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Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

Varicose veins are a result of disturbed veins in the legs. Varicosity is usual during old age and when neglected can lead to breaking out of veins as well as blood loss. A constant threat to active walking as well as the beauty of the leg, Varicose Veins are a result of weak blood circulation as well as blood valves.


Why use Crystals on Varicosity?

Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

As varicosity involves excruciating pains in the legs to throbbing veins, there is much that a healing crystal can do for you. Due to aging and lack of nutrients in the body, your veins can become thick with time and lead to a slovenly blood flow. When the blood is circulated back to the heart, the same can lead to congestion and erratic heart rate.

Depending on the severity of your varicosity, the veins can be projected or vulnerable to cuts. Some important symptoms to watch out for are a pain in legs, tiredness, inflammation in the ankles and itchiness in the legs in addition to dermatitis and discoloration of the legs.

In addition to doctor’s prescription, using the right crystals can boost your blood circulation as well as eject toxins from your blood.

How to Use Crystals on Varicose Veins

Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

Varicose veins are not exclusive to legs and can occur on various parts of the body. The most effective natural remedy to get rid of varicose veins is by using gemstone with a polished surface to prevent it hurting your vulnerable veins. Tape the right crystals onto your painful areas after programming your sacral chakra as well as the heart chakra. These crystals activate the heart chakra energies for circulation and kundalini energy to flush out toxins from your bloodstream.

By adding a base chakra crystal to make a crystal grid, you amplify the total power of the crystals in addition to eradicating the disease with the combined power of carefully chosen gemstones. You can also infuse the crystal in a crystal bowl with sunlight or moonlight and water to reuse the water for cleansing treatments.

Within weeks of using the crystals, you will notice a change in the color of your veins as well as intensity. Continue to clean the crystal after each use to remove the toxins by forcing it back into your bloodstream the next day.

Which Crystals must you use to treat varicose veins?

Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

Not all crystals can boost your blood circulation or flush out the congestions easily. When you use the right crystals that are recommended for varicosity, you boost the chances of removing varicosity fast and quick out of your system.

Excellent crystals to experiment with are

·         Rose Quartz

An excellent healing crystal to heal problems of blood circulation to heart problems, Rose Quartz improves the flow of blood in varicose patients. It is excellent as an anklet as it also activates the kundalini energy in the wearer.

Since ancient times, Rose Quartz was revered as an excellent crystal to heal impurities of the blood too.

·         Carnelian

A bright red stone that was renowned to be purified by the blood of martyrs and heavenly wars, Carnelian is a recovery stone. Wearing carnelian as a crystal patch improves the health of your lower organs as it is a Sacral chakra crystal.

Carnelian also improves metabolism and ejects toxins from your twisted varicose veins in a jiffy! Carnelian also catalyzes the production of new blood cells and cures several other blood disorders.

·         Sunstone

A nurturing stone that relieves excruciating pain in legs of people suffering from varicose veins, Sunstone is a precious rock vital to medicines. Earlier centuries saw Sunstone being used for miracle works as it activates the Higher Heart Chakras.

Sunstone effectively cleanses your blood vessels and stabilizes the thickness to its density. Sunstone is exceptionally powerful against most blood disorders including the serious ailment called leukemia.

·         Black Tourmaline

Amongst the tourmaline crystals, dark black tourmaline such as a Schorl is a gemstone that guards the wearer against negativity by activating the base chakra at first. Renowned as an important rock of Wiccan Healing Practices, Black Tourmaline must be massaged for a quick recovery from varicose veins. Black tourmaline is a complete stone that can align multiple chakras too.

Black Tourmaline also resolves joint pains and repels earth demons, which are also a constant pest to blood disorders according to legends and anecdotes.

·         Citrine

Yet another miracle rock with supernatural powers, citrine is a recovery stone that pulls down inflammations of blood vessels on your varicose infected veins. Citrine stone also boosts your energy, metabolism, and immunity. As varicosity takes a heavy toll on the physique, make sure you keep a citrine stone close to your sacral chakra at all times.

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Five Important Life Lessons Crystals For Varicose Veins Taught Us

Varicosity is not the scariest of diseases. However, if left neglected, varicosity can even lead to the opening of the blood vessels and limitless blood loss. Use healing crystals to eject toxins and renew your blood vessels as well as circulation RIGHT NOW! Don’t delay healing …

Which crystal connects with your heart the most?

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