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Feng Shui: Gemstones for Bathroom

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Bathroom

One of the least cared places in a house, a bathroom is a vital place of importance. This is where you purify yourself. And gemstones for the bathroom can help in speeding the process as well as bettering it.

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Bathroom

Feng Shui for a bathroom is troublesome because unlike most places it is innately derogatory.

So, the first place to start is cleanliness.

Once you’re done with that, we will show you the rest.

Why Feng Shui Gemstones for Bathroom Works

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Bathroom

When you use extra powers such as gemstones to balance the energies in your bathroom, it becomes a positive place. In addition, there are many quirks to keeping gemstones in the bathroom, in addition to décor. If you place gemstones that exclusively better the lower chakras, it can make the process of elimination better too!

·         Purification

When you use healing crystals in the bathroom for purification, it can quicken the process. As the bathroom is a place of cleansing, you can use gemstones in multiple ways to purify. One such way is by using healing crystals for bathing. Read more on gem bath here. Using gemstones while bathing strengthens the process of energy rays of the stone penetrating your pores.

·         Rejuvenation

Another clever way of using healing crystals is by mixing it for revitalizing your physical and spiritual self. You can do so using lower chakra gemstones, primarily that of the sacral and root chakra. Try to do a habitual programming with gemstones, right after waking up.

When used with higher chakras, gemstones can help to strengthen your spiritual self.

·         Grounding

The best time to ground yourself is when you’re in the bathroom. Why? Simply because it is easier to do so when you’re physically de-cluttered. Grounding using higher chakra stones regularly in the bathroom by using stones in the bathroom will make your elimination processes better.

·         Décor

Another way to use Gemstones for Bathrooms according to Feng Shui is by hanging it alongside your string lights, chandeliers or décor behind the door. It can set an enthusiastic vibe and highlight the interior design of your bathroom.

Feng Shui Tips: 7 Perfect Healing Crystals For Bathrooms

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Bathroom

A bathroom is a neglected place in the house. Don’t make it awful, because you will eventually hate keeping a clean physical body. Add gemstones to the bathroom and change its fate!

1.      Keep it Clean and Citrine

One of the best stones to smoothen you physically, citrine works best when programmed for solar plexus and sacral chakra. Try it in the mornings or toilet time before bed. When added as décor, citrine can add to the brightness and cleanliness of your bathroom.

2.      Use Rose Quartz for Gem Bath

One of the vital stones to rouse the heart chakra energies, rose quartz is perfect to cleanse the negativity out of your body. As rose quartz emanates gentle energies, soaking in a rose quartz bath is essential every week to energize your emotional self too.  

3.      Keep an Onyx Near the Ventilation or Air Hole  

Do you want to be safe when you’re in the bathroom? Think chakras and get a black onyx set around the ventilation or air hole. It will repel all evil from outside and absorb the negativity in you. It is sort of an amulet to drain the negativity in the bathroom. You can also set it behind the door for equivalent efficacy.

4.      Clear Quartz at the Tap

Doubtful about the cleanliness of your tap water in the bathroom? Install a clear quartz inside or around the main tap and see the magic happen. The powerful gemstone is ideal for absorbing the negativity and evil eye on you. It can help you stay purified, spiritually.

5.      White Stones for Health

Using white stones in the bathroom agrees with the age-old feng shui idea. White stones such as howlite, white topaz and quartz are excellent if you have them already! It can help in improving your solar plexus health as well as boost mental detox.

6.      Avoid Blue Stones

According to feng shui for the bathroom, blue stones clash. You must not add blue to bathrooms. It disagrees with the energy. Always go for softer and pleasant colors that have soothing effects and undertones. Also avoid using blue sapphire and aquamarine for your bathroom.

7.      Agate for Renewal  

Another important stone for renewal is the agate. It helps to renew the physical body using cell regeneration. Agate is a gentle stone that helps you refresh the mind too. If you’re hearing the inner voice when you hold an agate, you already know where you ought to be!

In a Nutshell

When you use gemstones for bathrooms properly, it works. To do so, you need to have a strong affirmation of what you’re doing. In case of Bathroom feng shui, gemstones will help you clean the clutter with superb ease!

Which crystal made you feel clean?

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Tell us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~



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