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Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

Has your mom or dad been suffering from recurring memory problems? Worry no more because there are a handful of natural remedies in crystallized forms to treat every form of dementia effectively.

The Bond of Healing Crystals with Dementia

Crystals for Dementia

Any form of degeneration within the brain is termed as dementia. We are not kidding when we claim that Alzheimer’s in addition to Dementia is curable with Reiki and Gemstone Therapy. When you use healing crystals, you also utilize the potency of its crystal lattices to reverse aging as well as to introduce cell renewal.

By activating the higher chakras such as Crown and Third Eye, in addition to Life Force Chakra, you build the web of healing energy in and around the brain which repairs, rejuvenates and revitalizes your chakra energies. By aligning Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras alongside the other chakras, you activate energy that can heal emotional hurdles and bestow a stable mindset.

How can You Use Healing Crystals for Dementia

Crystals For Dementia

Begin with a gentle mode of detoxification and gradually move onto strong crystal rituals including programming of the higher chakras. Meditation is a strong cure for dementia and other higher chakra imbalances.

1.       Crystal Infused Drinking Water

Drinking or using crystal concoctions made by infusing crystals under a full moon night or sunlight within the crystal singing bowl activates the energy within a gemstone to penetrate into the crystal.

2.       Crystal Patches

For a quick pain relief and recovery, tie the right crystal in a patch around your crown chakra or that of the ailing to help the crystal energy penetrate with ease. Remember to cleanse the crystals after every use to prevent forcing the toxic energies from re-entering the ailing body.

3.       Gentle Gemstone Massages

Using a crystal wand, you can conduct a variety of healing massages that heals fear to depression and degeneration easily. Crystal wand massages are unique forms of crystal programming which include removal of negative energies from the core chakras.

Choose the Right Crystals for Dementia

Crystals For Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease sucks the good life out of you; there is no debate on it. Dementia erases the memories as well as important experiences of one’s life. A disease that is weaved straight out of nightmares, dementia can be erased without a trace if you believe, bond and regularize the use of healing crystals.

·         Rose Quartz for Higher Heart chakra

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

A powerful heart Chakra Crystal, Rose Quartz flushes out toxins of degeneration from the higher heart chakra by enhancing the blood circulation as well as metabolism. Rose quartz crystal is a soothing crystal that works by calming the patient first and recollecting the memories he or she had lost while battling the disease.

·         Carnelian for Root chakra

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

Deep red carnelian is considered exceptionally helpful to control and stabilize the minds of agitated dementia patients. Use carnelian as a crystal patch or for massages to help the core energy run through your energy points and regenerate the cells.

Wearing Carnelian on your base chakra also releases anger to fear, which further relaxes the patient and fills him or her with overwhelming positivity.

·         Moss Agate for Sacral Chakra

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

A superb healing crystal with extra ordinary healing powers, moss agate helps to release painful memories and emotions without hurting the fragile mental stability. Wearing moss agate on the lower chakras also treats diseases by energizing the body with Kundalini energy.

Moss agate was renowned as aquatic agate as it could cure dehydration to depression and memory loss in adults RIGHT AWAY!

·         Chalcedony for Crown Chakra

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

Wearing chalcedony around the higher chakras, especially on the crown chakra repairs your dendron endings and improves reception from neurotransmitters to synapses effectively.  Crown chakra imbalance is the biggest cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s and several other brain disorders associated with aging.

Program your chalcedony beads and periodically wear it on your neck or keep it underneath the pillow when you sleep.

·         Emerald for the Heart

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

A soothing green crystal that emanates calming energies of growth and healing, Emerald relaxes the wearer and fills them with contentment and happiness. Emerald brings back memories when drank as a crystal infusion every morning.

Wear Emerald for a sharp memory in addition to gifting it to the old ones undergoing short and long term memory loss including malignant dementia.

·         Clear Quartz for the Third Eye

Five Things Nobody Told You About Crystals For Dementia

An important healing crystal that cleanses the energy blocks in your higher chakras, Clear Quartz absorbs negative energies and calms down the wearer. Wearing clear quartz as jewelry is a smart way to transmute your negativity into positive opportunities that bring drastic changes.

Place the clear quartz in between your brows and massage gently for effective recovery. Being a master healer, Clear Quartz activates both crown chakra and third eye chakra, ensuring double the speed of recovery.

What we Recommend

Crystals For Dementia

Remember that healing crystals are not substituted for prescriptions or doctor’s consultancy. Moreover, using healing crystals with medicines will amplify the power of healing as well as the speed of recovery in patients.


Stay powerful~


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