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Healing Crystal Handbook: Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase Meaning, History, Astrology, Varieties and Benefits

Sacred stone of Aphrodite, Chrysoprase has an interesting history. Owing to its powers of hypnosis, chrysoprase was believed to make thieves invisible in the early 18th century. Chrysoprase the crowning gem of Alexander, who believed the gorgeous green stone would protect him from all evil.

Believed to be the epitome of forgiveness as well as love, chrysoprase is a unique stone filled with love. Chrysoprase is a balancing stone that brings ying and yang energies together. While chrysoprase was always mistaken as emeralds for centuries, it has a unique texture and color unlike any other gemstone. 

To find a chrysoprase crystal, you really have to dig hard as it is not found in every gemstone shop. Chrysoprase gems are hypnotizing in nature and energizing in character. Be sure it keep it clean to magnetize the maximum energies of love and balance from this higher heart chakra stone.

Chrysoprase Meaning Defined. What Is It?

Defined as the apple-green color of chalcedony with the presence of nickel, chrysoprase is mentioned as the golden green stone. Chrysoprase meaning is joy and optimism. It eliminates stress from your mind. The gemstone encourages happiness and good vibrations.

Chrysoprase is a chalcedony with the presence of nickel. The chemical name of chrysoprase is a silicon dioxide. It is a cryptocrystalline type of silica with grainy growths of quartz inside. The color of chrysoprase comes from nickel oxide. When you see a dark variety of chrysoprase, it is called prase, meaning green quartz. The blue variety of chrysoprase is different from the nickel variety with the presence of copper elements in the stone.  

How to Pronounce It?

Phonetically, chrysoprase is pronounced as ‘krai-sow-preiz’.

Here’s the video to pronounce chrysoprase.

Alternate Names of Chrysoprase

Australian Jade, Green Chalcedony, Krizopraso, Chrzopras, Prazems and Apple Green stone;

What Is the Hardness of Chrysoprase?

Scoring 7 on the MOHS scale, chrysoprase is strong enough for daily wear. Most types of quartz are 7 on the hardness. It is stronger than apatite and orthoclase feldspar, although it is softer than topaz and diamond. The absolute hardness of chrysoprase is 100.

Where Is Chrysoprase Found?

Chrysoprase is found in many parts all over the world. Tanzania and Poland are the primary destinations of Chrysoprase. You can also find Chrysoprase in Australia, Brazil and India. Another notable origin of chrysoprase is in USA. If you’re ever going to Portugal, Peru or Myanmar, make sure to look for chrysoprase. Other notable locations where chrysoprase is found are Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Africa, and Madagascar.

Which God Rules Chrysoprase?

Aphrodite is the goddess who rules chrysoprase. She brings the power of love and beauty. The ancient Goddess of sexuality and beauty, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite is also the patron of warriors. The story of Hesiod’s Theogony says Aphrodite was born from the foam produced from the genitals of Uranus. Although in Homer’s Iliad, she is the daughter of Dione and Zeus.

When you use Chrysoprase, Aphrodite blesses you with birth, marriage, harmony, charm and divination.

Which Is the Zodiac Sign of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase has very little malefic effects. The same is why it is the birthstone of multiple zodiac signs.

If you’re a Libra, born on or between September 24 - October 23, wearing Chrysoprase will make you honest, intelligent and quick-witted. It is best to make a Libra loyal and balanced.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign that gels well with the energy of Chrysoprase. It will help you relax more and get rid of your possessive nature. Chrysoprase also makes you soft-hearted and happy.

Chrysoprase is the birthstone of Gemini too. It will make you calm and relaxed by eliminating your anxiety and restlessness. Wearing prase for Gemini brings balance and empathy too.

What Is the Ruling Planet of Chrysoprase?

Venus is the ruling planet of crystal chrysoprase. It is the planet of beauty and charisma. Astrologically, being blessed by Venus means luck is in your court. It makes you charming and wise. Known as the Goddess of Love, wearing chrysoprase pleases Venus. It can also attract money and luck towards you. Venus will guide your way and show you how to spend your money while balancing all the aspects of your life.  

How to Identify Chrysoprase? What Color Is Chrysoprase?

Apple-green stone chrysoprase is not easy to identify. You can confuse it with aventurine and jade too. Sometimes, chrysoprase mimics the colors and patterns of serpentine too. What you need to look for is the black and brown spots that differentiate chrysoprase from aventurine and jade. You can also share the image of your crystal on our healing crystal group and we’ll help you out.

What Is the Numerical Vibration of Chrysoprase?

03 is the numerical vibration of Chrysoprase. As an angel number, 3 brings joy and creativity into your life. Chrysoprase, when tuned with the frequency of three, can acoustically program and manifest your intentions. It is the number of connection with the angelic realm.

Which Is the Chakra of Chrysoprase?

chrysoprase meaning rough stone

Heart chakra is located over your heart. It is the chakra of joy, happiness, and stamina. When your heart chakra is open, you will understand the feelings of people around you. It makes you calm and lovable to everyone around you. Chrysoprase aligns your heart chakra to make you feel happy and composed.

Sacral chakra is located over your abdomen and pelvic area. It is the chakra where your life force energy rests. When you open the sacral chakra with a chrysoprase, you realize the true potential within you. Sacral chakra makes you strong-willed and passionate while boosting your sexuality.  

How Much it’s Worth?

Value of Chrysoprase can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the size of chrysoprase you choose. Light green and blue chrysoprase tend to rake up the cost of Chrysoprase.

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Chrysoprase

Another form of chalcedony, chrysoprase is the green variety of the cryptocrystalline stone. It is made with the presence of nickel, unlike chromium in the prior case and hence favored too. It must not be worn by people with nickel allergies! Chrysoprase is the minty green stone often seen in plain green. It is never transparent and mostly seen in opaque or rarely translucent shades.

Found from serpentine deposits, chrysoprase emits a waxy shade and is renowned to originate from the Greek word for golden leek. The gorgeous gemstone also translates golden apple and is known to revitalize the physical health of the users. Presence of nickel in the gemstone renders it the unique shade of green!

Chrysoprase is also renowned as gem silica, for its waxy properties. It is believed that chrysoprase can fade with time. Remember to keep it away from sunlight if you want to prevent fading. For making a gem elixir, you can always use the powerful energy rays of the full moonlight.

1.    Australian Chrysoprase

The highest-priced chrysoprase known to have the most potent green color energy, Australian chrysoprase is also known as Australian Jade. Mined from serpentine mines in Queensland, it is also valued for its rarity. The higher chakra heart stone is seen with brown goethite and black iron oxide colors on the waxy green shade.

The chrysoprase mined from Marlborough in Australia appears with white faded circles on the green stone.

2.    Indian Chrysoprase

Another widely popular variety of chrysoprase is the Indian Chrysoprase. It is deep green in color and is known to raise your spiritual awareness and powers. Indian chrysoprase was made for lapidary and ornamental works since a long time. Indian chrysoprase exhibits light to dark shades of green with black and blue colors on it.

Mined from Rajasthan and many other parts of India, Chrysoprase is an excellent gemstone for unleashing the hidden potential of the user.

3.    Brazilian Chrysoprase

The lightest chrysoprase variety, Brazilian chrysoprase is seen white, green and black spots. The unique gemstone is available in the widest variety of colors and is excellent for heart chakra imbalances.

4.    Yellow Chrysoprase

The pale yellow gemstone from Chrysoprase, Yellow Chrysoprase owes the color to the abundant presence of nickel. Green gemstones may also fade in color and transform into the pale yellow shade. Yellow chrysoprase is mined from all over the world.

Yellow chrysoprase is considered the best antidote for perpetual suffering from within.

5.    Lemon Chrysoprase

Also referred to as lemon chrysoprase, olivine chrysoprase is the olivine yellow variety of chrysoprase. Known to accelerate growth and learning in the user, lemon chrysoprase is excellent for the higher heart chakra. It is a soft chakra gemstone that emanates gentle energies of healing.

Stone of the settlement, lemon chrysoprase is a unique mix of nickel, magnesium and chalcedony. It eliminates stress and is also popular as citron chrysoprase.

6.    Webbed Chrysoprase

Symbolizing the intertwining or intersecting paths of destiny, webbed chrysoprase is an omen stone that can protect you from countless negativity. Seen in green with webs of black, yellow, white, green and grey, webbed chrysoprase is an idiochromatic stone. When used as a jewelry, webbed chrysoprase can also bring prosperous opportunities to life.

7.    Mtorolite

Also referred to as African Chrysoprase, Mtorolite is a dark green variety of chrysoprase with distinct laces of white, grey and black. Often mined from Zimbabwe, Mtorolite is the darkest green colored chrysoprase. It is a rare chrysoprase often considered the best remedy for emotional woes of the heart.

8.    Bloodstone

Seen with speckles of red on green, bloodstone is a type of chrysoprase too. The green stone is titled as bloodstone when seen with spots of blood red, considered excellent for physical disorders of the heart.

9.    Chiquitanita

The rarest variety of chrysoprase is called the Chiquitanita. It is a rare green colored chrysoprase often mined from Bolivia and renowned for its powers of influencing the lower chakras.

10. Apple Green Chrysoprase

The most popular variety of chrysoprase hailed for its distinct green shade owing to the presence of nickel, the golden leek is a rare gemstone. It is considered excellent for those suffering from problems of articulation and open-mindedness. Deeper the green shade of a chrysoprase, pricier the stone!

·        Physical Effects of Chrysoprase

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chrysoprase

Considered the Stone of spring, chrysoprase is excellent for disorders of the reproductive system for both males and females. The energizing gem elixir made from chrysoprase is considered ideal for stomach and heart problems too.

The higher chakra gemstone is effective for connecting with unbalanced chakras, giving relief from vertigo and similar other disorders like dizziness. It is capable of empowering the eyes as the gemstone chrysoprase works well on boosting the vision. If you’ve been feeling as if aging is taking a toll on you, chrysoprase is perfect to cure troubles of the circadian rhythm too. Remember to keep it next to your bed or underneath the pillows before you sleep in a cozy slumber!

When used as gem elixir it can get rid of infections as it did for crystal healers, centuries ago!

·        Spiritual Effects of Chrysoprase

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chrysoprase

Stone of Grace, chrysoprase is a gemstone of the miracles. It can attract prosperity like no other stone energy. The apple green gemstone can keep the wearer protected from evil eyes and curses too.

Chrysoprase creates a psychic cocoon that guards the wearer. It can dispel negative energies by filtering every energy using power aura cleansing effects. Apple gemstone is useful to rekindle the holy fire of Mother Gaia and is most powerful when used outdoors than indoors.

The green gemstone transforms into a stone of extreme power when charged during a rain shower. Chrysoprase helps you make easy communication with your guardian angel if you use it as a crystal smudge stick!

·        Emotional Effects of Chrysoprase

A unique gemstone known as the Mother of Jade, chrysoprase is best for people looking to contain their emotions and straddle their composure. Chrysoprase can help you create a life of fullness and happiness when used to the maximum extent.

It is a gemstone of extreme positivity and love. You must bond with a chrysoprase before expecting overpowering energy changes in your life and lifestyle. Chrysoprase is best worn as a jewelry to repel external stimuli that are toxic to your emotional and professional stability.

Being the gemstone of spring, chrysoprase must be used maximum during spring for maximum power flows. The apple green gemstone can create a motivated atmosphere that uplifts the wearer when used for long.

·        Five Facts About Chrysoprase

1.      Chrysoprase should not be exposed to sunlight for long as it will fade due to the presence of nickel.

2.      The stone of Venus, chrysoprase was used by Greeks and Romans to create holy seals.

3.      Chrysoprase was the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great!

4.      A form of silica akin to quartz or even sand, chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline too.

5.      Chrysoprase is most commonly known as green or blue chalcedony.  

Before You go …

Known as the gemstone of the netherworld, chrysoprase is much more than a colored chalcedony. It is the stone to regulate blood pressure as well as happiness when used concurrently with powerful crystal rituals. Chrysoprase is available in a variety of colors from green to blue, brown and grey too! It is the stone of miracles!

Chrysoprase is a gemstone for the heart and emotions, more than the body.

Do you like chrysoprase? What is your experience with chrysoprase? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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