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Essence and Magic of Sweetgrass with Crystals

Essence and Magic of Sweetgrass with Crystals

One of the peculiar Native American scent, Sweet Grass is a unique flavour to explore. If you’re an aromatherapy junkie, Sweetgrass is going to blow your mind! The essence of Sweetgrass fragrance oil is epic. It soothes you and relaxes you. Sweetgrass essential oil substitute is tough because it is a unique scent. Let us find out the magical properties of Sweetgrass and the best crystals to use with Sweet Grass today!

What Is Sweetgrass?

Essence and Magic of Sweetgrass with Crystals

Scientifically named Hierchloe odorate, Sweet Grass is an energy cleansing aromatic grass. Once a part of native culture, Sweetgrass burning rituals are used by shamans even today. It was the same herb once placed at the entrance of churches as a strewing herb. The scientific name Hierchloe means Holy Grass. The meaning of Sweet Grass is holy or sacred.

Sweetgrass symbolizing health, healing and peace. It is also popular as Seneca Grass and Vanilla Grass.

What Is Sweetgrass Oil Used for?

Do you know sweet grass has a vanilla like soft scent? Now that you know the meaning and identity of Sweet Grass, let us find out its uses.

·      Smudging, Cleansing and Clearing Space

The earliest known use of Sweetgrass is the from the Native American history. By smudging your space, room or a person with Sweet Grass, it is believed to ward off evil spirits far away. It is a cleansing ritual you can use when you move into a new space or place.

·      Relaxation and Tranquillity

A soothing scent that relaxes you, Sweet Grass fills you with calmness. It is a fragrance that de-stresses your mind and removes the cortisol (stress hormone). Meditating in the scent of sweet grass is believed to bring your dreams from your past incarnations.

·      For Chronic Cough And Throat Pain

If you’re suffering from seasonal cough or chronic cough, inhale the scent of Sweet Grass while taking deep breaths. It can soothe your lungs and accelerate healing within you. Throat disorders can be alleviated by using Sweet Grass.

·      For Dry Skin and Hair

For those of us who are perpetually agonized by hair loss and lack of luster on skin and hair, Sweet grass essential oil can help. It helps in rejuvenating cells and nourishing the skin. Sweet grass enhances blood circulation to make your skin glow.

·      Fungal Infections Of All Kinds

Are you suffering from a fungal infection? Get immediate relief by soaking in the smoke of sweet grass. It is believed to remove fungi and cleanse your space and body easily. Do not discard your medicines, but use sweet grass with the medicines.

·      Joint Pain And Cramps

If you’re suffering from excruciating pain in the joints, it is best to seek relief from Sweetgrass. It can penetrate your bones and flush out the toxins from it.

·      Mosquito Repellent

For traveling folks, carry your Sweetgrass with you. It can repel mosquitos naturally and prevent the spread of diseases like malaria, chikungunya, dengue and so on.

Where Does Sweetgrass Grow?

Growing in places over 40 degress latitude such as Asia, Europe and North America, Sweet Grass is not found abundantly all across the globe. It is native to South Dakota, Iowa, Arizona, Illinoi, Ohio, Alaska, Labrador, New Jersey and Washington.

Is Sweet Grass And Lemon Grass The Same?

No, they are not the same. Although in native rituals, both sweet grass and lemon grass are burned and offered to the Gods. The leaves of sweet grass curls in the sun and the roots have a satin sheen on them.

Best Gemstones To Use With The Magic Of Sweetgrass

What is Sweet Grass Essential Oil?

Being one of the exclusive essential oils used for purification rituals, you can use many gemstones with Sweetgrass. Let’s find out which!

·      Clear Quartz and Sweet Grass

The ultimate purification crystal is clear quartz. After smudging yourself with Sweetgrass, hold a clear quartz in your palm. You can also hold both clear quartz and sweet grass in both hands too. Let yourself be cleaned with the combined power of the crystal and the plant.

·      Sweet Grass and Black Tourmaline

When you work with a black tourmaline Sweetgrass combo, it brings positivity. This crystal pairing can cleanse a space from evil eye and negativity too. If you’re confused or lost in life, this is the combination of energies you need.

·      Selenite and Sweetgrass

The next best cleansing stone, using Selenite on a full moon night with Sweet grass can help you manifest your deepest desires. It can cleanse you and fill you with enthusiasm, passion and energy. Selenite is a charming crystal that makes your skin glow when used with Sweet Grass essential oil.  

·      Sweetgrass and Lapis Lazuli

Known for astral travel and dream recall, the combination of lapis with Sweet Grass makes you ecstatic. It is a combination to celebrate your birthday with!

·      Kunzite and Sweet Grass

The stone of love kunzite makes you relaxed and intuitive when you use it concurrently with Sweet Grass. Kunzite with sweet grass fills your emotional scars.


Have more experience with the magic of Sweetgrass? Share it with us below!

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