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Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

This Christmas, change your life by using gemstones to rock your Christmas parties. We compiled the age-old secrets to use Feng Shui gemstones for Christmas 2018. It is easy, super-effective and magical if you haven’t tried already!

In this post, we will show you which gemstones to use as well as the right area of the house to keep the Christmas tree for an overwhelming change. Ready to explore gemstones for Xmas?

Why Feng Shui Gemstones for Festival Works

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Feng shui is not a new pseudoscience. It has clear and concrete roots in history as well as legends. If you want a different Christmas or true joy and happiness this 2018, embrace the power of Feng Shui gemstones for Christmas 2018 today.

·         Guarantees Harmony

Want to instil peace and unity this Christmas? Fights bring distance and negativity to the entire family. Bring home healing crystals for peace this 2018 and rock your Christmas party with the whole family.

·         Cuts down Stress

Is Christmas responsibilities wearing you out? Get a bunch of stressbuster gemstones to eradicate your tensions, anxiety and worries in a snap. Moreover, you must understand that stressful feeling is nothing but the core symptom of imbalance in chakras.

·         Resolves Commotions

Another powerful application of gemstones is peace. If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with a lost family or friend, send one of the reconciliation stones to your enemy and see the magic happen.

·         Protects you and your family

This is the year end, in addition to being the Christmas Eve, you need to use gemstone amulets to cocoon your family against the psychic attacks, prevalent during this time. If you’re particularly sure that your woes during Christmas owes it to external disturbances, get the protection stones ASAP!

·         Beckons Christ Consciousness

Another important benefit of using Gemstones for Christmas 2018 is because it instils Christ Consciousness. When you realize the power and might of Jesus Christ as a gift of direct intervention from the angels, you gain Christ consciousness! It can help you develop divinity and other spiritual powers.

Where to Keep your Christmas Tree according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Did you know that keeping the Christmas tree at a different place judges the New Year luck? Get rid of all the negativity and harm, out of your way by choosing your Christmas tree place after due consideration of Feng Shui gemstones for Christmas.

For Career: Keep your Christmas tree in the North Direction;

For Love: Keep your Christmas tree in the Southern-West Direction;

For Heart: Keep your Christmas tree in Southern-West and Northern-East Direction;

For Socializing: Keep your Christmas tree in the West direction;

For Self-Help: Keep your Christmas tree in the North direction;

For Creative Vibes: Keep your Christmas tree in the West direction;

Feng Shui Tips: 7 Perfect Healing Crystals For Festivals 2018

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Just as we decide on the interior designing options for a building, it is important to decorate your house with energy cleansing stones for maximum benefits. Feng shui gemstones are important for support, in case you’re on the verge of ruining your holidays!


Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

There are many stones in red that are useful for people celebrating Christmas this year. Moreover, Christmas colors include bright red. Gemstones you must use are ruby, garnet, red jasper, red aventurine, red coral and red tiger eye matrix.


Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

An enlightenment stone, usually represented by the Crown chakra opening, Purple is the color of new beginnings too. This Christmas set your goals early and realize your dreams quickly using the purple stones. Core stones in purple to use are amethyst, sugilite and Sapphire.


Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

From Sugilite to Garnet and Ruby, there are many magenta gemstones. They are excellent for calmth and enthusiasm towards life. Avid use of magenta stones during festivals and Christmas is mandatory for a happy Christmas Eve!

Light Blue

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

One of the costliest stones in the world, Tanzanite is a light blue stone considered ideal to increase your glitz and glamor during the décor of Christmas. It helps to radiate clear thoughts and quick actions in the house. You can also use iolite and blue sapphire once you bond with it.


Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

It is not your first time using grey and glistening silver gemstones. There are many options to choose from, such as pearl, topaz, amber and quartz. Ensure that you program your higher chakras with these stones for a quick harness of crystal powers.


Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Gemstones such as howlite, pearl, agate, citrine and amethyst (white) are ideal to harmonize your home during Christmas. Give it a try and let us know in the comments below!

Mellow Yellow

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

A higher chakra gemstone with higher and mid-chakra powers, mellow-yellow stones are ideal for those who are hosting parties during Christmas too.

In a Nutshell

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Festivals

Are you prepared for Christmas? Gemstones for Christmas will make your life easy. Trust us and quickly, bond with a gemstone!

Which crystal stunned you the most?

Tell us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~


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