove Negativity from Home

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

Gemstones for removing negativity from homes work by transmitting, modifying and amplifying positivity via Feng shui.

When correctly used, the same gemstones can attract prosperity to health, happiness and longevity of the family as well as the home and its environment.

Wanna try your hand at luck, love and fortune via healing crystals at home?

For the Door and Windows: Jade

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

A gorgeous gemstone often renowned as an integral part of Ancient Chinese Medicine, Jade is a good luck stone that also attracts wealth to the user.

When placed above the doorstep, jade helps in purifying energies including that of the people who enter your home.

It can also be kept over windowpanes to purify the air as well as the aura that enter the tranquility of your home.

For Study or Prayer Room: Amethyst

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

A powerful gemstone known to ground the wearer or the surroundings, Amethyst is a Third eye activation stone that helps to repel distractions.

As it awakens the crown chakra, Amethyst rewires the brain to influence learning abilities too.

When a tall geode of Amethyst is placed in the Southeast direction of the study room, amethyst increases aptitude and craving for knowledge as well as comprehension.

For the Hall Room: Amber

When a powerful gemstone that activates Solar Plexus, throat and Sacral Chakras are placed in the entry room of a house, it emanates energy to speak fearlessly.

The Hall Room in a house is the first room where guests and family converses.

To ensure that your conversations are meaningful and motivated, place an amber gem in the southwest or center position of the Hall Room as it activates Throat and Life Force energies.

For Kitchen: Citrine

A powerful gem that activates the solar plexus chakra, citrine is ideal for kitchens as it purifies the toxins from your food. During preparations for digestion, there are many toxins that can add up.

Citrine activates the chakra of well-being to bless and nutritionalize the food.  

Hang Citrine at the door of your kitchen.

For the Dining Room: Tiger Eye

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

Known to be the eye of the soul, Tiger Eye is a stone of well-being, akin to citrine.

Nonetheless, citrine also radiates harmony in the dining room in addition to purifying the food.

When kept at the Southeast end of a home, Tiger Eye activates both Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.  

For the Bedroom: Rose Quartz

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

A mesmerizing stone that awakens the Heart Chakra energy in a house, Rose Quartz, when kept in the bedroom, emanates energy of divine love, peace and fulfillment.

Ideal for treating insomnia, Rose Quartz must be kept in the Northeast directions of your bedroom to spread the energy of harmony and contentment among couples.  

For the Kids Room: Obsidian

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

When you design the children’s room, it is important that the Feng Shui agrees with progress and safety.

Black Obsidian is a Root Chakra stone that also powers the energy of the Earth and Star chakras.

If black obsidian is placed in the North Bagua area of a house, it cures the negativity to seasonal diseases that easily affect kids.

For Bathroom: Smoky Quartz

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

A potent quartz crystal that activates the Base/ Root Chakra energies, smoky quartz is a stone for the Solar Plexus chakra.

When kept in the bathroom, Smoky Quartz heals the elimination organs including the excretory system.

Smoky Quartz is a wood energy stone that must be placed in the southeast corner of your bathroom to heal the elimination process of the body including constipation and piles.  

For Storeroom: Black Tourmaline

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

By emanating energies of the base or Root Chakra, black tourmaline protects and guards the wearer as well as the members of the house it is kept in.  

Black tourmaline powers the family members to balance junk with useful commodities.

It can also help you find lost things when placed at the left corner of the storeroom!

For Garden: Peridot

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

If you’re a person who cares about the backyard vegetable or flower garden, using a growth stone such as Peridot can be beneficial for your plants.

By activating chakras such as the Heart and Throat, peridot kept in the centre of the garden repels weed and insects from destroying your garden as well.  

What we Recommend …

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from the Home

As a bonus tip, it is best to use gemstones such as Clear quartz in the entrance area of your house such as the Veranda for purifying or dispelling negative energies that try to enter your home. You can also use protection crystals such as Black Onyx around the terrace to prevent evil eye or curses from hampering the peace of your home.

When you get home open this page and observe the crystals below to judge which crystal gels well with your homely mood.

Natural Green Jade Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Buddha Guanyin Head Obsidian PendantManchurian Peridot Gold Ring

And, Tell Us about it in the comments below. We will help you buy the right one!

Stay powerful~


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