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Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

To start with, let me tell you that introversion is not a negative attribute unless you’re limiting yourself purposefully. In fact, we all have been introverts at least for a few minutes every other day in our lives.

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Are you an Introvert?

Are you unhappy is the real question we want to ask. If you are, being an extrovert is not the solution to introversion! However, if you are a happy introvert, share your crystal love below to help other introverts believe in themselves.

Most people imagine people a cocoon around them, brimming with anti-social elements when they imagine introverts. The challenge is not to change the way people think, but they way you think about yourself. The truth is, none is 100% introvert or extrovert, but everyone is an ambivert.

Benefits of Crystal Therapy on Introverts

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

All of us channel our emotional and spiritual energies towards either inside or outside. Introversion is healthy until you’re at peace. If introversion is preventing you from giving your best, you must find the root causes of it.

When gemstones are introduced into a troubled or imbalanced sub-conscious or aura, it awakens the higher powers such as Confidence, Courage, Balance, Intuition and Spirit Communication. Gemstones do so by activating your crown, heart, root, solar plexus, sacral and third eye chakras.

-          Crystal Programming for Revealing your Hidden Potential

Charging your gemstone to attract things that you like to be a part of is called crystal programming. To efficiently work on your imbalanced chakras, it is best to place or rub the charged crystals against the right chakra it aligns.

-          Crystal Grid to Release Fear

Using grounding crystals to release underlying fears, paranoia and confusion have been a practice for centuries. To use a crystal grid to do so, you must choose the right gemstones first.

-          Crystal Talisman to keep your protected

Often introversion is the cause of panic attacks and to keep your emotions at bay, it is best to wear crystal jewelry made of specific gemstones that you bond the best with.

9 Crystals for Introverts that can change your Life

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Introversion can be a threat to your social and spiritual life, once you begin to shut yourself. Keeping a fine distance from the world and your reality is healthy. In fact, these introvert-related gemstones will open new doors to change your life!

1.       Black Tourmaline for Purifying Inner Thoughts

Black tourmaline is a unique gemstone that actually possesses powerful positive energy that is capable of burning toxic or negative thoughts from the wearer’s mind. This is not a miracle, but a fact because Black Tourmaline activates the Root chakra that balances your physical and spiritual body.

2.       Gold for New Energy

A little known metal cum stone that radiates the best energies to open up in life, gold is a lucky stone-metal too. It gives the wearer a gold-push and opens innermost levels of subconscious never opened before!

3.       Clear Quartz for Getting a Hold on Life

An important gemstone that purifies the soul of the wearer, Clear Quartz is good to restart life. If you feel that your introverted lifestyle is stagnating positivity in life, program your higher chakras with clear quartz or wear them!

4.       Larvikite for Creative Venting Out

Unlike most stones, Larvikite brings back youthfulness. Often, people lose vitality of life and restrict happiness to brief hours with age and time. Larvikite activates the hidden areas of the brain to receive new information with new delight than fear.

5.       Obsidian (Brown) for Change of Perspective


Yet another powerful protective stone, mahogany obsidian is excellent to switch your behavioral traits if you feel uncomfortable as an introvert.  With crystal yoga, grid or programming, awaken your Root Chakra by placing or pointing the brown Obsidian.

6.       Labradorite for Self-Confidence

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Introversion is also a lack of self-belief or confidence. In order to change your image about the self, it is best to use a powerful gemstone like labradorite to awaken your Throat chakra. Labradorite gives weight to your words, and helps to open up about things you fear about!

7.       Lepidolite for a Switch

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Another stone that will help introverts change into extroverts, lepidolite is a sweet gemstone that opens your hidden potentials. Did you know that 60% of human potential is hidden? Lepidolite activates the heart chakra and releases your root causes that result in introversion!

8.       Agate for Exceptional Balance

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Unlike most gemstones agate brings all-round balance including spiritual, mental and physical stability. Whenever you feel that isolation or loneliness is taking a toll on you, clasp on to a light colored agate and point it at your third eye chakra.

What we recommend

Crystals For Introverts Will Make You Tons Of Friends. Here's How!

Perhaps it’s when your colleagues are talking about weekend parties or family relationships, we all shrink ourselves in during sensitive times to safeguard our emotions. If introversion is helping you to comprehend more about yourself, it is healthy. The moment you let introversion become an excuse to stop yourself from excelling, it becomes harmful!

Did this gemstone jewelry show you a new glimpse of hope right now?

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Stay powerful~

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