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Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

Your dining room brings timeless conversations to unexpected bouts of laughter that knits the family together. If you want your dining room to be cleaned of all negativity and pathogens, start with the placement of the gemstones in and around the room. It can cleanse the toxins in your food and emanate positive energy of harmony!

Feng Shui Stones Best for a Dining Room

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Dining Room

When gemstone rituals such as elixir making and programming are exclusively used for food related toxins. Feng shui enlightens ways to create a free flow of energy throughout your home. It can be used to patch dysfunctional families and detoxify your food from killing you than energizing you!

1.      Tigers eye Hanging from the Ceiling above your Table

Feng Shui: Gemstones for Dining Room

Ideal to generate Chi, Tiger eye is best used as a ceiling décor crystal above the dining table. When kept above the common eating area, it can help to make familial conversations cozy and evergreen. The solar plexus power of tiger eye is invincible.

It can eject the evil from your food when hung as a guardian crystal over your table.  As tiger eye also harnesses sacral chakra, it is important to keep it close to the ground too, for empowering the life force energy.

2.      Clear Quartz at Dining Room Corners

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

An ancient tradition to blocking evil from all corners, clear quartz must be positioned like mirrors on the walls of your dining room to repel bad energy. Negativity in your dining room can also be cleansed by positioning the clear quartz correctly.

The purification gemstone empowers the higher chakras by uprooting the evil. It can also constantly cleanse other gemstones in the room when kept in the foretold arrangement as wall mirrors.

3.      Lapis Lazuli on the Chandelier

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

One of the potent throat chakra stones excellent to create harmony and oneness, Lapis Lazuli is a stone of third eye visions too. When kept in the dining room, it creates an atmosphere of peace, empowerment, and abundance.

Lapis Lazuli is also the gemstone of divinity. It can increase the power of fortune telling and when kept in the dining room, it can make the family members respond to each other with foresight.

4.      Red Jasper underneath the Table

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

If you’re keen on transforming your dining space, the best place to start is with a gemstone out of everyone’s eye. You can patch a red jasper under the tables to create energies that balance the participants at the dining table. Every person who sits on the chair will feel at ease and comfortable such that the assimilated food will also create healing energies simultaneously.

The metabolic gemstone was long since used to signify the power of regeneration and dining room will benefit much from using red jasper for interior décor.

5.      Blue Topaz at the Centre of the Table

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

Another harmony gemstones, blue topaz is a stone of the throat chakra too. It can help the family vocalize and even articulate their feelings towards each other in better ways. Blue topaz when kept as an ornament at the center of the table, emanates equal energizing vibrations towards all the corners of the table. The gemstone is a symbol of peace and energy.

It can transform your meal sessions into happy fun family time too!

6.      Amethyst at the entrance and exit

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

Another amazing gemstone filled with the power to detox, Amethyst must be placed at the right place to invigorate feelings of purification in the dining room. When hung at the entrance or exit door, Amethyst can cleanse the people and food entering or exiting the dining room.

Known in history as a gemstone that helps to prevent intoxication, amethyst empowers the wearer by stabilizing their mind. The purple gemstone does so by activating the crown chakra.

7.      Blue Chalcedony Elixir

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

An excellent stone to feed your family, blue chalcedony when soaked in a Tibetan singing bowl full of water under the sun or moonlight can help you create powerful gem elixirs. The gemstone energies can be activated into the water it is kept in easily by soaking it under the ET rays.

Create your own gem elixir and use it as the drinking water in your dining room to indirectly empower your family, once you have their consent.

8.      Rose Quartz ring or Pendant

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

A gemstone of love and compassion, rose quartz can make the family members rediscover love and kindness towards each other. When kept in any part of the house or worn during meal making, rose quartz can emit powers of divine love that penetrates the food you prepare.

Try it next time you’re cooking to cook with love!

What we recommend

Feng Shui: Crystals for Dining Room

Ultimately, it is up to you whether to re-decorate your dining room for pleasant and welcoming energies of growth and healing or toxic feng shui. Our compilation of dining room gemstones is the best crystal grid for harmony and healing.


Stay powerful~

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