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Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

We humans have seven chakras while dogs possess up to eleven chakras including the four secondary chakras. Moreover, unlike Sacral Chakra in humans, animals also possess a key chakra known as the Brachial Chakra, typically located above the hearts.

When you awaken the right chakras, you eliminate toxins from specific chakras of your fur baby, guaranteeing health and well-being.

How To Choose Crystals for Your Dog

Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

Not all healing crystals are suitable for every dog. Just as we crystals by recognizing the stone we bond with the most or what the zodiac sign prescribes, your dog must be given a chance to choose his stone on its own.

To do so, pick three to four different types of crystals in a straight line. Do a ramp walk with your dog and let him select the crystal he likes. As dogs can pick up etheric vibrations when passing things, it is usual to find your dog overwhelmed, attracted or dissatisfied by certain crystal vibes.

Observe the reactions of your dog. Does he play with the crystal or is he influenced by it?

To recognize if your dog is affected by the healing vibrations of the crystal, you should notice if the canine is feeling relaxed, elated or bothered when touching or crossing the gemstone. Playing with a crystal is not a sign of intimacy.

How To Use Crystals on Your Dog

Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

Ever wanted your dog to feel the powerful rays of healing that you do too?

From keeping the healing crystal close to your pet to adorning his crate or bed with crystals, there are many ways to acquaint your pets with healing crystals. Gemstone therapy for dogs can harbinger the pink of health to balanced emotions in your dog.

1.      Jewelry

It is clever and easy to add a pendant as a neckpiece for your dog depending on the chakra point you want to activate. As the key chakra in animals, the brachial chakra is located above the heart on the neck; the same will also awaken the life force in your pup.

2.      Healing Elixir

When healing crystals are infused with the energy of the sun to the moon and water, there are countless healing that happens in addition to cleansing. Gem elixirs help in diagnosing your dog from within.

Solarize your crystals and add the same to your dog’s water bowl every morning to heal physical and mental diseases.

3.      Crystal Grid

When one crystal is not enough to diagnose the confusing condition of a new canine, it is excellent to use a crystal grid to program safety, love and health traits into your pet. Moreover, there are many crystal users who vouch that crystal grids are the only way dogs respond too.

You can make the crystal grid above, below or around your dog for effective gemstone therapy.

Top Healing Crystals For Dogs

Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

From transformation to healing works, healing crystals can bring over great changes in the physique and psyche of your dog. When using healing crystals on your dog, remember to clean the crystal before starting the healing work for clearing the negativity absorbed by the stone up until now.

Detoxification By Amber  

The fossilized resin is a powerful healer for dogs undergoing recovery from allergies and poisoning or sickness. By making crystal grid with amber, one can also heal disorders of the respiratory, digestive and circulatory system.

Amber is considered to be purifying stone that can absorb even severe negativity aimed at your dog.

For Protection: Black Tourmaline

From problems of the bones to weakness and chronic diseases, black tourmaline helps in keeping your dog off harm’s way. A guardian stone, black tourmaline is excellent for dogs recovering from severe bouts of diseases too.

Black Tourmaline is a must-wear crystal for dogs if you take the dog out on strolls frequently!

Pain Relief By Clear Quartz

Dogs are filled with endless energy almost always. The same is why, in addition to exercise; you must provide something that soothes their muscles. Add clear quartz elixir to his water bowl and see how well his immunity is boosted. Clear quartz is also an anti-inflammatory stone, ideal for dogs with balance issues.

For Rescue Dogs: Rose Quartz

An excellent comfort crystal, Rose Quartz dispels fear, anger, and emotional issues in addition to ensuring security for dogs. Rose quartz emanates healing vibrations that comfort the dog, especially those with a a history of abuse such as rescue dogs.

Support Aging in Dogs with Amethyst

Dogs age faster than us. Although it is a painful thing to watch your best pal grow old faster than you, lavender stones can help you immensely. By adding Amethyst to your dog’s collar, you introduce grounding vibrations that transmute stress especially during weaker health like oldage.

What we recommend

Eliminate Your Fears And Pick Up Crystals For Dogs Today

Before experimenting with healing crystals for dogs, it is important to understand if your dog’s chakra points are charged, dormant or negative. To do so, use crystal programming or crystal pendulum for an easy start.

Show these crystals to your dogs and share with us the color he touches in the comments below!

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Stay powerful~

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