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Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Tired of facing endless difficulties in your life? All we can tell you is, here’s the easiest way to cut the clutter- Gemstones for Garage! A congested garage sans organization or itemizing is a doomhouse of infestation and poor hygiene. On top of it, you might try to clear the bad energies while they thrive right under your nose. This post will guide you to use healing crystals for Garage like a pro and protect your vehicles and things in it.

Why Feng Shui Gemstones for Master Garage Works

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Feng shui does not demand you to demolish your house or renovate the south facing door. It wants you to clear the negativity and attract positivity to your garage. And the best way to ventilate the least-visited places like the garage or the basement is by using gemstones actively.

Keeps clean energy

Gemstones in the garage are ideal for removing the cluttered or smothering negativity you’ve ignored in your garage. Healing crystals can absorb negativity to sustain positivity.

Protects your Vehicles

As gemstone absorb negativity in the environment, it can give you the power of premonition to intuition too. It is a halo for your vehicles as it can welcome new opportunities and dispel the bad ones.

Cleans the Curses and Evil Eye

Extending on protection, gemstones can also repel the extremely bad energies of curses and evil eye from the surroundings quickly.  Healing crystals for garage will help you expel the evil eye, people leave on your beautiful vehicles.

How to use Gemstones for Garages according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui recommends keeping gemstones in a particular area for maximum flow of positive energy. When carefully administered crystals can attract protection and healing to your garage commodities too.

·         Dream Catcher at the Door

Hanging a chandelier, wind chime or dream catcher made of gemstones is ideal for attracting virility to your garage. It must be hung in a way that the healing energies emanated from the healing crystal directly affect your vehicles and other routine amenities in the garage.

·         Gemstone Pendant in your Vehicle

Hanging a gemstone in a visible or invisible area is ideal to perpetually dispel bad energy from a driving vehicle. To read more about all the gemstones you need when you’re driving, click here.

·         Weekly Anointing with Gem Elixir

Creating a gem elixir is the easiest thing. Here’s all you need to know about creating and using gem elixirs. Once you’re done making crystal elixir, sprinkle them every day in your garage before and after sleep.

Feng Shui Tips: 7 Perfect Healing Crystals For Garage

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Making the gemstones work for you is a tad bit difficult. It needs composure of mind to spiritual and emotional realms. Once your preparation is ready, you can use any of the three above ways and string up crystals in your garage for permanent protection.

Snowflake Obsidian

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

We’re not just saying because Winter is here, snowflake obsidian has a rare charm to stir up the festivities and joy wherever it is. If you’re looking for a garage makeover, snowflake obsidian can awaken your root chakra energies.

You can make the most out of it by keeping it in the ground level on your garage.


Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

An essential gemstone that can repel the evil eye and curses, Amethyst is a stone of wisdom too. It can evoke divination powers by awakening your Crown Chakra. You must make gem elixir from amethysts or anoint it every day by circling your garage wearing it.


Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Another gemstone of supreme well-being, Pyrite is a manifestation gemstone that awakens the mid chakra. It can help you revive good physical and psychological health. As it is powered by Solar Plexus Chakra, pyrite is excellent to dispel the heaping negativity due to clutter in your garage!


Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

A gemstone of compassion and kindness, jade is a gentle stone capable of emanating heart vibrations. Being a Heart chakra awakener, jade helps to clear the enemy’s glare and envy out of harm’s way when you ride your vehicle.

Smokey Quartz

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Another gemstone to balance your whole life, smoky quartz helps to remove confusions effectively. It can help you remove clutter by activating genius ideas through chakra powers. Smoky Quartz is a Base Chakra gemstone with the power to spurn confusions ASAP!  

Clear Quartz

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

A purification crystal like never seen before, Clear Quartz is a dual chakra gemstone with immense power. To buy the best feng shui gemstone for your garage, you need to choose that can enlighten your powers of peeking into the future too. Clear quartz activates Third eye and crown chakras.

In a Nutshell

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Garage

Feng Shui helps you expel the blocked energies and attract your destined luck. Add a touch of flowers to your garage to make it positively energized.

Which crystal bewitched you the most?

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Stay powerful~

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