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Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

One of the most important corners of the house, the kitchen is vital to your existence as well as longevity. In this age of toxic food and polluted air, it is tough to keep the toxins off your body, however hygienic you are.

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

Rest assured; we have compiled the best ways to supernaturally cleanse the food that you eat in the kitchen, before it is served!

How to use Crystals for the Kitchen or Dining

When used on to bring together multiple energies of cleansing, purification and positivizing, gemstones can ensure that the food you eat is strictly healthy. It does so by removing toxic impurities and pathogens from your food.

Some creative ways to use gemstones to purify the food you eat are-

Ceiling Stones and Dream Catchers

By creating dream catchers above your dining area or kitchen counter, away from heat, you can blend gemstone power to keep the food in the kitchen, clean and away from infestations. You can also ask the roofers to embed your gemstone into the ceiling panel of the house for permanent protection too.

Programming or Pendulum

By using a gemstone pendulum, you can detect undue vibrations in various parts of the kitchen before it beckons any evil energies or dangers. The trick is to program the gemstone with the kitchen area after running an analysis with the crystal pendulum.

Gem Elixir

The best way to use gemstone power to cleanse your body, mind and spiritual self is by ingesting a vial of true elixir. When infused with water under the full moonlight, the water where the gemstone soaks become charged with the same energy as the gemstones.

Shelf or Counter Stones 

You can also use counter stones that are big enough or geodes to attract positive energies. Always remember to clean your gemstones regularly to remove the heaped negativity within it.

Which Crystals to Use for your Kitchen

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

The kitchen creates fuel for your body. It is the main reason you’re alive. Once your kitchen is unsafe, there are chances that you can become sick through toxins or plain negligence. Using gemstone energies in the kitchen will let you cleanse the atmosphere and re-establish your hygiene.

1.      Clear Quartz

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

One of the prominent cleansing gemstones, clear quartz is a higher chakra gemstone excellent to clean your food before you eat it. In the kitchen, clear quartz can restore order and filter the negativity and toxins from your food.

You can also keep a clear quartz at the entrance of the kitchen to cleanse everything that comes through.

2.      Amethyst

A grounding stone known to activate the higher chakras such as the Crown chakra, Amethyst is an excellent gemstone to detoxify food to a multitude of other things. Amethyst can rekindle health by removing toxic waste from the food prepared in the kitchen.

3.      Rose Quartz

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

If you want a powerful love crystal to imbibe warm love into your food, use the rose quartz stone right away. It activates supreme love energies using heart chakra powers to guarantee your food spreads harmony than feuds at the dinner table.

Wear a rose quartz pendant or create gem elixirs from it, to use during cooking to charge the water.

4.      Jade

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

Another compassionate stone ideal for mother and fathers running the kitchen, jade is a stone of pure kindness. When used as a dreamcatcher in the kitchen above your oven or cooking base, jade activates the heart chakra energy. Wear it as a pendant when working in the kitchen to add an extra bout of love to your food.

5.      Obsidian

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

One of the chief protection stone, obsidian is ideal to guard the wearer during times of danger. Creating obsidian elixir will remove impurities and diseases from infection your family from food. IT cleanses the kitchen by activating energies of the base or root chakra.

You can infuse lunar energy in the obsidian to transform it into an amulet in the kitchen.

6.      Aventurine

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

Yet another heart chakra stone, Aventurine is considered a blessing for those who find it hard to mix flavors or make tasteful meals. Aventurine will help people love your food. It will transform your food into a love potion to maintain harmony around your food.

Wear an aventurine pendant on your heart chakra to ensure that you’re always protected by the energy of love.

7.      Tiger Eye

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

The powerful stone of well-being is crucial to every kitchen. Tiger eye makes the process of cooking healthy by transforming the toxins in the food into elixirs. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for the transformation as it a chakra for health and abundance. Keep it in your kitchen to avoid poverty and misery forever!

Before you go …

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for your Kitchen

Gemstones in the kitchen have one motive- to keep the food healthy. It must actively expel toxins and prevent diseases from food. For this, you must regularly anoint your kitchen with gem elixirs and gem pendulums.

Take a look at the crystal below and tell us what you felt in the comments below!

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Stay powerful~


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